Approximate “The Who that You Are”

Organize & Manage Child Development? … we may never exactly know “how” if we don’t really understand the “WHO” that we are! — don’t you think so?

Naïve, eloquent, responsible, intelligent, humble, energetic, lovable, simple, hardworking, enthusiastic, always understanding responsible & approachable, talented, helpful, beautiful, thoughtful, reliable, inspired, gorgeous, “mabait”, “mahinhin”, “mayaman”, adorable, charming, intimate, friendly, amiable, nice, nurturing, keen, attentive, tolerable, yieldy, flexible, jolly, organized, merciful, young, natural, “tahimik”, simple, “malumanay”, obedient, “silent worker”, systematic, “beautiful inside-out” … could you identify yourself from these characteristics?   After introducing yourselves and giving your names the acronym that would tell about you, could you still recall what you said “you are”?

Having been exposed to different factors while you grow up as an individual, and now that you are already teachers to whom your students/pupils look up, how then would you aid each of them to likewise manage their development if you haven’t really understood how you addressed and still address yours?

And so, let us grab this chance for a SELF-APPROXIMATION!

Why not pause for a while and ask yourselves “WHO AM I?”

Think of “a symbol”, something personal at that and draw it on a sheet of paper.  Be aware on what part of the paper you placed your symbol and tell what it means. How do you feel about such symbol?



Our purpose for doing this? … We have to see for ourselves what we have — so that we would know what we could share!


Yes, if only we could approximate ourselves that well, we could then be a great “cure” in making each child understand “the person that they are?” — all because we know “THE WHO THAT WE ARE!” #ma’amgail


33 thoughts on “Approximate “The Who that You Are””

  1. Who Am I? I like to think that teaching is my calling. I am given a mission by God to touch the lives of my students and be a part if their healthy development and success.
    Let me share what a priest taught us in one of our professional seminar in school. He said there are words that we can form out from the word “teacher” those are TEACH, EACH, and ACHE, which means to Teach Each of our students isn’t an easy job for we will encounter lots of Aches along the way, but as long as we are determined to accomplish the mission entrusted to us, God will always be with us and therefore nothing will be impossible and success will be in our reach.
    My big bosses in school and the people I work with think that I have the passion to teach and it’s my element. I like to believe that they are right. I can’t explain the happiness I feel every time my students understand whatever knowledge that I share with them. And they are the very reason why I am honing my craft so I can give them more.

    Thinking of a symbol to best describe oneself isn’t easy, but let me say I like WATER to best symbolize me. It’s free. It’s everywhere. It’s easy to have. It’s common, and it gives LIFE. Like Water I am maybe very common and seems unimportant (our gov. makes us teachers feel that) but I can give Life to my students through my profession, education.

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  2. At the age of 44.. I should hav known myself very well by now. Of course I think I do but somehow, I believe as so explained in the Johari Window too, there are some things in me that I am not aware of being me nevertheless, it is still part of who I am as a whole.

    When I was asked what symbolizes me.. I first thought about a beautiful butterfly flipping its fragile wings in the flower field.

    The life span of butterfly is short as it is to human. But life is not about how long or how short u live it… it’s about how worth u live ur life. It may come with flaws and imperfections but like a butterfly, it has to go through a lot of tough times before it becomes what it is. I’ve been through a lot of hurts and pains, unbelievable down fall, tests that I fought hard to win, failures that I needed to hardly face, burdens that I had to painfully bear and carry a big scar from the past that keeps reminding me of the huge mistake I made. A scar that have caused me to be where I am now. I maybe meant to be in another place somehow but this is part of the choices I made in the past. This is what makes me who I am now.

    A braver me who never gives up easily yet loving and compassionate. I work hard to get what I desire no matter how rough and tough it takes. I am not a dreamer but I am more of a dream catcher. I stand strong on what I believe is right but I keenly observe and listen first. I make wrong decisions but I find ways to resolve them. I am a critic of my own self that’s why at times I get so hard on myself. I consider the beauty of being pessimistic but hardly dwell on it.

    I so trust my instinct but there are times that I set it aside in the name of love. I am a passionate lover, always faithful and true. A protective mother. A supportive sister and daughter. A dedicated teacher and worker. A dependable friend and comrade. A friendly neighborhood. A law abiding citizen. And above all, I am a person who fears God and His wrath.

    I may sound tough but just like a butterfly.. the painful process of becoming a beautiful butterfly have made it stronger and able to flip its gentle wings and fly.

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  3. Am so sorry ma’am gail i have to send u this note coz i missed ticking the notification box to notify u abt this comment. Pardon m pls. =(


  4. Who am I? If you will ask yourself about it, you will pause for a while, you will take a deep breath and simply whisper “Sino nga ba ako?” Parang ang hirap i-define. . .mas madali pang kumilatis ng ibang tao, kesa sa sarili mo. Minsan MAS KILALA mo pa nga sila kesa sa totoong ikaw. Bakit nga kaya noh? BAKIT BA ANG HIRAP AMININ SA SARILI MO KUNG SINO NGA BA ANG TUNAY NA IKAW? Are you protecting something? Or you just don’t know how to accept the facts about you?

    Kahit ako, parang di ko pa talaga kilala self ko. Sa totoo lang, ang totoong ako o ang KINALAKIHAN KONG AKO ay may mga katangian tulad nito:
    1. Mahiyain, di mo ko mapapapunta sa harapan ng klase kahit tatayo lang at gagawing example o kahit magrecite man lang.
    2. Walang tiwala sa sarili, mahina kasi ang loob ko, pakiramdam ko di ko kaya lagi o baka pagtawanan lang ako o mareject.
    3. Iyakin, still ganun pa din naman, pero mas matindi yung dati.
    4. Madaling magdamdam at tumatagal ito. Ngayon mas kontrolado ko lang.
    5. Selosa, super selosa.

    Iyan lang ang ilan na katangian ko na kinalkihan ko, but as I grow and matured, I realized that I need to make a change, kung baga sa bahay kailangan ko i-renovate ang sarili ko for a better one. Dapat alisin ko na yung mga anay na sumisira o sisira sa kung sino ako.

    I need to be stronger now than yesterday, because now, I’m not just living for myself, but also for my own family; for my kids. I need to learn on how to let go the past; to let go of the hurts in my life. I need to accept my weaknesses and focus/enhance my strenght.

    I know that I am more than what people see, I am more than what they think of me, I am more than what they know about me. I can be more than of ME. . .BECAUSE God is with me. And God is more than enough in my life. He is the only one who will not disappoint me and will be there always for me.

    God is still working on us, we cannot change in just a second. Or in just a wink of our eyes. Just, allow Him to use you and guide you. DON’T RESIST. . .just let Him enter your life and after that you can see a caterpillar that will change into a beautiful butterfly.

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    1. Hello ma’am! pls be identified for your score to be credited.
      This is a nice & positive symbol! There’s no other way than out of the cocoon!
      I agree with you ma’am, CHRIST IS ENOUGH — for us not to stop STRIVING to be the BEST THAT WE COULD BE!


        1. ok Ma’am Nezlie, noted po 🙂 I appreciate that you kept on trying. That’s the usual thing, after posting, WordPress would email me & ask for my approval before you could view it at the bottom of the article. 🙂 pls tell your other classmates too who haven’t posted yet. thank you so much Ma’am Nez 🙂


  5. I thought to myself who am I? Do I really know myself? I realized that, I really don’t know myself yet. There are some aspects that I need to know to myself. As my prof. said that “think of a symbol that represent me”. And I come up with a “makahiya plant”. Why I chose that symbol? Because I think this is really me. I am a shy person, a loner and yet a humble.

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    1. YES Ma’am She, “makahiya is a humble symbol” — but don’t you know that it is also a very positive symbol because after if closes as it feels like doing so, it also OPENS on it’s own as soon as it realizes its capacity to cope? — ganyan ka din ma’am, you can BE ABLE TO COPE! YOU CAN BE CAPABLE OF UNLEASHING YOUR POTENTIAL!


      1. What a remarkable reply mam gail… makahiya plant “opens on its own as soon as it realizes its capacity to cope.” Am second the motion.. shine through tchr She,, dont keep urself hidden,, creep to the light,, grow and see how wonderful the outside world is.

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  6. I remember when I was young I am not a shy person. I am confident that I can do whatever I want to do. But because of the “panlalait” that I received, I surrendered. I thought to myself how can I overcome that negative aspect? I really want to have a self confidence but I dont know how to start?

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      We cannot please everyone but we can have all the confidence in the world because God has endowed us THAT GIFT.
      Those whom we cannot please kaya “nilalait tayo”, WHO ARE THEY to bring us down?
      No one gives them the right IF WE WILL PROVE THEM WRONG!


  7. I define myself like a bamboo tree because I am a kind of person who is flexible, easy to be with. I’ve been in teaching industry for 10 years and I am still learning many new things around me. And with that 10 years of teaching I also encountered many challenges in life, in work, family, with friends but here I am still standing like a bamboo tree. Even strong typhoon would bash the bamboo and yet learn how to bow and humbly accepting those challenges and the only word I always speak when challenges attacked, ” alam ko matatapos din to at di ako pababayaan ni Lord” just take a deep breath and pray.


  8. Who am I?! I can describe myself like a seed and growing plant, as I grow older it’s hard for me to live w/out the presence of my loving parents but then I was blessed ‘coz I have a significant others like my aunties who nurture me with love and wisdom… I will treasure the time during my childhood years when we we’re together (my family), but now it seems their are too far to lean on, I missed them =( As i reminisce my past and as i go along this journey of my life want to be like ” sunflower” which is for me a strong, unique and beautiful flower which can stand alone and be themselve . Keep striving no matter what happen…


  9. I want to see myself as “the strength of my family”.
    My existence is purely because I want to live life to the fullest with a happy, contented family. Happy and contented ME…..
    Is it easy or hard to achieve?
    In the real score there is no Perfect family. Its a part of life…. and I am not aiming for my family to be perfect. What I just working on is to have a family that is open-minded and ready to listen, admit mistakes and learn from it.
    I am not a product of a broken family and I am very thankful for that. I was blessed with very good parents, however afraid to open some secrets to them and sometimes you just cant have good siblings too.. I have two older brothers. When we were still a child, we used to share same interest. We play together, walk together, laugh together…and it was so fun.
    When time flies, everything changed!
    I have not noticed that I actually seeing myself alone!
    What happened? What did I do wrong?
    Until I realized that our interest are different now maybe because we were not a kid anymore… I keep on trying, they were my siblings anyways, but efforts were useless.. It’s hard to forget when my oldest brother hit me just because of being “MAKULIT. I don’t remember how many times he did that to me, it’s knock on my head everytime I had a chance to flashback from the past. I don’t know whats happening. They changed alot. Starting that day, I made my distance, I didnt realize that I actually keeping this hearthaches within me and the chances to be reunited with my siblings are becoming blurred.
    Now that I have my own family I don’t want my children to experience what I had before. I want them to feel free on their feelings. I do not want them to treat me only as their mother but also as their “older sister” or their “bestfriend”
    I learned from this experience of mine that “Communication” is really the key to understand each other, I failed to do that before, I’m too scared to open up what’s on my mind. I don’t want that to happen anymore. I want to be a good example to my children but how can I do that when I cannot let myself free from the past?
    The best gift I ever received is my children. They were such a beautiful creation of our dear God.
    I know in myself that I am ready….I am just waiting for the right time….
    I am looking forward that this undone things can be done and close…
    Wishing that they will open their heart and thing will go better. I love to see myself be the “strength” of my own family and also to my brothers and parents.


  10. Who Am I? Sino nga ba talaga ako? Ang bigat naman na tanong!

    I was once asked to myself, what is the mission of my life? Why I am still living? Para knino ba talaga ako? I have lots of questions to myself. But am sure I myself could also give the answer. One of my friends told me that we are own by God. He made us kaya we are for Him. We should serve him. But how? By doing good acts,things, deeds etc. To whom? my friend answered to the people of God. Particularly to the young innocent children. Then, I realized when I started teaching in public school. As the time goes by, I finally find the real answer that my friend was right. Its just so happened that when I was teaching in private school my life was umiikot lang sa classroom ko. Di ko man lang nakikita ang reality ng life. And I am also thankful that I am now in public school and I, now see the reality of the living earth.


  11. I symbolizes myself as a Bamboo Tree because I admired for the perseverance under harsh conditions. I’ve been in so many challenges in life but still I am here pushing to achieve all of my plans to give my children a better future.

    A Vietnamese proverb says: “When the bamboo is old, the bamboo sprouts appear”, meaning that Vietnam will never be destroyed because if the previous generation dies, the children will take its place.

    When the storm comes, the bamboo bends with the wind. When the storm ceases, it resumes its upright position. I believe I have the ability to cope with adversity and still stand firmly without losing its original ground is inspirational to a nation which has constantly suffered calamities.

    The bamboo represents the spirit of summer. But since the bamboo lasts through all seasons, it is frequently associated with pine and plum as the “Three Winter Friends.”The bamboo is considered a gentleman with perfect virtues. It combines upright integrity with accommodating flexibility; it has the perfect balance of grace and strength.

    Bamboo Symbolism: Simplicity and Humility:
    Bamboo personifies the life of simplicity. It produces neither flowers nor fruit. Chen Pan Chiao compared himself to bamboo, saying, “I will not grow flowers, so that I avoid tempting the butterflies and bees to disturb me.” The hollow trunk reminds the Chinese of humility. One artist said, “Bamboo, who understands humility by emptying his heart, (without stuffing it with arrogance) is my teacher.”

    Bamboo Symbolism: Respect for Elders:
    The young branches at the top of the bamboo trunk will not grow at the same angle as the older branches below, in order to allow sunlight for their elders. When the young shoots emerge from the roots, they are under the shade of the older bamboo branches. Such a spirit reflects the young respecting the old as well as the old protecting the young.

    I agree with those different meanings of a Bamboo Tree. Because it reflects of being ME. Aja!


  12. Who am I? I can represent my self as a bamboo tree, you know why? coz we all know that a bamboo tree falls down when strong winds comes but then it doesnt mean thats the end, , , the characteristic also of this is being taller than other trees, ,hindi dahil mataas ako but the achievements of what i have now…. Im already a teacher ….im so thankfull .
    This kind of tree is very usefull,,,,,As a teacher I can be also like that….And I can be a part of their beginnings so that their future will be like of what I am now….
    I still remember when Im still in high school…………….
    Hindi expected na magkakaroon ng ganoong problema na dumating sa point na hinati kaming magkakapatid….kaming dalawang babae sa mother ko and then 2 brothers ko sa father ko……wala akong magawa kundi umiyak ng umiyak …at that time ako lng ang nandun, wala ang mga kapatid ko……..sabi ko sa sarili ko ….hindi ko ito kaya,,
    pano na ako? talagang nagdasal ako,,,,sabi ko Lord huwag mo naman hayaang mangyari ito…..but then with the help of our Almighty God hindi niya pinahintulutan na mangyari yun…..kaya sobrang pasasalamat ko… kaya siguro sa ngayon medyo iyakin talaga ako…..
    Atleast now , were happy and sharing our blessing..


  13. Sino nga ba ako i mean pano ko ba masabi ang katangian ko, parang ang hirap i-describe ang sarili.,ako yong simpling tao, na may mga pangarap sa buhay, masayahin, may pamilyang minamahal at nagmamahal at may takot sa panginoon. i trust in God faithfully .A trust in God that flows out of the experience of his loving me even if sometime i forgot him, day in and day out, whether the day is stormy or fair, whether I’m sick or in good health, whether I’m in a state of grace or disgrace. He comes to me where I live and loves me as I am. kaya masakit isipin na ang tao hndi kontinto kung ano meron sya may hinahanap pa talaga samantalng ang panginoon hndi nagrereklamo,.
    I am a product of a broken family, kaya siguro malapit ako sa panginoon dahil sa aking karanasan na pinaghugutan ko para ako maging. for me a perfect person. na iyon ay parang bangongot sa akin. kaya i promise myself that if God give me a person to be a partner in the entire life i choice it with the help of God and i will do my very best na hndi mapareho aking buhay noong maliit pa ako sa aking pamilya ngayon, aaminin ko man na hindi ako perpektong magulang but i tried my best so that it will grow healthy and strong.
    Its me also a career woman, a fighter and a survivor..


  14. WHO AM I? I believe life is a learning experience and we all have certain personal strengths and weaknesses.Knowing what we are good at and what we are weak in can help us to become a better person.Recognizing weaknesses along with having the desire to improve on them is a skill that i have that’s why i come up with a pencil symbol with a sharpener.

    A pencil represents potential considering all the things that can be drawn or written with it. Our worth as a person can be measured by what we do with our life,the good we spread,the help we give and the compassion we have for our fellowmen. I am a type of person who loves to give, many says that I am generous I am eager to help whoever needs me with the best that I can.Even with my students although I am not perfect I always try my best to reach out to them.I also love to socialize with other people even if there are times that I have my mood swings.I am sensitive in a sense that I do not want to hurt the feelings of the people around me.

    And as a pencil life can find that it runs into obstacles that do not take kindly to be written on just as a person that runs into obstacles that are not easily overcome. I have gone through a lot of bad experiences in my life but despite of those experiences, I still remain standing and it made me a strong person. Just like the eraser of the pencil I can erase these bad memories and the sharpener will help me to keep on going.

    Of course I will not be able to do all of that without our Almighty God with his unconditional love and guidance,the creator who holds the pencil to write and the same God who will direct me.


  15. Who Am I?

    I am me.
    I am me because of someone.
    I am me because she helped build my character.
    I am me because she taught me to be me.
    I am me because she was always there beside me when I needed her comfort, advise, best friend and love.
    I am me because She gave birth to me.

    So who am I?
    I am me. My nanay taught me lots of things and values in life. She never left my side and Continued guiding and caring for me. I am one in a million daughter of my mother.
    There are many Erlinda in the world but I am unique in my own way.
    A way that my mother taught me.


  16. DO I REALLY LOVE MYSELF? Hmmmm ang hirap po sagutin ng tanong. Minsan po. Minsan pag naalala nlang ang sarili. When you care for yourself, you are starting to love yourself. I started to love myself when God put me into the realization of “i am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him., The time that i appreciated myself, i am unique.. I just wanna say SORRY to myself for many times I did not give myself a break. Sometimes i neglect to do simple things for myself, just like simply combing my hair, check my face on the mirror, applying powder or make up, putting lipstick, drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, give myself enough sleep, give time for exercise, wear best dress, or even treat myself an icecream or go to salon for hair treatment. (now i only realized, i have realized also Mam Gail will know everything from me) ^_^.

    TAKE A BREAK is the title of our youth gathering and I became the host of this youth series in our church last 2012,it is all about how you give yourself a break. I should be reminded of ths all the time.

    I couldnt even give myself quite time to read my bible. Not only physical, i should also nourish my spiritual life by feeding my soul with the words of God. I thank Mam Gail for this reminding question, i have lacking to myself.

    I realized that if i really love myself, i should give myself a break. When we say love yourself, there should be checklist to observe; physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally..

    Be friendly, be kind to people around you, be happy all the time, and ofcourse forgive youself especially wen u made kapalpakan, stop blaming yourself.. simply stop kicking myself. Iwasan magalit. After the sem.. I will treat myself, trip to USA. Yey! hehehe.. Thanks Mam Gail. (dami po realization)

    Ritz 🙂


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