Never Capitalize your “I”

envy, pain, self-inflicted pain,
A Self-Inflicted Pain
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We can be entitled of our own feelings but not to the point of disregarding & disrespecting the person who has been striving to “reach out to us” just because we convinced ourself that what we’re thinking is “what’s true”!

Never capitalize your “I” — if you want to spell happ”I”ness!” — kasi “AWKWARD” tingnan pag gusto mo ikaw lang ang “focus”. Learn to understand pag kailangan din ng iba kung ano ang dapat meron ka at certain moments — kasi may panahon naman kung kailan dapat ikaw lang ang “standout”. *lab you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Never Capitalize your “I””

  1. i really like this post Ma’am Gail. As an ‘introvert’, i don’t like attention. But I realized, Iiam sometimes guilty of the “I”. Unknowingly, i put attention to myself more than others. i guess it’s human nature to seek recognition. But to overdo it at the expense of people who need it more is down right wrong. Now, i am more aware of it and focus on the needs of others rather than mine.

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