We Can “Heal Our Own Pain!”

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…if only we would realize…it’s all up to us!

We Can Heal our Own Pain! by: Gail S. Montero

Feel God’s Message in Today’s Gospel:  John 3:13-17

What about some “self-talk” at this point?

Galit ka kasi nagtatampo ka? … since when?                                                  At bakit ka naman po nagtampo? – “tampo lang” ba or “galit na” kasi nagtagal na?


How many times did you have such kind of feeling?                              UNTIL WHEN do you plan to hold on to that “grudge” within you?

‘yong totoo … how many times na ‘yong sama ng loob mo,  inalagaan mo …Pero what about ‘yong sakit ng damdamin na na-create mo sa iba dahil di mo sila napakinggan dyan sa puso mo?

Sabi mo “GUSTO MO NA MAGING MASAYA!”???                                         Eh what did you do? What part did you take?  — MAKE-UP? or BREAK-UP?

“Lord, sana they will understand me!” – OR –                                                   “Lord, sana I will understand them!” – alin dito ang prayer mo?

Ang maintindihan tayo,  at ang tayo ang umintindi;                               ‘yong magpatawad tayo, at tayo ‘yong humingi ng tawad kasi nagpakumbaba tayo – this, supposedly will HEAL WHATEVER PAIN! – pero ‘still difficult if one or the other does not want to go down to the level of reconciliation dahil mas binigyan ng focus ang sariling paniniwala: “self-inflicted pains”!

What hinders the PAIN from healing is because “WE KEEP ON KEEPING THE TRUTH”. We don’t tell stories to each other;  we don’t listen to each other’s hurts; we find it korny lifting one another’s spirit & we are not there for another’s triumphs – because we’d rather be with somebody else. We make ourselves “strangers” from one another INSIDE OUR FAMILY – and the remnants, as well as unsettled issues in the past have its way of “haunting us”!

Happiness is A DECISION!                                                                                    One can never be … if we keep on demanding things to be perfectly at our favor.

If we want to be happy, we’ve also got to give our amount of understanding to the imperfect person from whom we expect that much!

With the “lifting of the Cross” to put Jesus to death in our commemoration of today’s Gospel,  God hopes to make us realize na minsan, hindi na ang mga pagkukulang ng kung sino man sa pamilya ang dapat nating titigan.

If we can only open our heart to the pureness of intention,  we would realize that those agony & “sacrifices” na pinagdaanan ng mga taong nagmamahal sa atin should be “more than enough” to give us “HEALING RELATIONSHIPS”.

parenting, appreciation, happiness, pure intention, sacrifices, agony
Parents’ sacrifices could have been enough!

‘yong sabi nating “GUSTO NATING MAGING MASAYA”… sana hindi natin iasa sa iba kung paano — kasi TAYO ANG DAPAT MAG-WORK OUT NITO SA SARILI NATIN!

What we prefer doing shows how much we love. God gave His only begotten Son just to prove to us that LOVE is beyond the material things which we mostly prefer to get – a miracle that we can perform to HEAL OUR PAIN! #sunset




4 thoughts on “We Can “Heal Our Own Pain!””

  1. There was a time when I put walls between me and my family. It was like the time I got fed up playing the role of the “nice” daughter in the family. I wasn’t happy with the way my family was treating me coz I felt the most neglected member in the family for I am the one who always give way and understand everybody in the house. But after I realized putting a wall between me and my family didn’t change the fact that I wasn’t happy. I thanked my friends and will always be thankful for they taught me how to listen to and understand myself. They taught me how to see things on my parents perspectives. It made me realized that I got fed up coz I was expecting them to act according to how I want them to. Acceptance to who really the person is in front of us is way to be happy Things between me and my family are a lot better now. I just faced the reality that though we are a family, we aren’t exempted to the so called Individual differences.

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  2. How can I heal my own pain? I, myself really can’t….but GOD can….Many years ago, I went through so much pain that made myself committed suicide but God didn’t allow me to go to hell that time … He loves me so much because whatever attempts i did, I was frustrated! to make the long story short, my mind was back to normal, I asked forgiveness from GOD and promised myself that I wouldn’t do it again…My problem begun when I was young until before I got married…I;ve so many questions to myself that were not answered yet. others are done but some are still waiting until now maybe next time… It’s so hard to forget people who hurt you especially when he/she is in the family circle…before, I was waiting for them to tell me “sorry” or “forgive me”, but they never did! I just kept my anger to myself but it caused me to hate them until I’ve heard the teaching abt. forgiveness . I myself is a sinner, God forgave me and I must forgive others…i told myself I already forgive them and forget what they did wrong to me…I had a peace of mind then…and i prayed for them…. but what if they continue to be used by the enemy to ignite and flared up my hatred again the second time around that made my family be in trouble? it’s the worst thing happened….minsan, gusto ko nang magtampo sa Lord why is this permitted to happen to me but i’ve no right to question Him about what’s going on with my life coz He is the author of our lives. He knows the plans for us not to harm or destroy us but to prosper us… but what is this? wala na bang katapusan to?…until I’ve realized this is the cross of sacrifice…we are like the pure gold na dadalisayin ng Lord until the end…let’s throw away the pain and welcome forgiveness in our hearts… tayo nga pinatawad ng Diyos eh sino ba tayo para di magpatawad ng iba. kung ayaw nila magsorry at humingi ng tawad sa’yo, ok lang, basta sa puso mo pinatawad mo na sila.( natin pala)…wag nating alagaan ang galit o anumang tampo baka maging cancer yan at lumalala pa lalong mahirap….and the worst thing is… bka masumpungan ng Panginoon na unclean and unholy ang heart natin, di rin tayo tatanggapin sa heaven, sayang ang ating mga pagpapagal…Forgive and forget….and have a paradigm shift in our lives, focus on the Creator not on the creation GOD is bigger than our problems…kc kung anuman yon o sinuman sila di naman natin sila madadala kung saan man tayo pupunta…Lahat tayo ayisa-isang magsusulit sa Panginoon ng mga ginawa natin dito sa lupa… bawal ang extra baggage sa langit… we need to have a pure heart to step on a pure gold road in heaven so dto pa lang let’s heal our own pain through GOD’s blessing di natin to kakayaning mag-isa mga kapatid…

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    1. Being hurt by your loved ones is not so easy…You can feel the pain in the beginning only and if you leave it all to the Lord … later, you will feel better and accept the new challenges that come your way.. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy even in the midst of trouble if you know that someone cares for you. There is a divine God whom we trust. If we trust on people , we always frustrated and it causes pain… Nobody could help you but yourself by God’s grace of course.

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