Keep out of Danger!

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Dangerous Tendencies!
Feel God’s Message in this  Gospel:  MT 20:1-16

 Sabi nila, “Money is the root of all evil!”

… but not until we could reflect on today’s gospel: The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

11When they received their pay [as they expected to receive more],

they began to grumble against the landowner…

13 “But he answered one of them, ‘I am not being unfair to you, friend.

Didn’t you agree to work for a denarius?

14 Take your pay and go! I want to give the one who was hired last, the same as I gave you.

 Question: Paano ba tayo “TUMATANGGAP” kapag may nagbibigay sa atin???

Isn’t it that we are most of the time “unaware” of the manifestations of our actions kasi may mga dala-dala tayong “baggage” na galing pa sa “kung saan” at ‘di na ma-identify “kung kailan” pa natin ito sinumulang dalhin!??

Ang mahirap … ‘yong binibigyan ka na nga, pero di mo ‘yon matanggap ng tama — na dapat sana ay may kasamang “pasasalamat”pero ‘ni hindi mo masabi kasi “doon ka nakatingin sa kung ano ang ibinigay sa iba” – kaya ayan tuloy, “feeling mo INAAPI KA!”

‘Yong TOTOO: “EVIL roots up when we don’t strive to LIVE in accordance to God’s will!” – that is: when we Self-Indulge in-Negativity –  we S-I-N!

 “Nakakatanggap ka naman pero ang sabi mo “di ka napapasaya” ng mga taong nagbibigay sayo – alam mo kung bakit?

— kasi “JEALOUS” ka at pilit mong ayaw tingnan ang mga bagay na dapat mong makita!”

“Are you envious because I am generous? Matthew 20:15

There is ENVY when the Self capitalizes on the “I”-“me”-“myself” tendencies. We plunge too much into our “desire” to get what we want, resentful over what others have — to the point of being too demanding of attention from the people whom we thought are the ones responsible for our happiness — and  before we knew it, we no longer discern that we are already making ourselves guilty of COVETOUSNESS.

We are all workers in God’s vineyard!

Our labour should be “of love” — when we intend to “extend understanding” and “let live” like the generous landowner!

While we work, we may have “baggages” which may be DANGEROUS and may hinder us from fulfilling our “sense of satisfaction”.  Let’s check it out and unload the unnecessary  – for it not to be the root of UNFORTUNATE events in our life!

So friend, nakakarelate ka po ba?

God wants to repair your past … kaya nandyan pa din yong mga tao whom He assigned TO MISSION OUT ON YOU – if you will only open up your heart to such intention, you will never have to mis-interpret every bit of “striving hard” na ginagawa nila — dahil “PARA SAYO YON!”

Mahal na mahal ka ni God, “CHOOSY KA PA!”


Yong pagiging “self-centered” mo, dapat “thing of the past na yan”!

STRIVE TO MOVE-ON KA NAMAN! We don’t have forever, reminder lang po!

DANGEROUS YA’AN if you will continue capitalizing on your “I” in the middle of S & N!

 “Jealousy & Envy are Self-Indulged-Negativity:
root of all evil!:” 

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10 Commandments, Gospel Reflection, sin, covetousness, self-centeredness, negativity, self-indulged, envy, jealousy
Do not COVET!

11 thoughts on “Keep out of Danger!”

  1. This one cuts deep. Guilty again. Been working so hard; I think I’ve been working hard; I know I have been working so hard. And my mentality is, I should receive much for I have done. But getting less from what I expect, I tend to grumble. I say, “I should receive more!”. Worst, I envy those who have more than me. This is pure selfishness in my part and not proud of it. I should be thankful and content on what is given to me. Receive it gladly, with a smile and whole-hearted. I will learn more humility, appreciation and contentment rather than anger, jealousy and griping. I will be more thankful for everything that God has given me. Trust in him to provide and reward based on His will and my needs.

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  2. Ouch! Guilty here. I should be reminded always of this self -indulged-negativity. I even have this tendency of thinking myself as a victim always for in my mind I know that have worked more than the others and yet I paid the same and worse less than what others get.

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    1. I was also a victim of my past,the ghost shadow of my past and I thanked God really thanked the God for giving me those experiences that made me strong.noong una akala ko pinaglaruan n ako ng tadhana because of many undesirable things happened to me but then God made me realized that this is part of my breing me now.most of my life plunged with negative experiences.Sabi nga ng salita ng Diyos Rejoice in the Lord I repeat Rejoice!because life in this earth are full of negatives but if you stick to the word of God these negatives will turn into positives.Glory to God!

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  3. Thank God for my second life. I was also a sinner before.Why?? Because I capitalized “I” between S and N…i thought its okay if I don’t care about others then. What matters most was me, and myself. I was so selfish before until God met me in His own special way. He gave me a gift of a second life. That time I looked to the one giver, not to the gift itself. And since then, what matters to me is to what would i give to others not to what I would get from them. Those negative grudges I have before was no longer existing now because I know its not me anymore. According to Purpose Driven Life book of Rick Warren, I was made to glorify God.And how can I glorify Him if I am still a sinner? So, I really have to move on and be a vessel of God’s kingdom. An empty vessel for God to always fill up with His wisdom and knowledge to flow it to others. Having lots of money is good but we have to use it properly as a tool for living only. If we love the money itself, it would make us sin…God is really good and amazing the way he blesses us. He is our Jehova Jireh , He knows our needs and he provides in His perfect time. My first life wasn’t so good coz it was more on negative grudges that made my life so miserable before and I praise God for picking me up from the dark world of mine and bring me to the new world of Christianity which i really thank for because i wake up my mind going to the right path. Glory to the living God alone.

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  4. The love of money is the source of all evil. I told my self I will not be greedy and i will avoid being materialistic. however being competitive in terms of promotion and big incentives unintentionally i failed to practice my decorum Then fate challenge me, it was then i looked back scrutinizing all the decision I made realizing I almost lost everything in wanting to have everything. I said to myself it’s not late yet I’m young and Papa God loves me so much. I will stand tall holding His hands promising myself to be satisfied in what is enough. But you know if you hold His hand, you will have more, that’s a living attestation of His everyday miracle.

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    1. …good realization Ms. Angie!
      true, you’re still young and God is giving you the opportunity to recognize that CHRIST IS ENOUGH amidst the productive life He has given you 🙂 — that is, when you make yourself a blessing not only to your family but also to others. 🙂


  5. We should see ourselves first in the mirror before looking at others. Have we done enough for us to receive this? Have I done wrong so I receive this? Think first. Thank HIm for whatever we receive today. Because He only gives what we deserves.


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