The Learner, schooling, motivation, looking-into, developmental tasks

Let The Learner Love Learning


The Learner, schooling, motivation, looking-into, developmental tasks
When we fail to “look-into” our Learners …

Would you mind taking into consideration that it would take … NOT THE BEST  — rather an “influential teacher” to make THE LEARNER LOVE “LEARNING”?

From SIMPLE TO COMPLEX, Psychological Foundation of Education suggests that there is the need to look-into THE LEARNER all throughout his levels of development  from Infancy  to Old-Age.

Probing into the fulfillment of his Biological & Physiological needs, The Learner should be provided various amounts of experiences to help him reach a certain level wherein he should be able to perform some developmental tasks until Maturation is  attained.

Although development could naturally be sequential/chronological, the rate of improvement could possibly be different in every individual due to Heredity and Environment — which brings about INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES.

However, despite such disparities, each Learner is  naturally endowed with Positive Attitude such as: Curiosity, Persistence & Responsibility coupled with their “innate” Ability, Aptitude, Attitude & Interest.

Danger is … when “The Teacher” is not equipped with some amount of CREATIVITY to address  certain difficult episodes — just because he did not take time to take into consideration his students’ individual characteristics and  differences in developmental levels.

As I’ve previously conceptualized,  “Not many would consider looking at the learner and its kind before going through the many strategies which a teacher can utilize.” Learning who the Learner Is”, should be an integral factor to consider for a teacher to succeed in the kind of experience he could create in each of his Learner!  

Thus, we should, in one way or the other, help ourselves become “influential” by  “pondering-on” these:

motivation, learning, the learner, psychological foundation of education
Teachers should be the first “learners” — pondering on concepts like these!

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influence, learner, motivation
How would you “influence” The Learner” NOT TO HATE SCHOOL?



34 thoughts on “Let The Learner Love Learning”

  1. As a teacher for children with special needs, it is always a challenge to motivate my students to learn. Behavior is always the key. If the child is distracted, agitated or simply not interested, then it’s already a big problem. If I do get them focused or calmed down during the discussion, do they really understand what I am saying? That’s where creativity comes in. However, teaching kids with special needs requires more than just creativity. They key, based from my experience, is that we should let them participate or do hands-on almost all the time. They learn best by doing. But of course, it goes back again to “motivation” or “interest” of the child. One thing that I have learned is that knowing the interests and behaviors of your student helps in creating a productive learning experience not only for the child but for me a teacher as well. Now, let’s go to my college students. If I compare them with my SPED students, they do have the same problem when it comes to learning. My college class’ really needs motivation-lots of it. In fact, I them more challenging than my SPED kids. I say this because, as 3rd and 4th year students, they already have “bad habits” that are really hard to correct. From the simplest instruction to the complex assignments I give, they tend to ‘NOT’ follow. It’s frustrating considering they are the one’s capable of thinking on their own. And yet, they tend to disregard the things I say, maybe intentionally. I guess I feel this way because of my years in SPED where I am used to “molding” younger kids. Anyway, I take this as a challenge. I am learning a lot from this new experience. Come next semester, I’ll be more prepared and equipped to handle my college students.

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  2. There are times that the young can be much wiser than the old. I have experienced it many times. As an adult, I think maturely. And most of the time, I think the actions of younger people tend to be immature or even childish in some instances. As an adult, I think of the realities of the world. I tend to be analytical, critical and most of the time complicated because I have always believed that my actions should be calculated and systematic. It’s what adults do. However, spending time with children, made me realize, that in most cases, life can just be simple. “Look at the world through the eyes of a child.” I read or heard that somewhere. I imagined myself being a child just for a while and see life in a different perspective. And guess what? Life can really be simple. I felt innocence, care-free, playful and just being kid-like happy! It’s great. I realized that with all the complications of this world, we should be a child once in a while. Take a pause, breath the fresh air, enjoy the wonderful creations of God, play, have fun or just be happy like a child opening a box of present. These are the things that I have taken for granted or even forgotten because of the hustle and bustle of my own world. So, even the young can be wiser because they have shown me countless time to be ‘simple’ and enjoy life more.

    I don’t believe that all people with high IQ easily learn. I say this because I have had instances that those with supposed high IQ are the people who tend to understand effortlessly. Yes, they do learn smoothly in class, get high or perfect scores in exams and quizzes; get ‘excellent’ or ‘superb’ feedback from teachers and professors. However, some of them can be the most stubborn and discriminating people. I have experience some so-called high IQ people to be ignorant and insensitive to the feelings of others. As smart people, they think highly of themselves. And with this mentality, any idea or opinion of people ‘lower’ than they’re status are ignored or disregarded. They sometimes act like bullies, putting down other people who they see as ‘unequal’. If they see themselves as ‘smart’ with these kinds of behaviors and attitude, then they haven’t realized they are ignorant. A person with high IQ is more than just above-average intelligence. I believe it is more important to have a high respect for others and be sensitive enough to help people using their intelligence. That is why I applaud and admire a lot the ‘intelligent’ people that I have met and stayed humbled even with their success and high status in life. If only all intellectuals are like them, probably, we’ll have a better world to live in.

    Woman, I believe are smarter than men. I may not say that aloud but it’s true. Men maybe the dominant species but woman are smarter to let the men rule. It’s in the Bible that women should be submissive to their husbands. But in a family, the women are people that keep it together. Women are smarter than men because they are more sensitive. And being intelligent takes a lot of sensitivity in everything they do. Yes, men are bigger, physically stronger and simply dominate when we want t. However, men can easily be distracted, tempted, hot headed and violent. A woman rarely shows these kinds of issues. And only a woman can have the kind of resistive power to prevent such things from happening.

    Motivating a child is the not the easiest thing to do. There is no formula. There are theories that can help, even manuals to guide us in motivation. However, we can only do so much. I can only say, based on my experience, by knowing more about a child and engaging them in actual activities, we learn what are their interest and potentials. These helped me in giving them the correct strategies, approach and methods for them to learn. It has work for me many times and it should be a basic principle in motivating a child.

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  3. THE WOMAN COULD ALSO DOMINATE: Now a days , men are usually seen in many aspects like being a President, senators, businesses and other profession that can contribute to the progress of our economy. Men do a lot better because of the strength that they have. The ability to think and perseverance to reach the utmost because of their capability to communicate with, and the attitude of self-confidence are the factors that can contribute self-esteem. In other part, men also have the greatest fear, a fear that may lead to danger in some ways because fear has a legitimate function for us because it alerts us to something which could possibly harmful to us. Men are not always strong to handle big problems. No man is an island. There are instances that men need women in some ways. Here in this world, God created us EQUALLY . We are helping each other because some could not do what the others can do.

    THE YOUNG COULD AT TIMES BE WISER THAN THE ADULTS: It is really a fact that the young is at times wiser than adults because of exposure to different media that enhances their knowledge. Aside from this, young ones are always hungry for new knowledge and are easily attracted to stimulus that will give them satisfaction for whatever questions and mysteries in their minds. On the other hand, adults are said to be wise in terms of decision for anything that they undergo, because they have mature in thinking that could guide them from the pros and cons of knowledge that could either benefit or harm the majority.

    IS IT ALWAYS TRUE THAT THE ONE WITH HIGH IQ WOULD EASILY LEARN?:It is true that those with high in IQ could easily learn and this is due to their excellent mental faculties which a number of researchers could attest to. In addition to this, those with high in IQ are the ones who are always on top of the rank in the case of the students because leaders of an organization and sets an standard for either competition or for progression of results or outputs for professionals. In contrast, sometimes those with high IQ would always fail in their lovelife and are easily disappointed when people do not meet their standard, some have tendencies to commit suicide when they experienced a failure that could start to blame other people.

    MOTIVATE A CHILD: Motivation is an important factor to enhance our stimulus to respond in every moment of our life. In motivating a child, sometimes we are struggling with them in order to follow our instructions. We, sometimes, easily get angry and irritated because of lack of motivation. In dealing with a child or children, thousands and millions of motivation should be in our bag because this is what we need, our sword to fight. Children now a day are very different in terms of behavior. They are not really behaving well. They are doing what they think is best for them eventhough they are hurting to someone else not only to the same age but also to the elderly. I already experienced and still experiencing and I believe that I will experience more this kind of treatment that children don’t hesitate to get rude in times of learning. They are often not listening to the discussion, talking to each other in class, bullying, shouting, and of course fighting. These are the challenges that I have encountered day by day that I have to prepare for. Teaching children is very a hard. So difficult but if the passion occurs, teaching is more fun, more adventure. That’s why it is not only the children that I motivated but also myself. Motivate myself to keep going. To pursue my mission on earth.

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  4. We knew many stories about children who hate school. They are lazy in going to school. They go to school because of allowance and to mingled with classmates. There are children when they’re inside the classroom they are not interested to learn. They make unnecessary things to make them disrupted in class. WHY? Is it something to do with the teachers? or in the classroom environment? Or maybe in the environment at home? It has something to do also with their family, why some children do not have interest to learn?
    As teachers, we can motivate them to learn, aside from our teaching skills. We can make actions to make the child motivated. Teachers have differences, we can do our styles to make the child learned. Teachers should encourage the children by using uplifting words. Always praise them whatever they accomplished in day to day activities.
    As teachers let us support their interest. I believe that all students have different abilities and potentials. Give each of them a chance to show their talents and potentials. Let them join activities in school.
    As teachers we should show our care for our students. We should demonstrate respect and build a good relationship. Make them feel that there is always a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom.
    As teachers we should help each child discover their strengths and encourage them to love learning.
    On their little mind, as they grow older they will remember us by our inspiring words and being influential to their success.

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  5. In my point of view, there is a gap between “best teachers” from an influential teachers. A teacher may become best in the eyes of the learners through the way she presented herself. Projection and confidence has an impact, she might be a good public speaker in terms of presenting theoretical information that will cover the syllabus. A Teacher may be labeled as “Best” if she meets the standards of her audience, example is by upholding grades according to the scores students earned through typical criterion.
    However on the other part, Influential teacher inculcate knowledge based on applied theory. She is not just satisfied by meeting the standard requirement to be labeled as “best” she exceeded expectations. She identifies talents and areas of opportunities, she make sure that correction and enhancement will took place abolishing the gray area, ensuring future progression. Influential teacher will leave a permanent mark in heart and in mind of her undergraduates.

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  6. How can I motivate a child to learn?
    Motivation really matters when it comes to teaching, yet teaching from the heart and inspiring children every time a teacher enters the classroom can motivate them and enjoy classes while learning something. Touching their heart and feeding their minds can make them change a lot. Teachers are the best motivators for learners. The way the teacher stands in front of his/her student, the way he speaks, show care and love for students make the student loves education. Loving what the students love, laughing at what makes them laugh, caring on what they cared for, sharing with their interests and supporting them would not make them feel different rather it will make them closer to you to the extent that they will always look for you even in your absence.
    By these, teachers will surely can tell how they motivate the learners to love education.
    Thank you for being one of that teacher Ma’am Gail.

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  7. Every day in a teachers life, teacher saw different faces with different attitudes among their pupils. There are also different kind of learners, there are fast, average and slow learners. There are also pupils/students
    who were neglected by their parents and don’t experiences love from the people that surround them. There are pupils who don’t like their teacher because they might be afraid to her or him or the pupils felt the he/she is unwanted in class, fear of failure and many more. The answer for the question ” how will you motivate a child who dislike school ” depends on the reason why the child hate school. Motivating a child is not easy, there is a process on it like as teacher you will try to remove all the negative thoughts that is running in the mind of the child. Now that the mind is set already or the teacher at least eliminate some of those negative thoughts you can now start your target or goal as a motivator for children who don’t like school, a teacher may now sets her/his card, like setting the classroom for enjoyable learning, be approachable, create a classroom that its okay to make mistake, and that there is always a chance for everything, create an environment that shows maternal/paternal love as their second parents, children best learn and would like school if they felt that you care and love them, create an atmosphere that the child will feel that he/she belong on that group. As teacher we must extend our patience for these kids and understand them more. I already heard that word “i hate school teacher rema” i don’t like to be in school, i will stay in our house instead said “Karl” what i did to this kid is the above mentioned, now after all the “pang-uuto” and always talking to him more often, asking what he feel, after having him realized that school is fun, having him undergone in the long process of liking school “Karl” now creates and sets a good attitude towards school and his classmate. He now enjoys school… 🙂


    1. Wow, good “labor of love” Teacher Rema! Kudos to your persistence and “thank you” for creating that kind of environment for one “Karl”. I hope you could reach out to more in your lifetime. That’s my 21st Century Teacher 🙂


  8. How do you motivate a child to learn?
    Motivating is not just letting the child listen in you for a while, it is way of catching the hearts of the children in order for them to be encourage learning with heart. As the saying says that “It takes a big heart to shape little minds”. We all know that children have so much things that catches their attention that distract learning, it is a big battle for us today how to cope with their generation. Motivating them must comes from within us. We can only do this if we give our hearts in touching them. Make them enjoy school inside the classroom. We could make activities fun that could bring them excitement in learning. One of the most possible way of motivating children is being a role model in your teachings because this will make them believe that you mean what your teaching them. As an educator we also need to know the interest of our students because this could be our weapon in teaching them.Show Love and compassionate Care to your students it will be surely a great motivation that they could bring until the time they will grow old.
    #thank you so much Maam Gail for motivating us always!
    #Godbless MASPED!

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  9. How to motivate the learners to learned?
    Motivation is the inner power or energy that pushes toward acting, performing actions and achieving. Motivation has much to do with desire and ambition, and if they are absent, motivation is absent too…So a good teacher always motivates students that they may realize their importance and self respect.
    These are real jewels of advice! I tried to suggest similar inspirational proverbs from various cultures.

    1) Praise Students in Ways Big and Small
    The harder you fall, the higher you bounce. (American Proverb)

    2) Expect Excellence
    The ox is not aware of its strength. (Yiddish Proverb)

    3) Spread Excitement Like a Virus
    Fractures well cured make us more strong. (American proverb)

    4) Mix It Up
    Thoroughly acquired knowledge does not fail. (Indian Proverb)

    5) AssignClassroom Jobs
    There is nothing that cannot be achieved by firm determination. (Japanese Proverb)

    6) HandOver Some Control
    Failure teaches you more than success.(Russian Proverb)

    7) Open-formatFridays
    Plough deep while others sleep and you shall have corn to sell and keep. (English Proverb)

    8) RelatingLessons to Students’ Lives
    If you can’t do as you wish, do as you can.(Yiddish Proverb)

    9) Track Improvement
    Pray to God but continue to row to the shore.(Russian Proverb)

    10) RewardPositive Behavior Outside the Classroom
    Though the centipede has one of its legs broken, this does not affect its movement. (Burmese Proverb)

    11) Plan Dream Field Trips
    A flying crow always catches something. (Dutch Proverb)

    12) College Fund Accounts
    Reckon loss before reckoning gain. (Lebanese Proverb)

    I found these meaningful proverbs at

    I hope it may help us to remember how well our ancestors passed their wisdom to the coming generations through these inspirational proverbs!


  10. Children learn by doing things, by experimenting, they are curious in everything. Motivation is the biggest determinant of how well the children will learn. As a teacher the blank expression of my unmotivated students’ faces often broke my heart as I saw many wasted opportunity for growth. As I face the battle everyday thinking on how to make a difference in their lives really frustrates me a lot. The only incentive that makes me happy is when I saw my product…… The product of my 19 years in handling a preschool class. When i saw them successful in their respective careers. And when they say YOU ARE MY FIRST TEACHER…… And when they post their preschool work…. I can say that I motivate them…..


      As long as you could feel what’s beyond every child’s blank expression and if, at each of them you could tell that they can entrust their fears to you, they would soon give you their cutest smile that will lift all of your frustrations — and because they were able to come up with their masterpieces for posting, you’ve SURELY MADE THEM LOVE LEARNING WITH YOU 🙂 Kudos to you Ma’am Thess 🙂


  11. Many young minds today is in thirst of knowledge.It due to the fact that many things ponder their minds and have a high level of awareness and curiosity. Through the world of technology they can accumulate an enormous amount of informations.And this informations will help shape up their beliefs principles and outlook in life that will help them not only gain wisdom but also gain good sense and good judgement in order for them to become a better and wiser individual. On the other hand adults who are rich in experience, knowledge and maturity level can render good decision making thus making them wiser individuals


  12. Many young minds today is in thirst of knowledge. It is due to the many things that ponders their mind and the high level of awareness and curiosity. Through the world of technology they can gain enormous amount of informations and this informations will help shape their beliefs principles goals and outlook in life that will help them not only gain wisdom but also gain good sense and good judgement that will make them a better and wiser person. Thus at times the young could be wiser than adults. On the other hand adults who are rich in experience knowledge maturity level and render the right decision making in life makes them also a wise persons.


  13. Cognitively persons with high IQ would easily learn because of their very satisfactory mental capacities and capabilities. It is also a fact that persons with high IQ gains high performance and achievements in one or more subject disciplines. But let us remember that the domains of learning not only constitute the cognitive aspect or high level of IQ functioning but we have also the psycho-motor and affective domain to consider.. So persons with high IQ would have great chance to gain psycho-motor prowess because they can easily absorb what to learn. But often times persons with high IQ finds difficulty or problems in affectiive domain. Due to high IQ and superior intelligence they develop attitude problems like finding difficulty in accepting failure, feeling of dominance towards others and dullness of mind to love and affection.


  14. Gender Equality plays a pivotal role in our present society. Unlike before, women is consider inferior and submissive to the opposite sex, but due to the revolution of freedom equality and democratic philosophy and principles an evolution of liberal views was developed. It is crystal clear that many women today in every walks of life dominate the different field of endeavor they undertake. But let us remember from time memorial men is considered the dominant species because of physical strength and endurance and is an accepted belief and practice within the system of society Women of today dominate not only because of the new trend but also because of psychological factor and emotional stability. But if a women is dominant in a family it is not because of superior characteristics but men knows true meaning of love.


  15. Motivation play a pivotal role in the teaching learning process. Students or learners must be physiologically and psychologically ready in order to learn. In fact, some teachers find difficulty in thinking what motivation to do in relation to their lesson. But for me motivation start with trust and rapport. As a teacher I need to show my care and concern to my students not only as a teacher but as a surrogate parent inside the classroom. I need to know their likes and dislikes strengths and weaknesses in every subject disciplines. I need to share my testimonies about the importance of education. I* need to inform them the burden of their parents or person who are giving their best shot in order to send them to school. With trust and rapport I can now connect to them and impart to them the knowledge that I have. The students must feel my sincerest intention to teach them to learn.


  16. Motivation is the cause telling us to do something. There are many factors that might affect our motivation. It might be ourselves “intrinsic” it might be the person in our environment “extrinsic”. But no matter what it is, we should have a constant source of motivation, we should be always motivated to do what is asked through that we may have a meaningful life we have a direction.

    How do you accept the reality that: THE YOUNG COULD AT TIMES BE WIESER THAN THE ADULTS?
    Sometimes Young could be wiser than adult because they heard about the experiences of their parents or sibling or anyone who is older than his/her. But we should always respect the adults.

    No, not always because what if the child is not paying attention? He can’t learn from that attitude. For me attitude towards learning is also important. High IQ can learn easily but only if they are focusing on it and when they are motivated.

    How do you accept the reality that: THE WOMAN COULD ALSO DOMINATE?
    Woman now a days are witty and has a great potential to be a leader. We have a right to be if we are. Today equal rights is being consider. We have different laws protecting woman. Like Rebublic Act 9710 The Magna Carta of Women is a comprehensive women’s human rights law that seeks to eliminate discrimination against women by recognizing, protecting, fulfilling and promoting the rights of Filipino women, especially those in the marginalized sectors.

    How would you “influence” The Learner” NOT TO HATE SCHOOL?
    BY knowing what will motivate them? Knowing your students is the key. By making the lesson more fun and interesting to them. It should be age appropriate to your activity. The way you approach them or talk. By reinforcing the good behavior giving them reward and incentives.

    -God bless-

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  17. I’ve learned that there is always a reason for each action or a precedent to every event. As a teacher, we should know first the reason or the story behind the attitude of the learner about hating school. In that way, we can identify what kind of motivation, intervention and remediation we will use to make the child go back to school.

    Regarding with the thought if it is true that one with high IQ can easily learn. Not most of the time, because there are lesson in life that we need to use are EQ. A good foundation of EQ from the family is where it all starts.

    “We now understand that higher-level thinking is more likely to occur in the brain of a student who is emotionally secure than in the brain of a student who is scared, upset, anxious, or stressed.”
    ― Mawhinney and Sagan


  18. 1. Children are wiser than adults…..
    Our generation is really special. Today the children aren’t just cleverer and more sophisticated than their parent they possess inner wisdom about life. They don’t want to experience what we have experienced. They know all this in advance and have already rejected it. For this reason our generation is the generation of crisis. Because of global technology for now, the young people are full of ideas, plain and simple. I feel like many times someone with a great idea is cast aside because of their age, they just get pushed into this category of “child” with the stereotype that they’re unknowledgeable and naïve. Sometimes we need a little or that childlike belief that our problems can be solved. I think it’s important also never stop learning, absorbing, communicating, sharing experiencing don’t ever let themselves became stagnant, or burned out by what is thrown at them.

    2. The one with high IQ would easily learn…..
    Personality and I.Q. have traditionally been viewed as distinct domains of human functioning. It’s just that IQ is primarily measured with ability test, whereas personality test is primarily measured with questionnaires. The best thing about being smart, though was being able to recognize my own problems and do something about them. I turned on the humility and let myself learn social skills, emotional skills, life skills from many wise people regardless of their intelligence. The thing that we should remember is that intelligence is like a piece of woods. By itself, it does very little. But when you work it, when you exercise it when you grow it and care for it, it can do for really amazing things for you.

    3. The woman could also dominate…..
    I believe that as the story unfolds, women influence will rise further and emerging market’s path to gender equality may follows a very different route to that of most developed countries. Considering that many of the female-dominated major’s heavily involves interpersonal interactions, my initial thought was that though all made sense. Woman are widely known to be more socially inclined and nurturing than, so we would expect to see them dominate fields that heavily involve people. Another aspect in the reversal of the college, gender gap rather than just its elimination is the persistence of behavioral and developmental differences between males and females. For families, this will pose a dilemma. Women will have a comparative advantage at both parenting and breadwinner. Many woman will want to take time off for child-rearing, but the cost of keeping a college-educated mother at home while a high-school educated father works will be high, often prohibitive.

    4. How do you motivate a child?
    As a parent, it’s difficult not to become invested in our child’s academic life because we know how important it is for their future. From our perspective, it makes no sense that our kids would put things like friends or electronics before their studies. The truth is, most kids are motivated, but not by what we think should motivate them. Look at it this way, your child is probably high motivated and not at all lazy when it comes to thins the excite him like video games, music, facebook and what cool new jeans to buy. One thing for certain is that if you pressure you child in order to motivate him, it almost makes things worse. Try to focus on supporting and encouraging him instead of worrying and nagging. When you start to believe his grades are a reflection of you or your parenting and that you responsible for his outcomes. Teaching the children with special needs is always a challenge to motivate them to learn. We should to enhance their self-concept. We discover their talents, abilities of interest and recognize them personally. We should integrate the children in developing their skills and link them to the community. It is a teacher’s role to facilitate learning experiences of students. The ultimate goal for the student’s is to be able to apply their knowledge and skills both within the classroom walls and outside within the community and their everyday lives.


  19. “We are the bridge of every child success”

    Everyday we came across by different behavior of our students. Motivation enters when we want to reinforce the positive behavior and less the not so good behavior.

    Students are blinded by their personal fear, anger and shame., thats why confusion arises. They move in imaganary place where they think they can easily shut their eyes from the hurtful feelings. They surrender their dream to avoid the reality of pain.

    Sad but true., some of adults or teachers always look at the inappropriate behavior of the child.
    I think its unfair, beacuse we label the child by his behavior without knowing the reason behind of his unconcious behavior pattern.

    How to see the real beauty of each child? What are the actions we can do?

    No formula. Yet we have the answer. Its you us, teachers! start with a big and real smile and everything follows 🙂 I believe that teachers has the power to remove the imaginary blinds and look straight to child’s eyes.

    Children learn to people they like, and most of the time they trust more their teachers. Teachers always make a chance to create a relationship and positive connection.

    Children can change and be motivated, especially when someone understand and believe that they can. I will nurture and plant a positive seed, I will keep them safe and cared.



  20. how can we motivate a child who hates school?

    that’s a big challenge for us, as a teachers… everyday we face different faces of kids with different characters and attitudes…. that’s why we need to have different strategies so we can give what they want… kaya nga minsan nakakasawa na dahil lagi sila ang sinusunod natin… pero kahit ganun pa man hindi naman natin sila matiis lalo na kapag napangiti na nila tayo…. kaya kahit magalit ka man dahil sa kakulitan nila napapawi yun kapag nagawa nilang mapangiti ka ng hindi sinasadya…. minsan may pumapasok na bata na nasa pinto palang nagkukwento na ng mga kaganapan sa bahay nila pero ayaw man natin panghimasukan ang personal na buhay nila minsan nagagawa na natin dahil kung hindi natin sila pakikinggan hindi natin alam yun pala ang nakakaapekto sa kanila… at sa pangungulit nila nilalabas ang mga hinain ng kalooban nila upang mapagaan ang pakiramdam nila…. kaya biglang guro at nagsisilbing pangalawang magulang ng mga batang ito dapat hindi lang tayo mag-focus sa mga kaalaman na nais nating ituro kundi mas ipakita natin sa kanila na may pakialam tayo sa kanila at mahal natin sila sa ganung paraan napapagaan ang kalooban nila at mas ginaganahan silang pumasok kasi alam nila na kahit ano man ang mangyari mayroon pa din taong nagpapahalaga sa kanila lalo na ang mga batang walang maayos na pamilya…


  21. Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers,teachers…………You teach best what you most need to learn” – Richard Bach

    Our pupils are all very unique and each one of them needs to learn what they are suppose to learn. And it is our role as an educator to feed them the knowledge that they have to know, whatever status they are into or they may not be the geniuses, it is our job to teach them fairly as how we treat others.

    i am blessed to have pupils to love being in school, because school is where they feel the’re belongingness and happy because it is the place where they can express their true self. So, as a teacher it is our responsibility to boost their personality, confidence ans self-esteem. through learning definitely that can be the person they wanted to be, even if they have a disability.


  22. As Special Educators, we must know that every child has different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding. it is a must that we, as teachers should be more sensitive of our student’s needs. By identifying their needs, we will be able to cater them properly.
    It is said that Teaching and learning sometimes makes a gap between teachers and students. As teachers, we must build a bridge to fill that gap and re connect with them. In that way, pupils will feel loved and valued by us, teachers.
    A simple reminder for us: Teachers, Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark.


  23. Young children learn from everything they do. They are naturally curious; they want to explore and discover. If their explorations bring pleasure or success, they will want to learn more. During these early years, children form attitudes about learning that will last a lifetime. Children who receive the right sort of support and encouragement during these years will be creative, adventurous learners throughout their lives. Children who do not receive this sort of support and interaction are likely to have a much different attitude about learning later in life.

    The world through a child’s eyes is an awesome place. Allow children to explore and discover their world. Around every corner is an experience just waiting to surprise and excite young growing minds; all they need is a small amount of direction and a large amount of freedom. It is not necessary to praise and reward children for their own actions as they attempt to control their environment. The feelings of accomplishment they gain from results of those actions will be reward enough. Providing excessive praise and rewards is unnecessary and can actually be harmful to children’s motivation and desire to learn. Remember, the habits and attitudes toward learning that are formed in these early years set the mood for all future learning.


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