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What would your Heart Show?

“When the mind stops remembering,   the heart will never forget.”

What if one day you will no longer remember, have you ever wondered what your loved ones would “see in your heart”?

The things that we do now, events that we plan about, gestures & acts of concern, appreciation & gratitude that we’ve always intended to give at this point in time … any of these might be “what they will see “in there” — good news is, WE CAN START TRAINING OURSELVES “RIGHT NOW” while we’re not sure UNTIL WHEN we could.

We don’t have forever! If things could  be “possible at hand”, why not MAKE IT HAPPEN while you can still enjoy EACH OTHER’S MEMORY?  

IF we CAN PLAN to be with others for quite some time for enjoyment, why not ALSO PLAN TO BE WITH THE PERSONS WHO COULD BE THERE WITH US FOR A LIFETIME?

Let us not wait for the time when the person who have done things for us, can no longer do and enjoy “a lot with us” because we kept on saying “there will be time for that…!” 



9 thoughts on “What would your Heart Show?”

  1. I love that video! Made me wish for that kind of love story too. I so agree that we don’t have forever, but reality is, we are bemused with manifold desires, needs and ambitions that blur our vision to see what really matters most in this life. We keep ourselves busy achieving our goals while taking for granted the people who love us unknowingly. And before we know it, we already missed the chance of making them feel that we love them too and even more.

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  2. Nothing lasts eternally and it’s so true. No one can boast about the future, for no one knows what the future holds.. and nobody can promise “forever” forever, for no one holds forever only the creator.
    I actually felt anxious while watching the video and fear the day when I dnt remember anything, and worst… anyone anymore.
    However,, God in His majestic work placed the heart in the central part of the body accross the head to balance the head and the arms. The mind may forget the work of the hands but never the heart who feels and remembers the hands that tap a shoulder to encourage; give help and assistance to the needy; acknowledge the gratitude given; praise the work done well; feed those who are hungry; direct the lost; cuddle the unloved and comfort those who need it most. Because only heart knows and feels what true love is which the head will never grasp and comprehend. The head may totally forget to command the senses to do its job but the heart will never forget how to love and to care about.
    Love.. and keep loving coz it eventually comes rushing back to us.

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  3. The video makes me teary eyes. True and unconditional love really exists. No one can tell us what will happen in our future, but what matters is how I can deal my today’s situation. How can I show my love to my love ones, how many times I hugged and said i love them, and how many hours can I spend time with them? Yeah, this situation happens to me too (3 yrs. ago), when I was busy working and helping others to build their own homes, i noticed that i left my family behind and being ignore. I lost our bonding with sisters and forgot to communicate with my parents in the province. So now, I see to it that I have time with them and every minute is important to show to my family that they are more important than my work. And I am hoping that when time comes that memories fade/ lost there is someone who will show me what love really is.
    thanks 🙂

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  4. nothing last forever only memories of love. i was moved by the video. We know we have a borrowed life and No one can predict the future, why not live in the present and make your day as your last. Make a mark, share the love with compassion and give thanks. 🙂

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  5. nice video, its inspire us how sweet they are..that is what love can make that way, for better for worse they love each other, walang iwanan..this scene is remind us that what ever happened you and your husband /wife should love each other and ready to sacrifice, survive what ever pagsubok come into our life..those cared, sacrifice, love unconditionally with her wife its inspired me,. sana ganoon din kami pag tanda..but we have time pa para ipadama natin sa mga mahal natin sa buhay say i love you to our love ones, hug and kisses,and maraming salamat sa video para mamulat tayo puro na lang trabaho nakalimutan ang oras sa obligasyon sa asawa, sa mga anak at higit sa lahat sa sarili at sa panginoon.


    1. Oh Ma’am Louchell, we’ve got to FILL-IN OUR “LOVE TANK” every now and then — an obligation not because “we have to” but because “we want to” — God’s Original Design for couples who are stewards for the family. Kaya Ma’am, “dapat may DATE KAYO ni Husband ONCE A WEEK”! HEHEHE 🙂


  6. I remember that video which you shown to us mam Gail about Alzheimer’s disease. and it really touch my heart. Now that I’m turning 50, I had many questions and fear that I know would possibly be happened to me. I often ask my self , What do I look like then? But those are only physical.. Like the film video, if that would happen to me., sana wag mabura sa puso ko how I would want my family to see them in heaven. That I’ve shared to them the way of salvation, of accepting the Lord Jesus as their “personal Savior”. I may not have the riches in this world to share to them, but I have Christ in my heart that they do also needed the most. I want to see them in heaven. Ako na ang pinakamaligayang nilalang sa mundo, and the angel will sing with me there. From the time that I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior I never stop praying for them. As the song says turn your eyes upon hope of glory…


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