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Avoid the Temperament TRAP!

How do you feel right now?

Have you ever noticed  that you are at times impulsive or are you  aware that sometimes you are “unpredictable”?

Well if not, and if you really don’t mind about it, let me tell you now that it’s not something you just  have to shrug your shoulders about!

Ancient Greek medicine believed that  the above-mentioned “inclinations” could be considered  as possible “illness” due to an imbalance in the four types of body fluids: blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm.

It should be A CHALLENGE FOR US to  SELF-REGULATE those body fluids and  find the “right blending”.

A person’s PERSONALITY can be characterized by ONE HUMOR – thus the so called TEMPERAMENT  which is medically defined as our HABITUAL INCLINATIONS  or our mode of EMOTIONAL RESPONSES.

We didn’t understand this when we were still young – that’s why, many of us are not aware that OUR FAILURE OR WEAKNESS TO MODIFY our TEMPERAMENTS are actually the RISKS that we are continually creating to hinder building HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS. – why? – because “that very moment when we THROW an IMPULSE, could cause A DOMINO EFFECT”!

“That SHOUTING that you did to a CHILD could create an IMPACT which could be a dangerous part that would make up her Personality!”  — at least one of the COMMON DANGERS which we are not so aware of.

http://centerforparentingeducation.org/  states:  “Temperament is the part of the Unique Child that refers to the fact that all children are born into this world with their own individualized blueprints for reacting to the world around them. Based on a thirty-year study begun in 1956, temperament explains why some children are very easy-going while others tend to be more challenging for parents. Sometimes you hear these challenging children being called “difficult” or spirited; this is often because they have temperamental traits that make them more demanding to parent.

We may be that one “demanding child” back then or maybe until now; BUT HEY, we are no longer kids at this point!

PONDER on the “triggering concepts” in the following slides and BEGIN MAKING THE DIFFERENCE!

Slide1 Slide3 Slide4 Slide4 Slide6 Slide5

frustration, learners, emotional behavior, theories of emotion, decision-making, blending, temperament, melody
Watch your Temper!


























Note to my “bright & gorgeous students”: you may just choose a minimum of three [3] questions/concepts to PONDER-ON — those which you can relate the most 🙂

Credits to:


 http://personality-testing.info/tests/4T.php. This is a personality test of the four Ancient Greek temperaments.





22 thoughts on “Avoid the Temperament TRAP!”

  1. simple understanding of our topic as applied to parent and child relationship;

    Understanding a child’s temperament can help reframe how parents interpret children’s behavior and the way parents think about the reasons for behaviors. By parents having access to this knowledge now helps them to guide their child in ways that respect the child’s individual differences. By understanding children’s temperaments and our own helps adults to work with them rather than try to change them. It is an opportunity to anticipate and understand a child’s reaction. It is also important to know that temperament does not excuse a child’s unacceptable behavior, but it does provide direction to how parents can respond to it. Making small and reasonable accommodations to routines can reduce tension

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  2. Theories of Emotion
    Emotions exert an incredibly powerful force on human behavior. Strong emotions can cause you to take actions you might not normally perform, or avoid situations that you generally enjoy.
    Most of us were taught in school that the heart is constantly responding to “orders” sent by the brain in the form of neural signals. However, it is not as commonly known that the heart actually sends far more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart! Moreover, these heart signals have a significant effect on brain function – influencing emotional processing as well as higher cognitive faculties such as attention, perception, memory, and problem-solving. In other words, not only does the heart respond to the brain, but the brain continuously responds to the heart.


    1. ” the heart actually sends far more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart! Moreover, these heart signals have a significant effect on brain function – influencing emotional processing as well as higher cognitive faculties”

      — VERY GOOD RESEARCH Ma’am Juvy! Hopefully, this would make “many” more aware so that there would be effective modification of temper. LESS TRAPS! 🙂


  3. I define a person by his/her character. It all starts with his values in life. A person with high moral values will definitely show desirable characteristics. And with this, comes his/her disposition and temperament. This person will be likely calm, cool and relaxed even in difficult and stressful situations. This person is a master of his/her emotions. In education, eventhough, a teacher is not perfect, this is one characteristic that he/she should have because it sets a good example not only to the students but to other teachers as well. I, personally had days of ‘hot’ temperament in my younger days. But as the years go by, I am proud to say, I have managed my emotions well. By learning to control my temperament, it also helped me to be a better teacher and as a person as well.

    There is no secret formula in eradicating undesirable emotional behavior and frustration. But based on experience it is best to know the learner well. Find out much about his/her behavior. Lessen, removed or avoid triggering factors that cause unwanted behaviors. Frustration is a common thing that happens with learners especially among low or non-achieving students. Once again, based on my experience, it is always best to build their confidence when it comes to knowledge, abilities and talents. Also, assure them of your time, help and understanding. Why? Because mostly these learners are not really academically challenged but has underlying reasons like bullying, problems at home, trauma and other causes. It’s only logical to be give them a personal touch to uplift their spirit and motivate them to do more and strive further in their learning. As teachers, we should always take into account the emotional being of each learner because it is their foundation to a healthy, fulfilling and fruitful participation in education.

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  4. Temperament influences our interaction with the environment. Different interaction = different experiences. Personality describes the what or why of behavior. In the world of education the temperaments are used to help understand personality as each child is considered to possess a unique blend of the four, they can be utilized to individualize the methods used with individual children and establish a balance class as well as to develop discipline. Parent and teacher have a great role in nurturing the temperament of the child just liked personality is being developed.
    Temperament is a basic inherited style and personality can be acquired within the environment, through the years, socialization and other various aspect if this is so, as an adult we must be a good model to the young ones. We must teach them how to control oneself and establish a good behavior at a given situation. Being a good model to our student is indeed a tough job for us teachers because we also have tantrums, we also have an issue about ourselves and sometimes if we can’t carry the load we give a blast out of it, there is a so called child-like in every human that came out in every situation that we sometimes experienced, so we can’t blame the action that have been done by someone but we must mange it accordingly. In a class situation we often advise kids to count 1-10, or 1-20 and sometimes 1-100 if he is angry, this is to control his temper and to lessen the frustration or to manage his anger. Kids are followers, also called observer, what they see they would imitate. So as an adult and more knowledgeable than them, it is good to show these kids of good values and discipline among oneself because if there is discipline everything will follow.

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  5. Motivation results to temper and temper creates emotions. There are varieties of temper, it depends on how you gonna show. Sometimes, we don’t understand and we don’t predict our emotions. It could simply brings out and responds to the stimuli. I always experience this kind of temperament. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not. Good because I always show my gratitude and concern to my pupils. I make sure that everybody would listen to my discussions. I always wanted to pursue my lesson, to bring out what is the best from them. But sometimes there is a trap, a trap that can stop the flow of my lesson, a trap that gives wall to the development of a child.
    Sometimes, I have to learn from my self, learn to control my emotions and feelings. Sometimes, I have to take risks to overcome my temperament.
    Giving punishment to a child does not necessarily mean you are motivating them. Punishment creates psychological problem to a child. They are not considering it as their motivation instead this will lessen their self-esteem and lessen their self-confidence because they think that they couldn’t make it. As a result, they will not strive to their work.
    “Individual Differences” as they have said. All of us have the unique personality. God created us equally. We have the strength and weaknesses. We have to be strong in order to hide our weaknesses and these weaknesses is our tool to become stronger.
    What defines me as a person? As a son of God, we should have the objective in life. Did you Ask your self?, “What is my purpose in life?” Why God brings me here? If you can answer these questions then you can now define your self but if not, then you have to find your self. In my 34 years on earth, I can say that I already seek my self. I already experiencing what I wanted to do and what I’ve been dreaming of. No matter how easy and difficult it is, I believe that these trial will make me a better person, a person with strong determination, a person with the dignity and pride and a vision of excellence and whatever the battle it is, at least, I have the armor to protect my self and to do a great battle without hurting someone else.

    Everybody has the weaknesses, a weaknesses that sometimes turned to failure and lead to death. “Learn to control yourself” that was according to my friends. I have lots of areas to improve. Improvement for the betterment of being me. I couldn’t count the areas that I will improve coz I believe that I’m not the perfect one and I will never be the perfect one. I also doing bad things and I believe that I can still do more. In my area(educator), a lot of areas to improve even the system of education itself. I teach children and in teaching, I do a lot of improvement. For example, while im teaching, somebody is talking , making noise, so how do I improve my teaching strategy? What I did was, I called them in the front to continue their story and I make sure that they are all attentive after that, I relate it on my discussion.


  6. Having a high emotional quotient determines a person who is able to manage his/her emotions/temperaments. Emotions/temperaments should be determine in order for a person to handle it and make avoidance of doing wrong or hurting others. Knowing our own temperaments leads us to know others emotions too. We need to do such thing for us to build a good relationship with them. Building relationship with others is like knowing our own self. We identify their strengths and weaknesses and we used to understand their limitations just to come up with good relations. Sometimes we tend to ignore their behavior, this is because we see our own self reflections with them. We may not accept them because we can’t accept their attitudes that we may have too.
    As a teacher I should consider different temperaments that my students have. These are surely makes them different but they have the same needs to be address and given emphasis, that is to understand them, love them, care for them and guide them as they are facing their journey in life that will challenge and affects their own temperament.
    We can do all these by teaching them with as a good example.


  7. Emotional quotient has something to do with temperament and emotions. The higher your EQ the better you can control you emotions and temperament. The older you are the stronger your control of your emotions and temperament. The stronger your moral values the better you can control your emotions and temperament. But sometimes just like the old saying goes “We are just humans”, and there goes, the out bursting of emotions.


  8. I’ve heard this word of temperament when I was attending feast way back 2012. (Feast is my community lead by Bro. Bo Sanchez, the tag line is the happiest place on earth). According to this view, everyone has its purpose. Likewise, individual has owned weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes, people don’t realize that they have owned weakness that happens they don’t appreciate themselves. They are trying to coping up the individual’s mind and talents, because they wanted to be like them. When I wasn’t heard this thing, I was a bit confuse who really I am. Although, I trust myself, and I know my talents are, but I have question on my mind. My confidence haven’t established yet. Meanwhile, when was answering the test which our preacher gave us. The result was true about myself. This experience was telling me that I am unique and wonderful. Aside from this, every day we express emotions. This emotions are the key to have an interaction with others. From this view, I’m teaching my students on how to handle their emotions. From what I’ve experienced, I am explaining them that we can control our emotions by renewing our mind. I’m telling them that “Don’t let your emotions control you, you control emotions”. How can we do this? By acknowledging our emotions but don’t dwell on it harder. Let your mind change into a new perspective that you control your emotions. Moreover, my students struggle difficulties. They are living inside an institution, and they live apart from their families. In line with this, they think too much about their problems. Their emotions are hanging on their body that oftentimes has been giving them a poor performance in school.
    Meanwhile, as a teacher I am supporting, and guiding them as long as they need help. I’m boosting their confidence, because they really need it. I’m see to it that I give my pure love and genuine support for them, because they are one of my precious


  9. How do you feel right now?
    Tired for many things and obligations…. pero if i overcome sa mga ito isang maluwag sa puso at nakakagaan sa pakiramdam. Maraming bagay na kailangan unahin kahit pa sa kabila nito may maapektohan. Consequences nga naman.

    Have you ever noticed that you are at times impulsive or are you aware that sometimes you are “unpredictable”?
    opo, lagi kong napapansin ang pagiging unpredictable ko kapag may mga problema na dumarating sa buhay mabilis magalit na pwd naman ay maging mahinahon. o di kaya lalo na sa trabaho na may minamadali na matapos kaso kulang sa oras… na wawala ang kunsintrasyon. Ngunit at end of the day marealize ko din na nagkakamali na pala ako at humihingi ako ng tawad o pasensya sa taong nasaktan ko

    “That SHOUTING that you did to a CHILD could create an IMPACT which could be a dangerous part that would make up her Personality!” — at least one of the COMMON DANGERS which we are not so aware of.

    Sa bahay ang bata nakakarinig o nakakaranas ng sigaw ng magulang, nakakatanda ay hindi maganda dahil sa labas ng bahay maaring problema sila. Lalong nagiging matigas ang ulo ng mga bata. Higit sa lahat sa paaralan kung saan sila ay nag-aaral na nagiging problema ng mga guro. Kasi doon nila kayang ilabas ang kanilang nararamdaman. “PASAWAY” kong tawagin natin. Ngunit sa kabila nito may pinagdadaan ang mga mag-aaral natin.

    Ang mga guro ay nakikita ang mga kagalingan, kakayahan o kahinaan ng mga bata. Ginagabayan at pinapayuhan sila sa kanilang endeavor.


  10. every person has it’s own personality…we all have individual differences but still because of our humors we get along with others…. sometimes we judge a person based on his/her actions… without even knowing the whole thing about him/her..
    emotions of a person really affects ones character or personality…that’s why we have to be very careful with our actions…. especially us teachers we must not carried away with our emotions…. yes, sometimes our pupils pushes us to our limits but we choose this job that’s why we need a lot of patience when we are with them…. sabi nga ng aming principal “kahit gaano man kagulo, pasaway at kung anu-ano pa kailangan lagi tayong nakangiti sa tuwing haharap tayo sa ating mga mag-aaral dahil hindi natin alam ang isang ngiti na yun ang magpapagaan sa kalooban ng mag-aaral na may mabigat na dalahin na hindi natin alam na maaring makatulong upang siya ay manatiling positibo sa kanyang buhay”….. kaya always keep smiling!.. just remember STRESSED baligtarin lang may napakasarap ka ng DESSERTS na papawi sa init ng mga ulo o galit…


  11. “TEM- PAIR”

    We are not a robot, we have the human heart to respond on different stimulus.

    Everything is natural. As long as we live on this earth everything will flow in a natural cycle. You get hurt, you cried; when someone hits you, then you hit back; if they scream you shout back with saliva rains out from your mouth.

    Its our primitive responses we learned from ape or animals. Evolution stops but our responses grow. We fight or we flight to protect or secure our spaces.

    But God created us as unique individuals. We have the freedom to response, we call it freedom of choice.

    You dont need to take your masters degree or doctorate to learn this technique. Its absolute and natural characteristic of human.

    The freedom of choice differ us to animals. Temperament is given or even personality, but sometimes in back of our mind we can adjust or accept stimulus differently. As we go back when we get hurt, we tend to cry or comes worst physical tantrums (to release the energy within)
    It is normal and a healthy way to express it. But when when cry and get tantrums in front of your students its not that good at all.

    Same principle I teach to my student and sometimes in my professional agendas. We teacher are humans, yet need to express our dramas privately and discreetly. We need to TEM – PAIR, pair the negative TEM (tantrums, explosions, mismanage response) to acceptable way of acknowledgement.

    I have 3 personal techniques I used when my temper inclined. I call it push pull tap. To release energy I enter in confined comfort room and I push hardly until I feel relax. In pulling, I sit on a chair and put my hands at the side of a chair, grab the side of a chair then i put my self up as long as i can. After those 2 techniques I use to TAP my shoulder as my affirmation to myself that everything is alright.

    This management is my freedom to express and acknowledge my temperament. Temperament is a friend its a mechanism that gives you a signal. You just need to listen and acknowledge to know yourself better and effective



  12. Different people have different issues in life… Managing your emotion is a very difficult task as a captain of the ship in your class. Sa kukulit ng mga batang ano ba ang gagawin mo? Pagalitan sila? sigawan? o ikaw na teacher ang tumahimik? Kung tayo ay magagalit o kagagalitan ang isang mag aaral ipaliwanag itong mabuti kahit nakakainis na.Pano ko itatago o kokontrolin ang aking emosyon lalo na kung ito ay nasa kalagitnaan ng aking pagkagalit. Lumalabas ako sandali kesa ako ay makapagsalita ng di maganda sa kanila. Pero ang mas epektibo ay turuan silang kumanta ng papuri… Kanino? kay LORD. AS IN EFFECTIVE parang walang kaguluhang nangyari… akala ko guro lang may issues pati pla mga estudyante merun din….. minsan ako sumbungan nila pag nauubusan ng pagkain sa bahay, pagnaghiwalay parents nila sinasabi nila…. Sa liliit nila dipa nila ito lubus na nauunawaan. Kaya hirap ako sa pagpapaliwanag kung paano nila ito maintindihan. Pero di ako sumusuko minsan nasasapol ko ang kasagutan minsan sablay… Pero kahit papaano naiibsan ang dalahin nila kahit ako din ay may sariling problemang dala.


  13. How do you feel right now?
    -I feel so blessed because It almost done with the requirements, feeling nervous about the results..

    Have you ever noticed that you are at times impulsive or are you aware that sometimes you are “unpredictable”?
    – Just like weather unpredictable.. But no matter what happened we should be still patience…

    how far should we allow emotion to dominate us?
    mind or heart?

    – For me it is both, we use both of them in making decision in life we try to think and feel it..


  14. How do you feel right now?
    -I feel so blessed because It almost done with the requirements, feeling nervous about the results..

    Have you ever noticed that you are at times impulsive or are you aware that sometimes you are “unpredictable”?
    – Just like weather unpredictable.. But no matter what happened we should be still patience…

    how far should we allow emotion to dominate us?
    mind or heart?

    – For me it is both, we use both of them in making decision in life we try to think and feel it..


  15. What do I feel right now?
    I’m feeling somewhat excited, happy and blessed..
    Emotions may be positive or negative.. If we act without thinking, we may be in our negative emotions or if we are negative thinker we will have negative emotion.
    Example situation:
    A girl is waiting for his partner, but still her partner is not yet coming. so she felt irritated and frustrated. So she thought that the boy is having time with someone else, but the truth is the boy is suffering from severe headache the reason he failed to be on their meeting time.
    This situation shows us that if we are thinking negative we are in our negative emotions too.
    Dealing with our children, if teachers should consider first the differences and nature of our pupils. If they get frustrated on the task or activities we give, we should not force them instead we should vary the strategy. If have to consider the capabilities of our child too..
    we should be patient and compassionate in dealing with others, in situations, and in our ambitions too, through these we are developing positive vibes..
    If we able to control our emotions we limit the negativity in us.. same with music if it’s harsh to hear we don’t appreciate it. So in attitude we have to be compassionate and wise thinker.
    Develop positive vibes.. 🙂 Thinks first before acting on a given situation. analyze, and investigate..


  16. Temperament is like an artist’s canvas, it is who we are and personality is like the painting on the canvas, it is what we have built on top of our temperament.

    Taking our basic temperament, you add life experience, culture, education, and upbringing to form your inner you. in our teaching career we will meet different kinds of pupils, and each one of them will be needing different approaches wherein as an educator, it is definitely a challenging experience how are we gonna influence this pupils. Our own temperament will likewise affect our pupils’ temperament. Why? Because for our pupils we are their role models and who they look up to as they go to school. For those pupils, if we engrave to them our good temperament, definitely as time passes your legacy as teacher will never be forgotten and will always be remembered.


  17. Part of defining who you are is your unique temperament and personal style. These are personal attributes that refer to your character, personality or disposition. Your temperament relates to the way you think, feel and act in different situations and towards other people. It is important that you have an insight into your own unique traits as it can help you improve personal relationships, find your ideal job, and accomplish life goals. Furthermore, in relation to career choices, knowing your temperament and personal style plays a significant role in your ability to perform a task, to determine the kind of people you work best with or the amount of satisfaction you get from a particular job.


  18. I could say that I’m a giver because I give what I have to people who are dear to my heart specially family members and closed friends. I believe that whatever blessings that God gave us, you need to share it with other people so that blessings would overflow.


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