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Reward Card

Feel God’s Message in Today’s Gospel:  MT 21:33-43
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 Since September 5 to October 5 is a Celebration of National TEACHERS’ Month, I’ve been receiving thoughtful messages from my Basic Ed High School students years back, until this ONE REMARKABLE message popped up in my Messenger:

“Salamat po Ma’am Gail, I kept earning my plus-points!”

gratitude, fulfillment, teachers day, 100% effort, 100% opportunity, chances, Gospel Reflection…made me recall when I would give my students “100 points” to represent a 100% grade in some components of their grade in their Values Education Subject.  They would love “starting-over-again” every grading period because instead of me telling them “back-to-zero”,  I would gladly announce that their grade-opportunity is “back-to-100%” — which they have to “manage well” within the quarter.

How? … At the start of each grading period, I would give them few minutes to clean-up & organize their responsibility zones: Journals[notebook], lockers, bags & of course their entire classroom set up, including a new seat plan.   As we set-off spic-&-span, “all prepared” for the quarter, they would automatically get their 100pts.  Although there were some instances when they would get “minus points” because they naturally mess-up on some instances & fail to keep things in order  just before I would do some “surprise-random-checks & visits”, but then, they would strive to re-organize their personal zones — so that they could “re-EARN” for their previous remaining points when I give them several “plus points” – which varied according to the extent of the effort that they have personally exerted – without comparing each of their creativity & effort to that of the others.

I did not earn that much 20 years ago as a full time high school teacher; I kind’a level up a bit in my current pay as a part-time Professor to Masteral Students every Saturday – but still, not that much as of yet; not so sure if I already would, until I finish my Doctorate Degree — pero ‘yong ipaalam sayo na “malaki ang naging contribution mo” in the life of one of your students dahil sa “maliit na bagay” at simpleng sistema na ipinaranas mo sa kanila, it’s MORE THAN FULFILLING na tumatanggap ka ng PAGTANAW NG UTANG NA LOOB — kasi, napatunayan mo na “dahil hindi mo ipinagdamot ang 100% na opportunity, ITINUTULOY NILA na ma-SUSTAIN ang 100% na kaya din nilang ibigay.

Naisip ko lang, isa lang si “Marc Jess” sa mga students na naging “devoted” na palaguin ang pagkakataon ng ibinigay sa kanya, pero sobrang saya na sa pakiramdam – as in!

How much more kung icoconsider pa natin ang iba pa na mga naging successful students ng mga “My Teacher, My Hero” nationwide – at kung ang lahat ng pasasalamat na ito ang ibabalik natin to OUR GREAT TEACHER: the CORNERSTONE OF OUR STRENGTH and ALL THAT WE HAVE – ilang “plus points” kaya ang pwedeng paulanin sa atin ni God dahil sa SOBRA-sobrang magigigng masaya Sya dahil we gave the right amount of FAITHFULNESS SUKLI sa pagiging generous nya?

We are but tenant in God’s Vineyard — with all the 100% OPPORTUNITY that we could grab! Katulad ng isang Marc Jess na nakaramdam ng pasasalamat kaya ‘di kinailangang i-compare ang sarili sa kung anong portion ng vineyard ang napunta sa kanya, 100% nya ding sinuklian ang chance na ibinigay sa kanya – kaya ngayon, “he keeps on earning his rewards” … ang secret, he devotedly taught his “ear” to LISTEN with the wisdom coming from the Holy & the Teacher : H+ear+T = he listened with the HEART!

Happy National Teachers’ Month po sa lahat ng teachers IN A BIGGER CLASSROOM called LIFE!


7 thoughts on “Reward Card”

  1. Giving each of my students a 100pts each grading period is something I have never tried yet in my classroom. Knowing it could be effective, I would love to try it in my class too! Your students and future students are indeed lucky for having you as their mentor Ma’am Gail (I am one of them!) for you have the ability to bond with your students effortlessly. You can understand and resonate with their feelings and emotions. I have seen you show empathy to us (many times) when our discussion in the class turns distressing and even cry with us when you see us down. I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, Ma’am Gail for everything that you’ve done for me and for us. I am just another Marc Jess who will always look up to you. I know there are more Marc Jess our there waiting for a chance to thank you. Happy World Teachers’ Day again prof!


    1. WOW!I really appreciate you Ma’am Neri 🙂 no one would wonder why you would also gain much admiration from your students because you have a grateful heart. We may not always expect for our students’indebtedness; but it sure does give us A BIG LIFT OF SOUL if they let us know how much we’ve affected them even in our littlest way. Thank you so much too Ma’am Neri. God will bless you abundantly and will surely GRANT THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART 🙂


  2. I seldom give rewards to because I want my pupils treasure their rewards if they get one but I never forget to praise my pupils good deeds. It is my way of organizing the thoughts of getting rewards. May mga bata kasi they will used to have it and then they will never appreciate it. So kapag plagi mgbibigay ng rewards minsan gagalingan nalang nila because of the rewards. What if they failed something what would be their reaction. I motivated them in such way na it’s not because they will get the rewards but their parents will be happy if they do this and do that, if they become good boys and good girls. In kindergaten kasi simple praises and pakiusap is malaking impact na sa buhay nila.
    yun din kasi ang ginagawa ko sa mga anak ko.


  3. for me, my reward for myself is to have a time that to relax physically, mentally and spiritually and bonding with my family na walang dinadalang trabaho sa bahay, walang iniisip in short a day off at kung puede pa a good health so i can tackle the things i want to do with my career ..and for my leraners sana bigyan pa ako ng panginoon ng mahabang pasensya. because our learners now a days it so very energetic, and smart,.


  4. That is our great reward as teachers..knowing that we made impact in the lives of others that our pupils will never forget us because we’ve been an inspiration to them. That is our goal as teachers, not only to teach our pupils but to inspire them. Napakasarap ng feeling na binabalikan ka nila dahil mahal ka nila at nami-miss ka nila dahil naging masaya sila at naramdaman nila na mahal mo rin sila. Para sa akin, isang pribilehiyo ng Diyos ang maging isang guro dahil maraming souls ang ipinagkatiwala sa atin na alam rin natin na through His grace and strength ay magagampanan natin ang ating tungkulin at ang bonus pa doon ay ang pagmamahal at pasasalamat ng mga bata sa atin. Salamat po, Mam Gail, sa inyong pamamaraan ng pagtuturo naipaparating ninyo ang mga mensahe sa amin..that we are important, we have so many blessings in life, we are loved, and most of all our Loving God is there in every situation we have..Thank you mam for praying for us..You really are an dahil po dyan eto po ang reward at bonus ko po sa inyo.. a BIG MUUAHHUUGGS!!! We love you mam..God bless you!


    1. MUAHHUUGGS you BACK Ma’am Mailyn 🙂
      …my pleasure for God’s glory po, and thank you so much for the assurance that God’s inspiration reached your heart through me.
      God will bless you more Ma’am Mailyn 🙂


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