What would be the Right Medicine?

THE SCHOOL BECOMES A REHABILITATION CENTER?        Looking into the Developmental Psychology of the Child from Birth to Adolescence, some important ISSUES may have to be regarded “already at-risk”.

childhood, adolescence, children's rights, growing up years
Childhood, Adolescence & their Rights as Young Persons

The child,  whom at certain stage  cannot identify right from wrong would naturally need some “remedy” — YET, there are times when some of them cannot find the “right medicine”  …  BUT Why?

Let’s PONDER-ON this,  as we thrive through our partnership with the parents of every child.  We would of course understand & find “good ways-&-means” from our end to mend & meet some shortcomings which some “homes” are not able to extend to some kids — but IT SHOULD BE MORE OF: we should BE THE REMEDY that our pupils/students, as well as “their parents” need — when through this, they should “hear from us” why & what should better be done. 🙂



39 thoughts on “What would be the Right Medicine?”

  1. I believe that the duties and responsibilities of the teachers to her students is not limited only within the four walls of her classroom. It goes beyond the teaching and working hours., because teaching isn’t just about standing and talking infront of the class with a chalk and eraser but its more about LIFE.

    Each child being unique individuals come to school with issues. These are manifested in various ways. As teachers, blessed with instinct.. we can easily determine who needs help the most over the others though remedy is never easy to give on the spot.. nor can issues be resolved overnight. It’s a long way process. Nevertheless, the teacher shouldn’t miss the opportunity to “do something” while the child is under her protection and care.

    The teacher who truly cares touch the life of the child,, be it unconsciously or purposely. Her life is a living witness of love, care and compassion which somehow are the missing link between some children with issues on their parents. Several factors though are causing the parents to lack time for them like work which in one way or the other causes the parents to miss the chance to see and fill the needs of their child thus chasm starts to engulf them. Parents with several children to take care of is also another factor.. and a lot more. However, if the teacher is able to connect the child to the missing link, and gradually filling the emptiness of the child, he will eventually learn to get along with the reality of life.

    Knowledge is learned in numerous ways. It can be acquired from experiences and on a myriad sources around the child. But the love and care that the child needs isn’t found anywhere else. It’s safely seated right within the heart of every parents and on the child’s significant others. Reality puts distance between the child and his parents but the teacher who embraces and touches a lonely child fills in the gap. A medicine that can not be bought over the counter of any drug store. It doesn’t go with a tag price. It can never be taken in but given out. A remedy that gives hope to a hopeless child; and love to the unloved.


    1. WOW! Thank you so much Teacher Kat for being each of your pupils’ “significant others” — so lucky of them and of their parents to have been part of your school. God has given you that special gift for you to be His partner in giving out that most priceless MEDICINE! Keep it up Ma’am Kat 🙂 God will bless you more.


  2. Today’s generation is really too much different with our generation. Children now a days really don’t give any importance with what they have. With their education; with their future. Even the parents/gurdians didn’t value it too much. They are just contented with what they have. They give more importance with how they will survive.

    It is not just surviving, it must be a living. We don’t just want to survive, we want to live. To live a life, a life full of wisdom, a life with peace of mind, a life with love from people around us and also from God, an abundant life which can be share to others.

    But how can we have all of that if at first we really don’t know what matters most and what will be our priorities? Many of us, doesn’t know or not aware with their responsibilities and accountabilities.

    School is not a rehabilitation center. It must be a place where children can have fun while they are learning. A place where they can socialize, where they can be appreciated and where they can be loved.

    Teachers as well as the parents must work hand in hand in molding and guiding each child. They must be well-informed on how they must deal with the children. Especially the parents. They must be given a parenting seminar where they will be informed and be reminded of their responsibilities. They can also attend some livelihood program, so that they can have an opportunity to make their lives a better one. the government can have one monitoring person per family to check twice a month for each family, if there are changes after attending seminars and different programs.

    Teachers can also make themselves better. By attending seminars and diff. Trainings. And also by continuous learning, by studying again in graduates schools. So, that they can have added info.on how to handle their students and for us to understand them better.

    We must not just educate their minds, we must also educate their hearts. Teach them to value things and be happy and shapes them to a person they must be.

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    1. Very well said Ma’am Nez! We appreciate schools who conduct Parenting Seminars and hopefully, all schools would! — and with you, having that concept “at heart”, please continue to be “the remedy; the medicine” which needs to be recognized. God will bless you more 🙂


  3. There are some instances that school becomes a rehabilitation center. Why a rehabilitation center? Because there are some pupils with a problem. Not only in their physical but also in their emotional and mental aspects.
    Because of that problem the parents let their child go to school unprepared. Many teachers have suffered on these, but as a teacher we need to accept that child. We need to teach and care for that child.
    The best medicine we can give is “LOVE” and that love is accompanied with caring and understanding. Children will learn easily, if we teach from the heart.


  4. “To protect and promote the right of every Filipino student to quality, equitable, cultured-based, and complete basic education where; -Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment- Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner – Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen – FAMILY, community, and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life-long learners” -DepEd Mission
    It is always said that teachers play a crucial role in the development of society. It is on their shoulders, that the entire education system rests as they single-handedly shape generations. People even said that the society is a replica of teachers living in it. Teachers help mere students transform into good human beings with a positive attitude, confidence and motivation to pursue excellence. But reality is the FUTURE of our students doesn’t not ONLY depend on us, teachers. It is an obligation of the family AS WELL to engage and share responsibility for developing life-long learners. This is a reality that parents should understand for there are parents out there that just leave everything to the teacher.
    We expect parents to recognize their obligations as parents. Sad to say some of them are seemed inexperienced or worst irresponsible about their duties. What teachers should do when parents seem indifferent or fail to do their part?
    From time to time if would be good to remind parents their basic obligations like their duties to provide their children with the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, and shelter. During Parents’ Orientations or Parents Teacher Conference is most probably the best time to remind parents about their obligations to their children.
    A cheerful kid is going to shed light into our lives. Imagine if all kids we met are happy? It is going to be a wonderful world. Happy kid starts at home. If parents will just do their part and give their little ones a good beginning in living their lives, we will be expecting generations of happy, loving, productive and successful individuals in the future.


  5. I think so much have been said and commented by my classmates…. I leaned a lot from this topic and learned a lot from my professor and classmates… I promise my self to be not only a teacher to my students but a real friend who is constantly there to listen, and share… make interventions. Actively giving feed backs to parents. If suppose they don’t support their own kids at least I was there to support and act as significant others in the life of my students.


    1. Your “friendship” for the kind of students that you have Ma’am Lou, plus the “feedback” that you could give to their parents could be their right medicine. Thank you for giving this commitment and for your realization. Keep it up Ma’am Lou!


  6. Education is for all, even the baby from the mothers womb started to know the simple thing so that he/she grow healthy and smarty, mother’s instinct is very strong until the baby alive and another lessons he/she in the outer world, meaning to say the right medicine in different aspect is depend on how the older guide him/her.
    Now a days, its sad to see the baby na walang kamuwang muwang, threw in the trashcan, leave in the comfort room, anywhere,sometime we saw it under bridge crying for help…i think the best medicine is to educate these people do the kind of incident, have a parental seminar. because puberty is not hindrance if they know how is it important, even if you are poor but you know what is right or wrong, you can give the right and the best medicine.the love, care, give time..it is the same to us,teachers to our students we are the right medicine to teach the student the right way..we are the part of their development, we have to guide with them..when this student enter in our class they are hoping that we can give their needs..we are the big part of their life..


  7. As the children enter the big school they are so shocked to face the new reality in life, some of them are happy, others may not. As a teachers it is our obligation to know our students their “family background” their whole personality Why?! Because that is our source to cure their conditions, by tapping their parents it regards with their child potentials. I believed in saying ” Everyone is Unique” Everyone has it own skills, it is just there, what we can do is as mentor we need to help them to develop their skills.The children nowadays keep on exploring and easily destructed by media but then we can guide them to know their limitations. Let us nurture our students with creative minds and with passions. Do not neglect them instead let them feel your presence and be sensitive enough for their needs…..


  8. It is true that the school often times to be a Rehabilitation Center for the young ones….and the teachers used to be the YAYA of these children.
    These are some of what I have observed why most of the children misbehave:
    1. Parents are too busy to attend on their child’s need
    2. Parents are in denial of what their children are going through
    3. Instead of fixing the problem of their child they are just ignoring it
    4. Giving penalty or reward sometimes does not help. It makes the problem more worst.
    5. Children are not some kind of “MISTAKE” or “ASSETS”. They are BLESSINGS!
    6. Do not took your child for granted!
    I remember my prof in guidance and counselling says that “there is no problem-child, parent-problem”.
    I want to see a worry-free child as I enter my classroom… but behind there innocent smile lays the burden on their shoulder that even in their young age there no escape for them to experience this.
    I want to cure their aches…. I want to show them the real meaning of being a “CHILD” free from worries….. I want to hug them and let them feel my love so that they will remember that they were a “BLESSING”


  9. The right medicine? Is to be in the centered of Gods love and protection.I believed that if we are in Gods control things will become better.Things will become easier to handle.Today many people are focused on money, fame, and power yet don’t see anything wrong with it. However, it is only when something drastic happens in their lives that they see that these things don’t matter because life is more important. When we encounter hardships and no one is able to help us, we cry out to God. God is our last resort. If you ever recall a time in your life when you thought that there was no way out of a situation, or there was no cure for your sickness, God does hear us and helps us. God doesn’t want us to rely on Him only when we are in trouble but He wants us to have a relationship with Him.

    When we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are inviting God into our lives. He sends the Holy Spirit to help guide us and to teach us what we need to know in order to do the work God purposed us to do. When we seek God’s kingdom first and are righteous in our deeds, God blesses us abundantly. Blessings can be good health, healthy relationships with those around us, or feeling fulfilled when we do God’s work. When we put God first, he makes things go smoothly in our lives because God is in control.


  10. thereS a saying that laughter is the best medicine. In children’s lives how do we ensure their happiness if they are deprived fron many things that they should have? It should be the parents first who must know the right of the kids. That is the reason parents should be emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even financially prepared to have a family because its not easy to raise a chilld. A child who will become the citezen of this country. Truly this wll start from home. But the role of teachers are also very important. Thanks for the inclusion of Prep in the curriculum. It is very easy to mold a child while they are young so it is a challenge for us teachers to influence our learners to become better person. The teachers should continue to study, everending study because this is the way that we always upgrade our knowledge not only in terms of academics but also exchanging views and wisdoms with our classmates and of course with our excellent professors.This will be a great help for us to gain students,students that will continue the right advocacy of this country.


  11. for me the best medicine is LOVE.. we teachers as a second parent of our students, we’re not only teaching them academics but we taught them also on how to show our love and care for them. In what way? through communication and simple tap on their shoulder saying “everything will be fine”, we teachers are always ready to hear with their sentiment because I believe when we give them our time and effort their heavy burdens becomes light and easy for them to live in this wonderful world. Let’s share on what we have for this students of ours especially, those children experiencing trauma cause of broken family and abandoned children . God give us pure love, so who we are to give love also to our learners. We really dont know what will happen tomorrow maybe someday those children will be succeed in their career because of us teachers. According to the song of Whitney Houston saying “I beleive the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way” . Teachers are also leaders and molders of their dreams. Jesus loves the liitle children of the world. Teachers also love the little children in this world. God bless us.


  12. As teacher being a parent-surrogate to our students, our words should bring LIFE. Always ” speak life!” There is power in our words so lets BE CAREFUL, BE WISE.. Positive reinforcement and positive nurturing and constant and consistent form of loving and learning is a key because “THE WAY WE TALK TO OUR CHILDREN BECOMES THEIR INNER VOICE”.:)


  13. First education starts at home and first teachers in our pupils life are their parents. The biggest factor of child’s education is comes from their home. Kaya po natatakot aq sa mga kids ko na mkuha nila yung behavior ng father nila.huhuhu…kc it reflects tlga kung cno yung plage nila kasama yun ang ma adopt nila behavior.haixt! kaya kpag aw n mgdisiplina sa knila feeling ko kontrabida aq sa buhay ng kids ko. I am super scared coz I feel that my eldest son ng uumpisa ng lumalayo ang loob, what I mean is di na sya katulad nung 1-5years old sya na very sweet he always gives us hugs and kisses. Nayon, aq pa ng mamakawa ng hug nya ko at i kiss…Kaya I see to it na nabibigyan ko sila ng time.Either si eldest ang kadate ko or si bunso at iba pa yung kami ng family bonding.
    I can say that my mga anak are so lucky to have me as their mother because everything I learned as a teacher and as a parent I imparted them and always striving ti give the best in everything but not just my mga anak as well as to my pupils and to the parents. We cannot give we do not have sa kasabihan nga. Kaya thatnkful ako that I had an opportunity to study in MA kasi malaki ang naitulong sakin bilang isang teacher at parent.

    At isa lang din ang pinagdarasal ko din na sana wag ako magsawa at mapagod sa vocation ko na ‘to. I know it is my calling to be a teacher, an educator and a public servant. Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing and for the second chance to live.This is my second life and a second chance to live so I have to live to the fullest. Amen.


  14. Spirituality and Mental Health
    Spiritual beliefs are an important part of how many people deal with life’s joys and hardships. Faith can provide people with a sense of purpose and guidelines for living.

    When families face tough situations, including health problems, their beliefs and practices can help them fight feelings of helplessness, restore meaning and order to life situations, and promote regaining a sense of control. For some families, spirituality can be a powerful and important source of strength. I’ve read this in a blog. We can give them a spiritual medicine like when we teach ESP or Values and AP. These are my opportunity to teach them the values they needed. In my seminar every year lagi ko naaalala Yung phrase na right medicine to a right person. Give them what they really need. Never stop and never faint to teach. So mam Gail thank you for the talks that we first, need to organize and manage our life first.


  15. For me the best medicine is LOVE . We teachers as a second parent of our students we’re teaching not only academics but also on how to show our love and concern for our students. Students who really need attention specially those who are experiencing trauma cause of broken family and abandoned children. They need our comfort like asking them “how are you” or simple tapping on their shoulder saying “everything will be fine”. Let’s have time to listen with their sentiment and their heavy burden becomes lighter. God gave us pure love, as a child of God we can also do the same. Teachers are like a candle we’re giving them light those who are staying in the dark side of their life, guiding them in the right path to have a better future. According to the song of Whitney Houston ” I believe the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way” Teachers are also an artist, a model and a molder of their dreams.
    God bless us.


  16. It’s our obligation as a teacher to get to know our learners. Let’s build open and trusting relationship with them. Be open in communicating with them about any problem they encounter. By fostering relationship with them we will able to gain a better understanding of their personal situation. Love them and they will love you back……


  17. As teacher being a parent surrogate to our students, our words should bring LIFE! Always “speak life”. There is power in our words so lets BE CAREFUL, BE WISE.. Positive reinforcement and positive nurturing and consistent form of loving and learning is a key because “THE WAY WE TALK TO OUR CHILDREN BECOMES THEIR INNER VOICE”.:)


  18. Educating the minds of children are good. That’s for their future. But if we look closely, it is the heart that needs to filled. Not the brain. Because, tough heart help them to to overcome struggles in life. Parents and teachers should help each other in shaping and molding the child’s heart and mind. Teach them good values. Be careful of what we teach them. Remember, once it is taught, you can never take it back. If you mold the child in the wrong way, you will have a lot of difficulty correcting what you have taught him/her.

    Be careful. Think Clearly. We can be the one that will make or break the child. Think of their future.


  19. As a teacher , we should accept their individual differences,,and we should not expect the same development of our pupil..coz sometimes their parent are comparing their child at home ,sasabihin ng nanay BAT DI KA TUMULAD SA ATE MO NA MASIPAG MAG ARAL….masakit talaga sa part nya ang mga ganon kapag maririnig nya….We teachers huwag na nating dagdagan ang mga nararanasan ng mga batang ito..but then lets help them to overcome those kind of problems…so that it may not affect their future…..let us be their companion and bestfriend..


    1. Very, very TRUE Ma’am Angel! “such experience” could be very toxic for a child — neither the kind of medicine that any child should get. Such child would really need a teacher like YOU — who CARES to be a “BESTFRIEND”! 🙂


  20. I really don’t know why some parents don’t act as parents to their children.They live every day as if they’re ignoring their children. Sometimes I want to shout and tell those irresponsible parents that their children don’t deserve them.

    Yes, I know, some of my pupils don’t have a place called “home.” As a teacher, I really try my best to be their parent and make my four walls of their classroom as their home. It’s not easy. Sometimes I really want to cry seeing those children, but I keep on doing my job. Kapag naaawa ako lalo akong nanghihina, I really feel pity to them, but I stay focus na makita nila na ang teacher nila na strong strong, and happy happy. I want to influence my children with this line. Nakakahawa ang positibong pananaw sa buhay.(“Kahit walang baon, papasok ako.” o “Pwede na ang kanin at itlog na baon ko.”)

    “Basagulero siguro ang mga magkakapatid na ito paglaki.” During my elementary years, wala na ang tahanan na sana meron kami.”Pinagpasapasahan kami ng mga tiyo at tiya namin, dahil wala nang kukupkup sa amin.” No wonder, matutulad lang kami sa ibang bata sa kalye. There’s no good future ahead of us, our relatives thought that.

    But because of our teachers, we build our dreams and pursue to reach it. With our God, all things are possible.

    I want to build hope in every heart of my pupils. And introduce JESUS in their lives.With JESUS, surely, we will not be discouraged. This will serve as their medicine in everyday’s battle.



  21. while I was thinking what would be the right medicine that we could give our students it reminds me the movie that inspires me a lot.The Indian movie entitled “Every Child is Special”.I used to watch it everytime I’m beginning to lose my patience to my problem students in school. It was a story about the teacher named “Nikumbh sir” who prodded each child to imagine beyond the ordinary and identified the potential in his student named “Ishaan”,when no one else could ,not even his own parents.
    I learned in this movie that as a teacher we must provide the right encouragement and direction for our students because we can actually help them grow into a fine young individuals of tomorrow by imparting values such as perseverance,hardwork,determination and respect.I think this is the right medicine that God had given us to cure our challenged students.


  22. Being a Teacher has a lot of responsibility.And I believed that the best medicine for our students is LOVE.. in loving, it takes many ways… loving them in a way like plants that we cared so much , we nurture them with essential things they need until they grow the way it should be and bear good fruits…


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