Do you really Love your SELF?

“When did you last say “i love you” to yourself?

“Kamusta ka?” … “kamusta ako?” — tengnacino

How much do you really know your “SELF”?

How aware are you that: what makes up your “Hierarchy of Needs” reflect the kind of person that you are? — OR — are you ever mindful of the things that you really need?  [ GRAB this opportunity to come-up with your PERSONAL HIERARCHY OF NEEDS] 

There are some who aren’t! — and so, UNAWARE as they are, they do not notice that their words and actions are already demeaning others’ lives. Getting used to “tittle-tattle”, they become “influential” — to the point of corrupting others’ concept towards another.  Good relationships become blemished because “such influence” won over “some innocent souls”.  Without them knowing, they are already inducing others to wear that same “BAND-AID” that they are wearing: Avoidance, Idealization & Defense which originated from CHILDHOOD.

Some of us are “wounded child”! — teng

YET, we never want to GROW OLD without being HEALED! — or, even if we justify that we are not wounded, we still need to DEFINE the PERSON THAT WE ARE so that we won’t be “that innocent soul” who could possibly be instigated by tainted tendencies & intentions of those who do not truly care about themselves — in its real sense!


What’s your TYPE: #1 Reformist, #2 The Helper, #3 The Achiever, #4 The Romantic,  #5 The Investigator, #6 The Loyal, #7 The Enthusiast, #8 The Challenger or #9  The Mediator.

“Everyone is a unique blend…what do you think would help you determine what is yours?”

And that “GOLDEN RULE: BE TRUE TO YOUR  “SELF”!” — how would it BENEFIT you then?

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71 thoughts on “Do you really Love your SELF?”

  1. I belong to number 2 ” the helper ” I love to share, I want to help, though I am not materially well off but I know God gave me potentials which I generously share with others… but some people do not see the beauty in me. But for those who really know the real me… they enjoy their friendship with me….


      Not everyone would take chance to tell you how much you are appreciated, but you IMPRESS MORE in SILENCE!
      God will be more delighted seeing you UNLEASH your greater potentials because that would make you a very significant person to one and all, specially to those “souls within your reach”! God will bless you more Ma’am Lou!


  2. Many times when we are too focused loving others,,, we tend to forget loving our self. If there are people who are selfish,, there are also who are selfless. Well infact, either of the two has unresolved issues during their childhood. These behavior is very well manifested with the way they treat other people and how they speak about them. Subconsciously, this is also a manifestation of what we call,, our “self-concept”.

    The way a person walks, talks, acts and reacts is a created image he projects to make an impression,,, be it acceptable or otherwise. Most often than not, he is judged on the basis of what people see in him and how they see him. Generally, his tendency is to hide his true self to please the eyes of the people around him and meet their expectations regardless of what he truly feels.

    Loving oneself means NOT giving anyone the happiness to inflict our self pains and sufferings. It means an opportunity NOT to give anyone the permission to belittle who we really are. It is a gift of inner joy to be able to actualize what we want to do without the fear of being ridiculed, to freely speak our mind without the fear of being criticized, to feel good and look good without the fear of being rejected, to brush off anyone who desires to manipulate without the fear of being left out.

    To love oneself is just and right.. especially if loving oneself doesn’t mean harm on anyone. It is also the will of God for we were created in His image and likeness thus our body becomes His temple. Therefore, loving our self is an expression of our love for God. It is then and only then we realize that no matter how big our issues are during our childhood or even at present,, we can still mend them and love our self.

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    1. I love those lines Ma’am Kat: “loving our self is an expression of our love for God. It is then and only then we realize that no matter how big our issues are during our childhood or even at present,, we can still mend them and love our self.”
      Our DECISION to FOCUS on the future is our “pay-back” to God — for DESPITE our shame and “messed-up” past, He is always giving us ONE BEST SOLUTION: TO MOVE-ON!
      Our “mess” could be God’s “MESSAGE” of LOVE 🙂
      — that makes you MORE & MORE BEAUTIFUL inside and out Ma’am Kat 🙂


  3. There are times that people neglected their own self. WHY? because of so many things… Kailan ko huling ipinaramdam sa aking sarili ang pagmamahal? Marahil ay araw araw walang ibang magmamahal sa akin ng sobra kundi si LORD lang… at ang sarili ko….Pagbabasa ng mga salita ng diyos ay isa sa aking paraan para mapunan ko ang aking katawang lupa ng kanyang mga pangaral.

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    1. …and me, Mommy Thess — for i can feel how “golden your heart is”!
      In the midst of too heavy & many difficulties na minsan “itinatawa at inginingiti mo na lang”, ‘just want to remind you Ma’am Thess that “BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT ALLOWING YOURSELF TO GIVE UP — by then, you are not actually neglecting your own self; instead, the more you are actually ALLOWING GOD to abound MORE BLESSINGS to you and to your family. 🙂 Each year is a race track that you need to explore. FINISH STRONG each year and see that your SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT is getting GRAND!


  4. We should love ourselves before we could give love to others. There is saying that we couldn’t give love if we don’t receive love. Loving yourself is accepting yourself from who you are. Accepting yourself from what God have done to you, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Everyone is unique, and everyone has given a divine purpose. We must know what our uniqueness, so that we can bless others more. By accepting our own identity, little by little we feel in love to ourselves which lead us to be contented on what we have.

    Likewise, self-love is not selfish. It is self-nurturing. It helps you to gain confidence which plays a huge role in your interaction to society. It shouldn’t depend on your situation or outside factors in your life. Particularly, it is hard to love ourselves when we feel guilty for something. However, let’s us remind ourselves that life is a test. A test that dignifies us on what we are.

    Do you love yourself? yes, I do love myself especially when I’ve started serving God. I appreciate myself more and his creation. By doing this, I gain confidence and acceptance from people who surrounds me. My friend told me that the way you delight yourself is the way you want people delight you. It is basically a mirror that people respect you because you respect yourself, as well as people love you because you love yourself.


    1. God is surely delighted with the person that you’re becoming Ma’am Cathy 🙂
      ‘hope you have also identified your “type of personality” — one good weapon to identify some ways & means of “unleashing more of your potentials”


  5. That certainly seems to be how we view self-love. It has become a truism that you cannot love anyone else unless you first learn to love yourself. But even if that is so, it does not follow that your self-love can or should be unearned.Loving your self is like loving Jesus…God shows his love not only for me but for everyone.By facing our fears and overcoming them will make us strong and capable enough to face any challenges in life…


  6. In my 32 years on Earth, it seems that I don’t remember any moment that i asked or tell myself “I love you”….
    pity me…….
    I remember when I got my first job and got my first salary,
    I treated myself in the food store I like…
    Is that showing that “I love myself?”
    Kung hindi nakakabuti sa akin, hindi ko ginagawa…..
    Isa rin ba yon sa pagmamahal sa sarili?
    Ang pagpapahalaga ba sa sarili ay nangangahulugan ding pagmamahal sa sarili?
    Hindi ako verbal na tao but i do believe that “Actions speaks louder that words”
    I do things that makes me happy without stepping on other’s shoes. I love being me.


  7. Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
    If you aren’t good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you’ll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren’t even giving to yourself.
    “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha


  8. Do I love myself? Definitely! If I don’t, who would?! 😉 Honestly, we are fearful of others opinion especially if it is something we don’t like to hear. We are sometimes unaware of our personality that we deny them even though it is very obvious. Why? Because we sometimes desire another personality that we think fits us. Or simply, we don’t take criticism very well. I am like that a long time ago. I walk away from a conversation if I sense it will lead to me being criticized. Eventually, I have learned to accept criticism and use it as a basis for my own improvement. It made me realize my investigative type as well as accept my introvert ways. In the end, it felt good because it gave me the confident and security which I rarely had during my younger years. Be true to yourself ba kamo? Well, I’m proud to say, I’m an investigative type / introvert! Lupet! 😉


  9. Reading this is so timely. I just experienced being a victim of a deceiving colleague that almost smashed the person in me. It caught me off-guard for I never expect things between me and that colleague could turn out as sickening as this. Many days of contemplating was spent for it was really unlikely that I was intentionally emotionally offended by someone I used to look up to.

    My first reaction was just to ignore it. Pretend that nothing happened and stay nice to that person. Now that I am writing this reflection, it made me think,” Why did I even want to play victim and stay nice?” And the SELF in me answered “Because I was afraid of making enemies thinking I won’t have a group to belong to in my workplace if I defend myself”. I am afraid of the possibility of not having friends.

    Why is this circumstance a big deal to me? This gave me a flashback of my childhood experiences. I realized I am a wounded child. That wound is probably layered with blissful moments after my childhood years, but it is still there, waiting to be suitably healed.

    I LOVE MYSELF. It is why I should deal with that wound I just bury in an unfathomable depth inside me. If I won’t, it will always be a tomb at the back of my happy façade. Happiness will just be a dream if I fail to cure my insecurities and fear cause by my childhood experiences.

    I think I have a little bit of all those personalities but I believe I am more of the #9 The Mediator. I am more of a someone who always try to make people that are involved in a conflict or misunderstanding come to an agreement because seeing the people around me merry and stress-free is happiness.

    And being true to ourselves will be our way to a happier life. It will also lead us to real people and attract true friends in our lives.


    1. I so admire your humility in doing your own INTROSPECTION — a great effort to really RECLAIM the child in you.
      GREAT MOVE Ma’am Neri 🙂 it’s ok to have bits of each type; being aware of it will make you moderate your PERFECT BLEND 🙂


  10. Definitely yes i am, but that’s the question that sometime you don’t even know if you are really love yourself.,mas madali pang sabihin na inlove ka sa with your someone special, but in ourself mag iisip ka pa minsan na mahal ko ba talaga ang sarili ko?..Why i am saying like that? Kase pag mahal mo ang sarili mo dapat hindi ka magpabaya sa lahat tungkol sa sarili, minsan kase aminin man natin o hindi napabayaan natin ang sarili natin, minsan late na ang kain dahil inuuna ang trabaho,hndi pagmamahal yon, minsan nakalimutan na natin na sobra na pala sa trabaho katawan natin at bumibigay na,naulanan ka , nainitan sa makatuwid nagkasakit ka na dahil nakalimutan na natin ang sarili natin…pero hindi dapat ganoon, we love first our self before anything else, we should take good care our self like our health,physically, mentally, spiritually because for me you can’t feel a true love with your love ones if you don’t love your self, sometime we give everything to our love ones that without knowing that wala na palang natitira sayo..nangyayari ito pag nagmahal tayo,,Dapat mahalin natin ang sarili natin 100 percent with no doubting…

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  11. Once given task, I usually think of what help I can give. Though I’m not an expert for a certain task, I usually make it to the point that I contribute something. Most of the time I work behind the scenes. It brings joy to the heart if I stand as a Helper.
    I consider my self also as a little bit romantic. I love to do some simple sweet little things to my loved ones, like making surprises.(hehe)
    Whenever I’m eager to accomplish something, I sacrifice something. Like the reading remediation in school. Instead of taking a short rest or enjoying a nap, I am more interested to teach the children how to read. Paulit-ulit na phonemic awareness para sa mga pupils na nahihirapan sa pagbasa. Giving them some rewards like cookies and jellies let them pursue more to improve their reading. Aja nang ajah! I’m an Enthusiast!
    We can’t escape failures, depression, and regrets in our lives everyday. But, shall I say that I’m an optimistic person?
    Everytime I am feeling down, laging sinasabi sa akin ni BRO..
    Nene, nakaya mo ngang magtanim sa bukid, nakaya mong mag-igib sa sa balong malalim, nakaya mong tumayo bilang tatay at nanay sa magkakapatid, nakaya mong makatapos, nakaya mo kahit parang hindi mo kaya.
    This is the beauty of being me.

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  12. I belong to number 8″ the challenger”. Problems will always come along the way but I don’t want to take it as a problem, ill take it as a challenge.Sometimes, somehow I realized that I hate being perfect though we”re really not, because perfection is boring.:) I just enjoy life and want to go out of my box. Though there are tough moments, just step out in FAITH.

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  13. Maam Gail I’ll choose # 3. caring… Generous….friendly……warm hearted…Specially when it comes to my family… kahit para sa sarili ko na ,ibibigay ko pa rin sa kanila ,,,coz i want to give everything for them…Gusto kong suklian yung mga paghihirap nila sakin .
    I love my self coz we really cannot love others if we do not love ourselves….but then sometimes mas malaki ang percentage na nabibigay kaysa naiiwan sa sarili…thats why it makes us feel down…but with the help of our Almighty God it relieves all the pain.. WE SHOULD PRAY ALWAYS…



  14. Yes po ma’am I do love my self. How can we give love to somebody if we ourselves doesn’t know how to love. We are wonderfully made by GOD, He created us special in his eyes so let us treat ourselves a special one.

    Yes its true that I never tell to my self “I love you” what I did is spoiling my self in buying my favorite stuff, hanging on with my friends or family and having a window shopping.
    If you are a loving person, most people will trust you and give what’s best for you.
    For that Discovery Challenge, I think I belong to number 9 because I am person who is easy to be with.


  15. I’m more of #2…. If can give help – if I can do it anyway – I give help. As long as I can accommodate their request for help, I will do it. But I also accept the fact that I cannot do everything. If it’s beyond my ability then I will find others who are better at it.
    I am not perfect. But I try to learn something and share it with others.


  16. Loving myself? I’m sure I love my self, but nothing compares on how God loves me.Kelan ko ba nasabi sa sarili ko na mahal ko sarili ko? Ou nga wala akong maalala. Hindi ko maalala kasi nakakakuha ako ng pagmamahal sa aking pamilya at sa mga kaibigan ko. I’m always saying I love myself, and loving my own self leads me to love others. I am a wounded child also, but the wounded child was healed because of the help of people who loves me. I was healed because of love, I accept my past because of love and now I am facing all the challenge in life because of love. Love conquers all, and it is really true. Accepting my wounded past leads me to accept who I am and gave me chance to love myself. And because I knew that I love myself the challenge is for me to love others, my family,my friends, my students, my colleagues and the unlovable. So help me God. 🙂


  17. I love myself the way GOD loves us, HE sent us the gift of LOVE. I’m sure that everyone of us love ourselves. I did everything to make me feel satisfied and happy in everything I do.
    I remembered when I was young and single I used to go out and hanging out with my friends, every time they invited me I will not refused to join with them. Until the time that I realize that is too much na, I don’t have time to my family that I have forgotten to talk to them, to mingled with them. This is just a small story of mine realizing my mistakes. I learned from my experiences that lead me to change my styles, because I love myself.
    Many of us change their lives through their experiences since childhood until they reach their maturity.

    God Bless!


  18. Do you really love your self?

    When i read this question,I was wandering and deeply reminiscing about what was happening to me and what did i do this past few months. Kumusta ba nga ako? Actually my answered was “i dont know” coz when i started my masteral degree, my world became smaller, it’s all about study, its all about concepts, strategies, teaching, umak, then work. When will i put my self in a stress free environment? When will be it ends? Sometimes, we have to take a risk in order to achieve what we wanted to be. At my age, i should be more fun. Taking vacation, going to places, shopping and totally free. But is this enough? Are these recreational thing will complete me? I guess “not”! Yes, im stress, so stress. But why do i still here? I can stop it all the time if i want to… Haizt!.. God is so good! I feel his embraces. Whenever im feeling down and yet no one is arround, God makes me happy, he does everything to make me happy. Kaya, kumusta ako? Oh well, i feel good, doing great as well coz i believe that God put me on this. He knew that i can do it. As a teacher, it is pleasant for me to do such things that will enhance the knowledge and their skills of my children. I make sure, in my own little way, that before they will go out of the classroom, they have the wisdom and knowledge that i inculcate on their innocent thought. I make sure that i had influenced them the desire to learn. I believe that these challenges will be more easier because God is with me. He knew everything about me and i trust no one but him. I accept all the challenges with God’s grace. So i will call myself as “The Challenger” #8..


  19. Be true to your “SELF”!
    Sometimes because we don’t like to be compared with others we change. Without knowing that were not happy in the change that we had just to please others opinion. Life is giving us all the choose to be HAPPY! Loving Myself is more important than others opinion.If I really love myself no matter what others tells me I will strive to make myself unique because God gave me this amazing personality.
    Loving myself gave me that opportunity to love others. This makes my life interesting. To care about those who are in need of care.
    . # 2 The HELPER


  20. People nowadays are too busy. Most of their time goes to school and works. For more than 12 hours we are outside our home. They are always in a hurry. Seems like they have to finished everything at once. With these busyness, how would you express your love to yourself? I mean despite the congested schedules that we have every day, how do you love yourself?! You are good to others, but what about to yourself?!

    Before, I was not aware that I have to love myself. All i know is, I care for myself. Never did I tell myself, “Kumusta ka na?” or “I love you!”—-in the past. Nobody told me to love myself, I just heard them saying, “Love yourself before others”. incorporating to Lovelife thingy. So, it’s really true that loving must starts within self. As they said, You cannot give what you dont have. Similarly, you cannot get love without loving yourself first. So I learned to be true to myself. I have to love myself first before I can give my big heart to others. I have to be good to myself for I AM ONLY ONE. THERE’S NO OTHER ME. I HAVE TO BE THE BEST ME. I deserve a treat and a rewards for myself.

    We really have to be very careful with the words that we utter especially to our students. We are all aware that words can make or break a person. It has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart. So, Speak in such a way that others LOVE to LISTEN TO YOU. LISTEN in such a way that others love to SPEAK to you. This is helpful so one could prevent from putting band-AID in his life. Let’s create a difference to the lives of our learners. We want them to grow up HEALED from being a wounded children.

    I belong to #1 Reformist. I am so perfectionist that I highly expect one to be functional. I would like everything to be okay and organized. I hate irresponsible people and also one that lacks discipline. I got frustrated over things that didn’t work as I have planned. But then again, I have to respect others. I should have a patient, understanding and sincerest heart when dealing with these people. I should know where my students are coming from. Why they behave like that, do like this, there are many WHYS but I open my heart and mind, giving them
    time and not getting tired to listen. I have proven, you wont be a best teacher without winning these circumstances. You have to be an agent of change for these individuals. Never give up on them for you don’t know how they look up to you as an INSPIRATION. ^^



  21. Understanding oneself is a key to understand and love others. Knowing your own strength and weaknesses will enlighten you about the difficulties that others experience. “You cannot give what you do not have.” You cannot love others if you do not love yourself. Other people are extension of ourselves…our family, our friends and people that surround us. What we give to them, they will also give to us. They reciprocate everything we show and give to them.

    However, there are always limitations…being aware of how much love to give to others is very important. While pampering others with love and attention make sure to have enough love and attention to yourself. You value yourself as much as you value others. Because how you treat yourself will reflect how others will treat you. Unconsciously, people love you the way they see how you love yourself…same goes with…if you are true to yourself…people will be true to you…just be yourself and love yourself… 🙂
    —-shery funcion


  22. I love my self…like how much i love others..Sabe nga sa Bible we are the leaving image of God, we need to love and take care of our self beacause its a gift from HIM….Hindi tayo makakapagbigay sa iba kung tayo mismo ay wala nuon..
    My personality type is #2 but may kaunting pagka #8, I am a helper lalong lalo na sa mga taong nakikita kung nagsisikap, but i can be a challenger to those people na alam kung may kakayanan pero umaasa sa iba.


  23. In a strict sense I love myself. But unconsciously I forgot about this. Being the only child in the family, and losing my mother at an early age and now having my own family, I yearn loving my family. I truly love my family no matter what . I am ready to sacrifice even it means losing love to ones self. When ever I feel exhausted. prayers help revitalize and rejuvenate my strength. I believe with my God I could do great things.


    1. I am number 2, and i think in our group it has the most number of personality type. The reason why we are in the teaching profession.. We love to help and share. Personally, I share a lot of things and I have this attitude of not knowing how to say no to others. Everything should be balance so when I learned say “no” to a friend, I felt guilty about that but somehow I felt happy too because it will be for her own good.

      No.7 is my second personality type.

      I love myself, and proud to say specially my personality. I am kind of person who would give everything for my love ones and whenever given a chance and time I also enjoy moments and pleasure for myself.


  24. God created us in the most precious ways and that’s why we should love ourself because we cannot give Love to others if we dont have it for ourselves… I consider myself as the #2 The Helper..helper in such ways especially to my family and minsan I came to the point na nagtatanong ako “bakit lagi nalng ako?,pero still I help them dahil hindi ko sila matiis.,And it gives me sense of achievement and happiness if i can help others. And I’m always praying for a lot of blessings so I can be a Blessing to others..

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  25. Par sa question na ito…napa-isip po tuloy ako ma’am… I really love myself…. Kasi everytime na may gagawin ako…Okey na yan,,,,Okey lang yan sa kanya… Pero deep inside satisfied ba ako as well sa mga taong nasa paligid ko? Paano ko nga maibibigay ang mga bagay na talagang wala talaga ako…

    Maganda rin palang magmumuni-muni minsan ma’am…ito na ang nakakalimutan ko lalo na at sobrang busy sa life…..hehe…
    ang magkaroon ng time sa sarili…..

    May isang kaibigan na nagshare…kahit gaano karami ang ginagawa mo….feel happy pa rin….para hindi maramdaman ang bigat nito….nag-eenjoy ka na natatapos mo pa ang ginagawa mo…Nagrereflect din kasi sa mga gawa ang totoong nararamdaan mo…sabi niya…

    Habang tumitingin ako sa bintana ngayon,Tama nga naman siya….Don’t feel over toxic… love myself……smile and be happy always….wala naman dapat akong ipagreklamo sa buhay………Feel Blessed……….

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  26. Hi maam Gail! I’ m. #2,4 & 6 , sometimes all of the personality listed. It depends upon the situation. We are unique and especial in the eye of our God. We shared so much love with others that sometimes we forgot to love ourselves. Giving our best to love our children,friends and students,and sometimes we keep on reminding ourselves to take a break and enjoy life.Loving,caring and loyal thats also my other character I can say I love being me.

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  27. yes mam gail…mahal ko po ang sarili ko…mula ulo hanggang paa…hndi ko pu bibihisan ang sarili ko ng magagarang damit kung wla akong pagpapahalaga…pro hndi nmn nasusukat sa materyal na bagay ang pagmamahal sa sarili…oo napupunan ko nga ang mga pangangailangan ko pro minsan ba’y naisip ko ang pangangailangn ng iba…maaaring kalahati lng ng pagmamahal ko sa sarili ay para sa akin at kalahi nmn ang sa iba…hindi ko maramdaman ang buo pagkukulang aq sa iba…sa araw-araw na pagbbyahe ko papuntang skul…lagi kong nkikita ang mga batang kalye na msayang naliligo sa ilog pasig…mahal kya nila ang kanilang mga sarili…maaring oo kz ngagawa nila ang gusto nila…ehh ako ngagawa ko ba ang gusto ko pra sa iba? mahal ko ang sarili ko…mahal rin kaya ako ng ibang tao sa kung ano ako???

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  28. # 4…isa akong malikhaing tao….malalim mag-isip…kya mas gugustuhin kong mag-isa kysa nsa maraming tao…expressive sa pagdrawing at pag-awit..punung-puno ng napaka-emo lalu na sa mga heavy drama…oopppss…mababaw luha ko mam gail ehh…


  29. #2 katulong este helper… mas iniisip ko muna ang kapakanan ng pamilya. sa mga pinagdaan ko sa buhay hindi kailangan maging madamot at maging makasarili… Iniisip ko na kung hindi ko tutulungan habang buhay silang aasa sa akin… sa ngayon mahirap pa dahil nasa panahon pa ng pag-aaral ang mga kapatid ko. Siguro kung lahat na sila may trabaho kahit papaano makakaraos din sa buhay.. hindi ko man pinangarap na marangyang buhay kundi ayaw o kung pwd lang ayaw ko nang maranasan muli ang hirap na pinagdaan ko sa buhay kasama ng aking mga kapatid.
    Sa kabila ng pagiging HELPER ko… MAHAL ko pa din SArili KO? walang ibang mangangalaga nitong sarili ko kundi ako lamang. Sa kabila ng mga pagsubok sa ngayon nakakamit ko na unti unti ang aking mga pangarap… maaring iisa nalang ” ang maderitso ang tingin” hehehe!!!
    Be true to your self ….
    kung kaya ko gagawin ko ng buong puso kung hindi wag po sana akong asahan kasi wala sa linya ko ito.
    Kung may sama man ako sa kapwa ko di kita kikibuin. Mas maigi nalang na ganito kesa magkasagutan at magkasakitan pa.

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  30. “Do you really love yourself?”
    “The Invincible Pulse”

    We are living representation of our past and mirror of our new generation. In between we are painted by the different kind of wonderful colours stroked by different medium of brushes. We are the unique masterpiece of God. We are all created by God’s loving grace.
    I’m so amazed from the first time I encounter Psychology in my life. I understand more the deep value of love among the people I met. I learn how to see some of the thin line of visible and invisible. The visibility of smile that covers the invisible of sadness; the visibility of strong identity hides the weaknesses of wounded; and lastly the visible pattern of love to others and invincible pattern of self love. It’s easy for us to attend the need of other people around us and sometimes we tend to give all what we have until we end up depleted and empty.
    Why we are doing this? According to Dr. Stephen Covey we used the outside-inside approach to get the love we need. For instance we tend to give something to “outside” to take something rewarded “inside”. Rewards that draws approval, security, acceptance and love for yourself. We are thirst about those rewards way before our childhood. Some of us accept and acknowledge it, some where still live on it. We are being dependent “outside” rather than being aware of what happens “inside”. In some scenario, we feel more confident when someone tells us “you can do it”; we feel accepted when someone likes your pictures posted in your facebook account; sometimes we feel more loved when someone touches us or receive a gift from others. Today people are looking for these rewards; I’m surprised that most of us think that outside-inside approach is more effective and easy way to avail love.
    We cover up things by our invincible band-aid. We are afraid and avoid the pain runs within; we change our identity for them to accept us, we create our own defences to keep us in our comfort zone. In general perspective, we tend to change dramatically 180 degrees for them to love us. We avoid pain? Okay I will give them what they want, I’m not beautiful? Okay maybe I will buy a new car or do some noses lift, I’m not ready to go out in my comfort zone? Okay I will do the same thing. Growing is impossible if we don’t have an extra initiative and faith to look beyond our physical appearance, not knowing our unique deepest gifts. God give us the power to wisdom, love and active action, use it! Don’t waste your time giving your self away to other people just to accommodate the wounded child within you. Today, be a parent of your wounded child, you are response-able to yourself. Loving yourself is the greatest love of all? Yes it is and I choose to accept and love who I am. I always to choose to help my self first before give something to others. I have my God, therefore I have LOVE within.
    Love is like a pulse, you cannot see it but you can feel it inside. Be true to yourself! Be a parent of wounded chid! Inside-Outside approach, work on it! Self discovery!

    Tri-type: two-nine and four Dominant Wing: four Dominant type: two-helper

    T_E_N_G #2


  31. i really don’t know what type i belong… but when sir Teng explains everything i think i’m more of #6 my 2nd is #4 and the 3rd is #2…
    yes everyone is unique in it’s own ways… sometimes hindi na nga natin iniisip yung sarili natin lagi nalang tayo nakatingin sa iba at pinipilit maging katulad nila kahit hindi naman kaya….
    may mga pagkakataon na hindi natin mapipilit ang isang tao na magsabi kung ano talaga sya hanggang sa katagalan na magkasama kayo dun mo lang malalaman o makikilala sila… mahirap makisalamuha sa ibang tao lalo na kung hindi mo matantya ang ugali ng kasama mo… pero bago mo isipin ang iba mas maigi siguro na unahing kilalanin ang sarili bago ang iba…. kung ikaw mismo sa sarili mo kilala mo kung ano ka hindi ka mahihirapan humarap sa iba ng buong buo…
    hindi mo kaya magmahal ng iba kung ang mismong sarili mo hindi mo kaya mahalin… may pagkakataon sa buhay natin na nakakalimot tayo dahil sa mga gawain natin pero kahit ano man ang ginagawa natin dapat isipin pa din natin ang ating sarili na manatiling malakas sa lahat ng aspeto dahil kung hindi… lahat ng paghihirap natin balewala…kaya ano man ang mga nangyari sa atin noon masaya man o nasaktan tayo matuto tayong magpatawad at kalimutan ang hindi maganda at manatili na lang ang mga mabuti na makakatulong upang tayo ay magpatuloy sa buhay…. at laging iisipin na meron tayong panginoon na patuloy na nagmamahal sa atin…. we only live ones so we have to treasure every bit of it… kung mahal mo ang sarili mas madali ng magmahal ng kapwa…


      Of course i love myself coz if i dont,i wont be exist.
      Loving yourself is an important part of enjoying and getting the most out of your life. It’s also crucial for getting and maintaining satisfying relationships with others. Loving yourself is mainly having self-respect, which is the only dependable way to create love in your own life. To be able to be loved, you must love and respect yourself as much as you do others.
      Everyone on this earth is unique. We all have different gifts. When you compare yourself to others, it makes you feel bad about yourself. When you compare yourself to others for what they have, whether it is a car, a house, a mate, children, money, good height, a good physique or intelligence, or a job, it makes you feel low self esteem, lose your confidence, and perhaps depressed, envious or jealous.
      A way to stop comparing yourself to others is by focusing on your own strength. Get to know yourself, and discover what your greatest gift is that you are meant to share with the world.
      Another great way is by practicing gratitude. Be happy for what you have. Really be grateful about everything that you have; people in your life, job, relationships, material, etc. Gratitude keeps your heart open to love.


  32. Do you love yourself? A big yes…Love yourself before loving someone…When is the last you go to the mirror and talk to yourself and say these words…”I am beautiful..I am strong..I am intelligent…
    I can do all things…Yes I can”…Mahalin natin ang ating sarili kahit kung minsan ay nakafocus na lang tayo sa family at work sa natin sa sobrang busy…
    What’s your personality type?#2 caring, generous, friendly, We Filipino’s are family oriented because we are devoted to our family. Not only to them but also to our relatives and friends.#5 quiet, private person, Sometimes I want to be alone. Kung minsan mas masaya ko pag nag iisa at nagagawa ang mga bagay na ako lang talaga ang gumagawa.Parang napapgod ko kapag laging nagsasalita at naiinis kapag crowded na. Naging madaldal lang ako noong nagtatrabaho na ko at nakakasalamuha ng ibat ibang tao….


  33. I belong in a #7, #9 and #2 group. I’m an enthusiast, a mediator and a helper. I am enthusiastic of all the things I do. I love to enjoy the moment and hang out with positive people. I am a mediator. I hate conflicts and resolving it right away is what I really do. Most especially if my family and friends are concern with the issue. I am a helper. In times of trouble, I am a friend that you can rely on to. However, there were times that I feel I cannot give anymore.. kulang na kulang pa.

    This course enlightened with me more about myself. I was able to realize that how can I give if I have nothing to give? We must focus on our inner self before anything else. Love yourself and everything else falls into line. If you’re happy, you can give happiness. If you don’t love yourself and you’re unhappy with yourself, you can’t give anything.

    “Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.”― Steve Maraboli


  34. I do love myself and contented how God created me, uniquely. I thank the Lord for giving me the personality as The Mediator. I want to be peaceful, natural and comfortable. More importantly, I want to be calm and, if at all possible, to avoid conflict. I also see myself as accepting, unassuming and laid-back. Definitely, I am easygoing and approachable.

    I hate conflict, complications and judgmental people. Being shut down, overlooked and not included by others are ything I among my greatest fears. I am afraid of being loveless and of not receiving or being able to give love. Paradoxically, I avoid anger and conflict that can lead to more conflict. I don’t want to deal with anything until you are good and ready. It is hard for you to say no, so yes means maybe and maybe means absolutely not!

    But, still I depend on God in everything I do, especially with my fears and conflicts I meet along my way.


  35. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss (The Lorax)

    When I think on this nice quote, the first thing that comes into my mind is that it is so IMPORTANT to care for others! The people who know me well can tell than I am a very caring person. By caring, I am being totally aware of the necessities or the ups and downs of others.

    It is part of my personality to care about others. Caring is a feeling, an emotion. I care because I really concern about my friends, family, etc. By caring I hope that others feel supported, accompanied and very happy!

    I think other people must feel GREAT when they know that someone is caring about them! They must be feel appreciated, happy, loved and as I said above very supported! And most important, I feel grateful! When someone is caring about me, I feel blessed by the other person.When others take the time to ask me how am I or they smile at me, it is simply the best! I feel appreciated, happy and much loved as well!

    Being a caring person has demonstrated to me that indeed caring inspire others in so many levels on their lives. The first thing that I have noticed is the immediately gratitude when I care for another person. When you have an attitude of gratitude, you begin to be more positive and that certainly gives them encouragement to make the needed changes in their lives!


  36. I could say that I’m a giver because I give what I have to people who are dear to my heart specially family members and closed friends. I believe that whatever blessings that God gave us, you need to share it with other people so that blessings would overflow.


  37. Of course, I definitely do love myself. Sino pa ba ang magmamahal sa sarili mo kundi ikaw din mismo. If you love yourself, you will have the capability to love others as well. Loving means giving yourself to people you love and even sacrificing things for the sake of the people who are dear to your heart.


  38. Be true to my self?…how would it benefit me then……

    God commanded us to love one another…or love our neighbor as we love ourselves….but how should we do that if we don’t knew how to love ourselves,…..
    Realizing that I am a giver, peacemaker, loving person daw….friends told me that, but I found out that its happen because I experienced how to be love, accept, being cared by The Lord for sharing His life to us in the Cross!


  39. God is love.I thought i will not learn to love myself then because i was one of those who never felt the love and care of my biological parents.Indeed God gave me so much of His blessings,care and nurture me with love that i felt from my loving grandparents.I grown up with so much love and care.I never learn to hate myself because of that circumstance,instead i love myself and and share it to others.What will you give if you do not have? Madaling magmahal ng iba kung nag uumpisa ito sa mga sarili natin.Other people are reflection of our own being.


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