Stop & Talk Awhile, Bring Jesus to ONE.

Feel God’s Message in Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 22:15-21,           29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
outreach program, elderly, abandoned, impact
That one created an impact!

“Binalak nya lang daw ay simpleng kaininan over CPA (Chicken Pork Adobo) para sa mga “Lola” — pero umulan ng biyaya!!! May mga nag-share ng “time at talent” nila, may mga nag-donate financially; yung adobo nagkaroon ng kapartner na juice, nadagdagan pa ng ice cream (umulan pa nga ng ice cream), at may mga regalong naiabot kina Lola: ilang kahon ng grocery, mga relos, at rosas, at may simpleng pahabol pa!”

We could have resisted “being with her on her special day”. I for one, could have instead preferred accomplishing my “tons of things to do for the day” – pero ang galing ni Lord — He granted what her heart desired for her birthday — with her Mama Weng’s tireless assistance, her family’s support beyond measure,  her thoughtful friends, her The Feast Family: brothers & sisters  who shared in their special ways & the gorgeous Youths who chose to come “for a good cause” instead of being “tambayers” somewhere else.

It’s been years na din na di ako nakakadalaw sa mga gaya nila kaya sobrang na-miss ko “doing this thing”:

— Ang maging “present” para sa mga taong “piniling lumayo na lang sa kani-kanilang pamilya” dahil “di nila naramdaman na “mahalaga sila”.

— Ang “umupo sa tabi nila” para “hawakan ang kanilang kamay” at para “makinig sa istorya” na babaunin na nila hanggang sa “makita nila si Jesus” na hindi nila alam kung kailan at kung gaano pa katagal sila maghihintay.

— At ang “ipagdasal sila” hawak ang natitirang pag-asa na “baka may iba pang purpose si God sa buhay nila” kahit na ang ilan sa kanila ay “sobrang pagod na” – na ang gusto pala ay:  “I already want to LEAVE!” – sa halip na “I still want to LIVE!”

It has been an overwhelming experience beyond gifts – at dahil ‘yon sa simpleng “invitation” ng isang kaibigan na hindi naming nagawang tangghihan!

“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar,

and give to God what belongs to God.” – Matthew 22:21

All that she wanted was to celebrate her birthday with them: with those 20 “grannies” in that Home for the Elderly & Abandoned.  That very simple candle-cake blowing and receiving that singled-out pink flower from a bunch of 20 red roses – yon yong para sa birthday celebrant!  At yong “paglapit, pakiki-tawa, pag-akbay, pag-assist at pagpapasaya kina “granny”, we just knew deep within our hearts that we brought Jesus to them when their eyes sparkled with joy and when their palms turned warm — “not wanting to let us go” !

When they “looked at us through the heart, and when they hugged us so tight, we knew that we’ve just made “a difference”! — not only to them, but also to ourselves because we have memorized  how it feels to be there to at least fill-in one’s “longing”!

So to this friend,  we’re more than thankful to her for discipling to us & for being a channel of opportunity to also be a Jesus to many!

And to you, our dear Feast Family, I know you can also challenge yourselves to be of SERVICE to a “longing” ONE, to listen to a certain SILENCE, and to soon tell YOUR STORY of how you’ve also brought Jesus to ONE PERSON within your reach.

Let’s give it a try within this week: STOP & TALK AWHILE even half-way with ONE! #sunset

Cor Dei_40/GOSPEL REFLECTION for 19 October 2014 by: Gail S. Montero, published in The Feast Bulletin, Central Mall Binan


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