What’s your “YES” Today?

My Reflections: Cor Dei_44 for 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

Feel God’s Message in this Gospel:  Matthew 25: 14-30

If may ipagpapasalamat ka in your life right now, 

anu ‘yon?

Thai Restaurant in Singapore, Clark Quay, dinner by the river, 1st date, 1st International Travel
We can never thank God enough for the gift of “two-getherness” 🙂

Not everyone would have a grateful heart!

Some would even say, “bakit ako magpapasalamat, pinagpapaguran ko naman kung ano ang meron ako?” – sad to hear lang, but I know, it would take some time for someone w/such thought to realize that the things that we are enjoying right now are but products of some sort of relationships – most importantly, a product of God’s generosity when He entrusted us with the wealth which He thinks, is in accordance to our ability.

Sometimes we overlook that God’s abundant offer is actually a proposal for a deeper kind of relationship! Yet, some of us are like that man in today’s gospel who received “one talent” and just went off, dug a hole in the ground and buried his master’s money. We’re too apathetic in reaching out to others; we tend to be choosy & sceptic over situations & even persons na ‘di natin “feel”; and we are more predisposed to focus on the material things at the expense of spiritual and intellectual values.

‘yong ma-appreciate natin ang effort ng ibang tao para sa atin at ‘yong magpasalamat tayo dahil naandyan sila beyond service habang tayo naman ay tumatanaw ng utang na loob at ibinibigay “the best we could” in everything that we do – these could essentially be our responsible efforts of saying “YES” to God’s offer.

So as for me, if may ipagpapasalamat ako in my life right now, that would be having been given the opportunity to say YES to God’s call & to carry out my passion in bringing to you God’s message of love, while serving God through the inspiration of the man of the hour, our Feast Builder Bro. Jon Escoto [ in celebration of his nov 15 birthday] who have created great impact not only to me, most specially to my husband & our kids, and of course to you brothers & sisters in Christ. #sunset

published, 16Nov2014 in "The Feast" Bulletin CentralMall Binan,Issue#44.2014, Bro Bo Sanchez's Light of Jesus Family.

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