Knocked more than 3x

Closed door, God's knock, knock 3x, knocking is caring, awaken
Just when will we open that “closed door” for relationships to get better?

How many knocks would you expect before you’ll finally make your senses sensitive to the world outside — when you know for a fact that you have some obligations to get-up for!?

Eh kasi naman, “Kinatok ka na ng ilang beses, di ka man lang pala natinag! — at nong nilakasan na ang katok, saka ka lang bumalikwas at sinisi mo pa yong nangatok: bakit late ka nang ginising?!”


That fact: “ginising ka na nga, galit ka pa?”! — and dahil sabi mo ay “late na”, tuluyan ka nang di bumangon and to your mind & heart, galit ka dahil “wala naman silang pakialam sayo & that they never care”!

Sometimes, we do not realize that these “little things” would matter a lot in the vastness of life!

Our reactions and mindsets would tell a thousand words about us and would determine how much we savor the things that we are actually enjoying —  much more, it would also tell “our provider” if we really deserve what we’ve been receiving.

God would also knock at our door several times because He wants to awaken us from our “sleepiness”. No matter how the last night has been, His love is new every morning and He keeps on providing us another opportunity to make our life and relationships better.  However, if we still keep on keeping grudges, we would never really “feel it in our heart” that the “knocking actually means caring”!

Bottomline: Let us not wait for that last loud knock before we say things are already too late! #sunset


6 thoughts on “Knocked more than 3x”

  1. Making the paper tower gave me an idea what our subject is. To make a paper tower that will stand still, it needs to be planned well in order to create a good paper tower. By this, I realized that every thing that we make should be planned well so that it could come up with a good result. Even our life should be planned well. If we planned our life it should be align in the will of God, by this we would be in the right track.


  2. Let us not wait for that last loud knock before we say things are already too late! #sunset.
    Yes it’s true! Most of us are not aware of what we are doing. We don’t care about others need until such time that we too are experiencing the same like others. Hindi tayo natututo hanggat hindi tayo nagkakamali. But we always have opportunity na itama ang lahat. God always here for us waiting to ask help, but sometimes we are stubborn that even God hindi na natin tinatawag. Masyado kasi tayong busy sa lahat ng ginagawa natin. Hindi natin nakikilala ang God lalo na kapag masyado tayong masaya, maraming pera, may magandang trabaho. Akala natin ay ok na ang lahat that we don’t even say thank you to God for everything. Marami tayong nakakaligtaan sa mga oras ng kasiyahan natin, until such time na kakatok ang God sa buhay natin, dun pa lang tayo magigising sa katutuhanan that there is no permanent on this earth, but only GOD.


  3. Opportunity knocks once but God does not gives us only once but rather many times. Everyone of us seems to be too busy everyday without noticing others, their needs, and our relationship with them. For me, the article implies that we should not take things around us for granted. We should exert effort in reaching out to people and find time for everything because all of these are just temporary, and the feeling of regret for being too late is one of the feelings that is hard to carry around.


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