“Maximize, We Don’t Have Forever!”

Cor Dei 45. 30Nov2014, 1st Sunday of Advent

Let’s open our heart for today’s Gospel: Mark 13:33-37

1st Sunday of Advent, Light of Jesus Family, Gospel Reflection,  God's message, maximise opportunity, understanding God's silence, Mark 13:33-37
“maximize every opportunity” … to TELL & UNDERSTAND … and be God’s messenger 🙂

“Walang Tulugan!”

I would always love that scene:

Each time i would see my dad & mom at my side & front mirrors, standing in front of their gate, looking to my direction until i’ve driven almost at the end of their street.

Ang sarap nilang tingnan … ang saya sa pakiramdam!

‘Yong alam mong naging masaya sila dahil we’ve been with them.

Then i would always tell myself, “sana walang isang araw na walang naghahatid sa akin ng tingin” hanggang almost sa dulo ng street where i grew up and unleashed myself as the person that they want me to be.

Kung pwede nga lang, araw-araw namin silang nadadalaw, araw-araw nakakakwentuhan, araw-araw hugs and himas sa likod — just to at least ease their longings na sana nandon kami lagi for them.

This is one of my greatest fear!

“You do not know when the time will come!”

— that at this very moment, how i want to “clone myself” so that i can both be a daughter by my parents’ side all the time while i continue to be a striving wife and mom to my own family.

In my “child mode” today: how i want to maximize time with my parents for they are not getting any younger! I want to stay awake taking care of them; supposedly looking into their every need even if they keep on saying that they are still strong, seeing the joy in their eyes and hearing the happiness in their laughters everytime we would spend few bonding hours with them. That “feeling of being remembered & regarded importan still” amidst our super busy scheds & multi-tasks — i know will never be enough to be in gratitude to the fact that — when as a child, we didn’t had everything that we wanted — none of those material luxuries — but every amount of sacrifice and love which were not perfectly delivered all throughout those growing up years with my four siblings — that was all that we had until we become the persons that we are!

I hope to make them feel how much appreciation there is in my heart for them while I am also grabbing every opportunity to be at my best for my husband & kids and for my spiritual community: my friends, my students & those who can relate with my every “striving” to relay God’s silence.

“35 So stay awake, because you do not know when the master of the house is coming, evening, midnight, cockcrow or dawn; 36 if he comes unexpectedly, he must not find you asleep.”

Bottomline po brothers & sisters, whatever MODE we are in right now, God is reminding us today that we’ve got to: “maximize giving our BEST”; “learn to understand MOST” the things that we have no control of; and humbly strive to be “lifted high” in FAITH in whatever ways we could — so that we won’t have to cry over some spoiled chances when the unexpected arrives.

And along with this, we CONGRATULATE our Feast Builder Bro Jon Escoto for a powerful Talk & our Feast Binan & Sta. Rosa TEAM for maximizing an awesome experience of being “LIFTED HIGH” as volunteer servants & attendees in last week’s successful KCon 2014 🙂

published in The Feast Binan CM Bulletin.Issue#45.”Walang Tulugan”30Nov2014


One thought on ““Maximize, We Don’t Have Forever!””

  1. I can relate to you….I am the eldest….most family events, we witnessed…the ups and downs….as I grow older…I am now my mother’s companion…I usually give her more wisdom to understand the family life challenges….coz I know things happened for a reason and there are certain lessons to each of us….


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