Let’s Embrace our “NOW”

Cor Dei 47. 14December2014, 3rd Sunday of Advent

Please “fill-in” these Blanks.

Please take time reading today’s Gospel: JOHN 1:6-8, 19-28

In my response to Bro. Bo Sanchez’s ’s challenge, I must admit – I am enjoying another year in my lifetime … ‘just turned 44, days back.

Ang bilis ng panahon! … It has been five years when I last affirmed a promise to God that “I would maximize time” – if He would only “will” to grant me added opportunities.

Year after year, at the onset of my birthday month, I would really “self-check” if I am still fulfilling my promise. Sometimes, I would have that guilty-feeling that I should have done something better rather than what I just did. At times, I would regret not having met some expectations here & there — while there were even times when I felt that I’ve given almost “all of me” – but still my efforts looked insignificant ‘coz it seemed not enough to suffice some highly-set standards for material things & pleasures.

But God has been ever-faithful to His response to “our mutual agreement”!

Every time I would ask myself “what on earth am I STILL here for?”, isang “look-up” ko lang, He would right away send me His consoles.

Through all those years, I know that He has been increasing & leveling up on His added assignments to me. It has never been easy though — battling through those difficult tasks coupled with some difficult people too which made me experience different SEASONS of LIFE — but I have discovered ONE SECRET:

All that it should take amidst any season

is to be a “John the Baptist” — who is deeply aware

“WHO he IS NOT” – but BY HEART knows “WHO HE IS”!

At dahil dyan, brothers & sisters, today, we are challenged to CONCRETIZE an answer to fill-in these lines/blanks:


“I am not _________________________ !”

“I AM ….. _________________________ !”

Promise, “sobrang saya po and ang sarap sa pakiramdam” na habang tinutupad ko ang promise ko kay God, as sure as I strive to LOOK UP to HIM, He is giving me such assurance that He will also help me fulfill my promise “to still be there until our bunso grows up”!

#LOOK UP.How To Find God In Every Situation. Talk 2: #PagMayTime Finding God in Your Present


7 thoughts on “Let’s Embrace our “NOW””

  1. i am not – perfect (far from it)
    i am trying my best to inspire my students

    i just hope that my students respond favorably even if
    i know that i am not the best example out there…
    but i really want them to have a bright future
    and in return, help their families…

    corny but that is what i want them to be…


  2. I am not an intelligent and perfect teacher, friend, and a mother.
    I am trying to be good teacher by giving myself, all what I know to my pupils to make them a good citizens in the future. I may not a perfect mother but I can say that I am doing what is good and right for my family in accordance to His will. Living the present moment is what I am doing.


  3. I am not a superwoman.
    I am a God-dependent person..
    I can not do all what i have planned, but I trust and depend on God who can do all things possible in my life, my career, my family, in God’s ministry and friends. I learned to appreciate and accept people for who they are and enjoyed difficult circumstances and turning it to blessings so that i will become a blessing to others too.


  4. I am not a person whom always be seen in the church.
    I am a God-fearing person.
    Even I am not always attending mass but deep within my heart He is with me. Anytime, anywhere I am talking to Him. I believed that my simple way of extending hands to others whenever I can keeps me closer to God. And that makes me feel that each day seems to be so light and easy… I feel I’m so loved and blessed by Him. I hope I can be a better person than who I am now so I can inspire others.


  5. I am not a perfect mother, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher. But
    I am giving the best of what I do everyday, to be even just as close to perfection.

    I want to be an inspiration to my son, to my students, and to others. In God’s help and guidance,


  6. I AM NOT a quitter (when I know I am taking the right path) nor do I win at all times. (That just proves there are lots of room for improvement and I’m willing to go through the process.)

    I AM a fighter. I stand for what I believe is right and do my best to live by it. I don’t easily give up when the road gets rugged because I know I have a big GOD that is very capable of getting me through.


  7. Let’s Embrace Our Now

    “Yesterday” is past, “Tomorrow” is uncertain so what matters is “Now”.

    What we are today is a gift from God so we must be thankful for what has been endowed upon us. Embracing the now is accepting what we have and what we have become. It is recognizing our strengths, doing something with our failures and moving forward to become better.

    Embracing our now doesn’t mean becoming complacent with mediocrity. It is examining our lives and being grateful for what has come our way and doing something for what we can become.


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