10 When they saw the star, they were overjoyed…

12 And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod,

they returned to their country by another route. “

It’s NEW YEAR once more!

family picture, family portrait, moments to cherish, moments for keeps
May dapat bang ikahiya na nagpo-pose ka sa kung saan kasama ang family for pictures para ipakita na masaya kayo dahil kumpleto kahit magulo? … READ SIGNS … pag dumating ang time na wala kang makitang maganda, at least may pictures kang pwedeng balikan.

“Picture-picture!” … selfie dito, groupie don! – natapos ang taon na maraming ganon – at nagsimula na ulit ang taon, GANON PA DIN :)! … at isa na ako don! “eto na naman si picture-picture!” – ganito lagi ang kantyaw sa akin kapag may “moments”! Nagkamali nga daw ako ng course na kinuha – dapat daw ay Photography!

True enough! I have always loved “photography” because I have always loved “life & every bit of chance in it”! Thanks to the leveled-up technology kasi digital na tayo ngayon … gone were the days na “kailangan ipa-develop mo muna ang film bago mo pa makita ang image”! – tapos saka mo pa lang makikita na ang epic-fail pala ang shots mo, gumastos ka pa sa developing charge!

Each picture tells “a thousand words” & God’s messages & signals are in-to-it! Images may be kept in the heart but God has given us another alternative to make us “see beyond” when we “take another glance” at those shots in our solitude.

God has always been great for creating great minds that brought us this “digital advantage” where we can easily keep good-to-see pics, drop unpleasant scenarios & elements and change some effects before we post pics that would gather many “likes” in social sites –- all because we’ve INSPIRED life!

What we do in photography, we also do to “life”! – but let us be like those three WISE men who CONSIDERED God’s SIGNS which made them decide to take another route & save themselves from unseeming destruction.

So, my dear brothers & sisters, let’s reflect what we can “keep, crop or drop &

change” in our life as we welcome 2015. Happy & Blessed New Year po! #sunset

*published in The Feast Central Mall Bulletin, Issue#1.2015


2 thoughts on “BE AWARE OF THE “SIGNS”!”

  1. I’d like to KEEP my enthusiasm in finishing what I have already started in the graduate school. KEEP having the kind of life I have now, a happy and functional family. KEEP the love and desire burning between me and hubby. 😉
    CROP the kind of personal lifestyle I have. The kind of money spending I do, the eating habits I am used to. I’d also like to CROP the negative attitudes I posses.
    Lastly, I’d like to DROP the pessimistic side of me and start being positive all the time.


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