Please read: Mark 1:7-11

11 And a voice came from heaven:

“You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”

… ganon pala talaga … ikakasiya ng isang magulang ang anak na marunong magpakumbaba, umunawa, mag-sacrifice in cooperation with a goal for a common good and the most pleasing sa pakiramdam: “if a child LISTENS with the HEART” and manifests uprightness even beyond what’s told & expected.

For sure, having heard those lines from His Father, Jesus could’ve initially felt “accomplished” passing that test, when in all humility he submitted himself to be baptized by John who’s been proclaiming that after him comes “the one more powerful”–Mark 1:7.

Very ideal, isn’t it?

Though “sinless” he underwent “baptism” –- a symbolic breakthrough: an acceptance of “deviating from his private life” & “directing toward his public life” — to commence His sacrificial journey “as human like us” — to cooperate and to yield to His Father’s Will which He all willingly vowed to as a MISSION to TELL THE WORLD OF GOD’S LOVE, all the days of his life.

Pero ang tanong, KAYA din kaya natin maging isang “Jesus na anak”?Can we also GIVE-IN to our parents’ will – not really for their sake – but for the sake of “being baptized” in 2015?

If Jesus has been “human in nature: thought with a human mind, felt with a human heart, worked with human hands” – yet did not sin against his Father and kept his “willingness” focused on the “oneness” of his mission with that of his Father’s … WHY NOT na KAYA DIN NATIN?

change of heart, God's heart, thankful heart
God sees our heart & sees if we could have a change of heart

As the NEW Year has just started off with a “January” in reference to JANUS: the two-faced Roman god of doors who have the ability to turn one face to reflect upon the past and a yet another face freshly pointed upon the future, we’ve got to AFFIRM our humility to “assess our SELF & relationships” in 2014 and CLAIM THE POWER to be NEW & BETTER in 2015.

If upon reflection you’ve sensed that YOU would again be DEFENSELESS, then BE BOLD in STRIVING STILL! Dare To Ask God for The Impossible – by then, God will be pleased with you too – because your “striving for ways & means” is an indication that “you’ve already accomplished your “Metanoia” – a “change of heart” for God! 🙂 #sunset


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