Waterproof Faith.

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Yes #DearPopeFrancis, I am Personally ONE WITH YOU!

Please read: Mark 1: 14-2


17 Jesus said to them, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

18 Then they abandoned their nets and followed him.

… sana ganito din ang response ng mga tinatawag para sumama at makinig!

Sa totoong buhay kasi, HINDI MADALIng magyaya ng mga taong pwedeng maki-isa sayo –

not evenwithin the family – to be with you in the same net!

Despite some changing of minds & discouragements against my desire TO BE THERE in Luneta Park-Quirino Grandstand last Sunday, the ONLY CHOICE I HAD was to tell myself: “I AM POSSIBLE!” … until all by myself @ past 3am, I had to walk-through the re-routes along Roxas Boulevard back to Maria Orosa then to Taft Avenue for main entrance and stand-still among the approximately 6M people who desired to have a PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with our Dear Pope Francis for the concluding part of His Pastoral Journey. I was supposed to meet-up my younger sister & bro in law amidst that emerging sea of believers but network signal was cut-off just before we succeeded being together in one quadrant.

Sa totoong buhay, scenarios like these may discourage us. Of course, who would want to be alone in the middle of such a very big crowd, and who would boldly wait for hours while you’re nowhere to hide from the non-stop rain which didn’t give you the choice to remain seated for you’ll get so wet all over? And so true, there may be some speck of wanting to just give up & just go back home to your family – BUT THEN NO! – for in His message during the Meeting with Families in MOA Arena, our Holy Father urged that since there are many threats within the family:

“We must rise from our slumber! We must get up and act!”

He wants a sheep against the wolves that are approaching, particularly our tendency to get trapped in materialism which is destructive of family life. True enough, we may unawaringly experience “isolation and divisions” within our famiy; and sometimes, human and vulnerable as we are, we may just feel too weak to just “let things be”!

BUT THEN AGAIN NO! Lolo Kiko said that “The future passes from the family” & today’s gospel could be an affirmation of our responsibility that the very first place “to fish” is within our family. However, if we find it difficult, there’s got to be somebody to take the initiative to make the family protected against ideological colonization which may eventually separate us.

Reason may not understand what the heart perceives. YES, I “persisted” to be there not to make history with the 6M crowd with “waterproof faith” but to LISTEN UPCLOSE to God’s message through His Holiness & “offer my presence from dawn to sunset as an ounce of sacrifice for my family’s intentions” – for in my heart 15 “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.” #sunset

Published in Light of Jesus’ “The Feast Bulletin CM Binan”

Cor Dei 03. 25 January 2015, Mark 1: 14-20, Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Series: BOLD! Dare To Ask God for The Impossible, Talk 2: Persistence

Waterproof Faith! by Gail Montero@TheFeastBulletin.


2 thoughts on “Waterproof Faith.”

  1. I salute my fellow Filipinos for being there at the Quirino Grandstand despite the nonstop rains from Saturday night until Sunday. Truly,there was waterproof faith in all of you!
    In my case, all our things were packed the morning of Saturday, most especially the t-shirts I pre-ordered from the printing shop of a co-teacher. But then, non-stop raining held me back from pushing through with the plan because my son was coming along. I was afraid of the health issues that might arise.
    I together with my boys made sure to wave him goodbye the next day outside Nunciature on his way to the airport.
    We saw him twice, when he arrived and when he left!
    Such a giddy and surreal feeling of happy feeling. Our faith got stronger than ever. It was because of Lolo Kiko’s magical presence and words of encouragement.
    I thank the Lord for helping the bishops choose such a magical person like Pope Francis.


  2. Many people asked me what made you decide to see the Pope. Honestly I got no idea, after my work ( Jan 15, 2015) I rushed to Manila from Makati hoping to see the Pope even just once. I don’t have any extra shirt, pants, toothbrush and etc. I dropped by the mall, buy some stuff for myself. Then I went to the familiar place at Quirino avenue and rented a space for my stay. When I saw the Pope January 16, 2015, I just cant get enough my hours of long wait was paid off. I followed from his Nunciature, Manila Cathedral, his way to MOA , all his in and out of the Nunciature and even at the Quirino Grandstand. The feeling is good seeing millions of Filipinos who never surrender despite the bad weather. I’ve witnessed the young once patiently waiting for the Pope to arrive. The old couple who are around there 80s also took part to the celebration and they don’t mind that they might be slip off the muddy ground. Seeing people like these makes everything lighter and made me feel that this sacrifice is absolutely worth it and I can see that God is everywhere.

    Kenneth N. Demafelis


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