Time, rescue, life questions, God's messages

In Any Way Possible!

Time, life questions, God's messages
Let time tell!

Could it be true that God may be talking to us in any way possible?

Through things? situations? persons? … Billboard signs? Commercials? Songs? Pictures? Signage along the road? Overheard conversations by people whom we know and whom we don’t? .. that scenario which we don’t expect to catch our attention? … that unrecognized scene that keeps on appearing in our mind yet we don’t understand?

Now what would you do with those messages which God has been striving to tell you?

Would you also strive to grasp every piece of such message?

… or would you just ignore because you’re not interested at all?

Come to think of it, sometimes our mind and our way of thinking are more often as vast as the given opportunities just to make us find God’s untold messages.

Sometimes, we need to give ourselves that benefit of “pausing for a while” … just so we can find meaning in our day to day existence!



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