Uso pa ba ang “Film Developing”?

A Negative Film.

It is processed in a so called dark room. The film is soaked in chemical, then soon, images appear more beautifully from negative to positive.

May mga pictures na minsan ipinipilit na ibigay sa atin pero minsan tinatanggihan natin kahit na sa totoo lang ay maganda naman ang ipinapakita nito.

Sometimes we want to live our own life and we want people to leave us alone, kasi we are annoyed by those who are there, offering the best that they have exerted their effort to.

We neglect them, we reject their offers, we mis-interpret their intentions until such times  when our reactions would put us to a test.

“I don’t need your service!, It doesn’t mean a thing to me!

You do not understand me at all, sayang lang time ko!

‘wag na lang kasi akong pakikialaman!”

These are our usual lines.   Without us being aware,  we are actually  resisting positive efforts which may not make us feel good just like being in that “dark room” — but if only we would allow ourselves to “enjoy the experience of being loved” just like that negative film soaked into chemical, we would soon become that beautifully printed picture ever captured because we responded “in cooperation” with that goal to “bring out the BEST in US”!

From negative to positive … Film Developing is Living Life to the Fullest!






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