Visible Invisible SIGNS.

Gospel Reading, 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Mark 1: 40-45

gospel reflection, forgiveness, love, understanding, family life, visible, invisible
This may make us “leprous” …

Ang totoong paghingi daw ng tawad ay ang pagpapatawad muna natin sa ating sarili sa pagkakamaling nagawa natin. This happens by reflecting on what we did and “putting ourself in place of the person na nagawan natin ng kasalanan” para maramdaman natin kung gaano tayo nakasakit– hindi lang ng damdamin kundi pati ng pagkatao ng nagmamahal sa atin. If we will be humble enough to do this in our solitude, we will realize that our actions are already blemishing “God’s image & likeness” IN US. If on the other hand we will be protective of our pride because we did not reflect on our actuations & attitude, no wonder … we would never understand why the person we’ve offended opted to give us that “silent response” which made us hate that person all the more — instead of striving to prove the “sincerity of our sorry”. God has His ways of penalizing – not really US – but OUR DISOBEDIENCE. That “leprosy” which He allowed to struck Miriam in the Old Testament [Numbers 12:12-15] may still have a lot of manifestations in our modern times.

Whatever is “unclean in the inside” soon becomes “visible at the outside”

Sometimes, we’re just too proud to point our finger to others when we are “in isolation” – yet, we do not realize that while we do, our prevalent actions would indicate our “self-inflicted pains” because we didn’t open our heart to deeply understand God’s signals. But then again, laging kagaya ng dati, kahit na gaano natin “itulak si God palayo and no matter how hard we throw Him all the insults and blames”, STILL, with all of His RELENTLESS LOVE, He would sacrifice being pained even when we strongly resist that persistent HUG which He hopes to pacify us.

40 “If you will, you can make me clean.” 
–Naamam, a lepper

SHOULD we also learn this humility, “we will no longer be leprous” — when we surely know that God will always be moved with pity and touch us. As much as God replies with His 41 “I will; be clean.”, Dear Friend, Brothers & Sisters, Dear Child, may we also affirm our commitment: “I will Love, forgive myself & allow myself to BE LOVED!” Let us be a symbolic rock so that UPON US, God’s church shall be VISIBLE! #sunset

Published in The Feast Bulletin in Central Mall Binan, Cor Dei 06. 15 February 2015, Inspired by Light of Jesus Family's New Series: COOL CHURCH! Talk 1: Signs.

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