Do you “Make Tents”?

Do you “Make Tents”?.

But come to think of it … TRUE BEAUTY is not actually something that we see 
– but “that thing that WE FEEL”– it should be right there “in the heart” of an imperfect person who allowed him/herself to be held up for “a radiant makeover”

– not for long period of hours in front of a mirror 
– but in life’s training grounds!  


2 thoughts on “Do you “Make Tents”?”

  1. As they say that ” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. True beauty can’t not be seen outside but true beauty can be seen inside our heart. People sometimes judge you of what they seen from you, of what other people said about you, but they don’t only know whats inside of you. But if they come in contact with you, only then that they can see whats really you!


  2. Beauty Beyond

    What is beauty?

    Beauty is associated with what our eyes can rightly see. Beyond physical attributes of a person, there is beauty that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. It is the content of the heart of the person. It is the kindness and true character that he/she possesses.


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