How should we Strategize?

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Where should “planning” start?
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What makes education less exciting is that more often than not, we just keep on talking about FACTS & DETAILS!

When we talk about “planning” in education, as to some current experiences, we just mean another supposedly “pilot-testing” of a recent program  which suddenly turns out to be in “abrupt implementation”!

Yes, we’re on our way to Modernization of Times as well as to Global Alignments — but the usual Cycle of Plan-Do-Study-Act which remains to be considered Strategic by Educational Proponents should already be revisited, thus, should be revised & modified!

BUT the sad TRUTH: despite the Planning Process throughout  Implementation & Evaluation of a certain Program, ONE CERTAIN PROBLEM still EMERGE!

Stakeholders and Cohorts do not really succeed as they should because of several factors and excuses, aside from another sad truth that not really all, do understand what STRATEGIC QUALITY MANAGEMENT means.

Now, if i’ve got to ask you why we don’t succeed afterall those planning episodes? … then WHY?

Where and how should “planning” begin?

Where and how should “implementation” be triggered?s

What should actually be “evaluated” — for us to mean STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT not only in the field of Education but at a larger range of our ACCOUNTABILITY not only as a teacher — but as God’s Steward?

What will make education exciting is that we should TALK ABOUT US and OURSELVES!
You can make that difference wen you're already THERE! 
but DO NOW while you're still HERE!

22 thoughts on “How should we Strategize?”

  1. Planning maybe didn’t succeed because it was not planning at all or having incomplete planning. Planning might not be perfectly planned and may lost its strategic quality management through people within the group and may affect its environment. It really happens…

    Planning should start when need arises, when there is a clear vision, when there is a heart for people…

    When people embrace the vision, it could be the fire to have passion not to fail in implementation, to keep them going, not to give up and do the best that we could do, doing all the means since we are here….

    Everyday is a challenge, struggles attack, disappointments hit, where should we go if we will stop? Issues never end,,,but one thing is for sure….God never fails us… an educator, keep on going, never give up, push…..Pray Until Something Happen!! But if the end comes in a situation,,still keep on going..maybe not here, but there…God bless!:)

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  2. Planning should begin as soon as negative things happen while implementing program. It is one way to make alteration in order to attain success. Planning failed because most of the time planners are just too overwhelmed with what they wanted to implement. But they overlooked to what are necessary been given much time to think and manage.
    Too many factors must take into consideration in planning, it is true that the abrupt implementation of certain program results to failure even it is such a good one. Big heart guided with the vision is in need to strategically implement planned program.
    Challenges, risky moments always happen but with faith in God, everybody should never stop. Don’t be easily discourage as an educator since failures in some aspects is evidently seen. Do something, small thing each and every one can share will be a big help to attain changes for the common good.


  3. It’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan. Whether you’re coaching a basketball team, cooking an ordinary lunch or dinner, or running a small business, you need a strategic plan.
    Developing a strategic plan might seem like an overwhelming process, but if you break it down, it’s easy to tackle. Especially when we talk about education, sine it is our field.
    To begin with, create a vision and mission, together with the goals and objectives. Then the problems should be properly identified. Identify what’s important. Then determine where you are and the availability of facilities in the environment to be needed and used. Define what you must achieve. Then determine who is accountable. Implement what it is to be done according to the plans made.
    Strategic planning includes strict monitoring and then evaluation of its effectiveness. If during or after evaluation, something was discovered to have failed in the course of the process, then there should be revision for a better or successful result.


  4. Before doing something or anything else we should plan first. Usually one of the most frequent reasons for ineffective strategic planning is failure to think strategically. In these cases, planners mistake organizational efficiency to be organizational effectiveness. One of the key indicators of this problem is planners’ reluctance to conduct a solid strategic analysis that includes assessment of the external environment of the organization and consultation and feedback from stakeholders. As a result, planners end up looking only at what the organization is internally doing and how they might do it a little bit better. In their planning they end up fine tuning what the organization is already doing, rather than shoring up weaknesses to avoid oncoming threats and using strengths to take advantage of new opportunities.
    Yes, in education, what should be evaluated is the curriculum we followed, the teaching style and also the proper guidance and discipline necessary for our 21st century learners. So, as an educator we should always be a part of different changes, always be aware of any good opportunities and be ready to be the first in everything. First to follow the rules and be a model, first to amend the needed rules and the first to provide some changes that will bring goodness to everybody. It can also be applied in our own personal life. If we fail to plan wisely and immediate implementation follows, for sure everything can be ineffective. Think wisely using our head, mind and of course our heart.
    All we have to do must be consulted to our one and only Manager,” Our God”, so that everything will always be in the proper order.

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  5. Our life is consist of many dots, it might be smooth sailing or in a rocky road form. We will only pass this road called life just once. So we need to make the most out of it. Our life may surprise us or it may fail us. But what is important is to create our own destination through the guidance of our Creator. In a sense that where can you see yourself at this age and so. The application of Deming Cycle is also one of the best way to organized our life. Like what I’ve experienced before when I continuously ask myself what is my purpose in life. I have a good job, family, friends and I could say that there is still something missing. So when my parents encouraged me to go back to school I suddenly realized that I love it before I know it. I’m always grateful to my parent’s for they are God’s living instrument to help me answer my questions that gave me a dilemma. Right now that path that I’m going to take is clear, I know where to go now. Though I’ve experience tribulations but my faith and the tenacity of what I’m aiming for are the things that keeps me holding on.

    Kenneth N. Demafelis


  6. Why planning is important? We should plan everything before we proceed to our main goal, like the teachers making lesson plan for his/her lesson. Planning is also required to build houses and buildings starting from the ground unto the roof. Strategic planning may be difficult, but it is far from impossible. While there are many constraints that get in the way of strategic planning there are important benefits that a good process brings. Unless organizations look up and look ahead they will quickly become irrelevant. Unless our focus on where they can really make an impact, they will end up ineffective. Strategic planning may not be the answer to all our problems, but it certainly is a critical issue to address. From a great number of models and tools we have chosen the ones we have found most useful. While every situation is unique, there are key principles of good practice, which transcend context:
    Ensure leadership driving
    Get staff ownership
    Listen and learn
    Make hard choices
    Keep it simple.


  7. When planning, we should ask ourselves first if we are really determined of the things we need to do. Once we’ve gotten some idea of what we need to do and how to do it, we really need to sit down and make an overall plan. We should also consider in our plan what to do in case of different scenarios. The moment when we evaluate the totality of what we are trying to achieve, then, we will create an action plan.
    During the implementation, we should see to it that we implemented as planned and it is effective. So based on our observations, we should decide whether to continue or not, or we need to modify to make it more effective.
    The next thing we do is to think “Why we need to evaluate the program?” Evaluation can help us identify areas for improvement and ultimately help us realize our goals more efficiently.


  8. when you plan…you have to have the will to carry it out and if it the plan fell short of expectations, you should accept that you were wrong, learn from it and just make sure you wont commit the same mistakes again…

    a strategy or a plan should be well thought out…you should consider all aspects and all factors that might affect some parts of your plan and the best way to do this is simply by listening to what others have to say about a particular plan…their thoughts…their apprehensions…their feelings…listen and don’t be a know-it-all…be ready to adapt and adapt fast!!!…being able to adjust and make changes on the fly is one great way to keep the plan afloat and avoid disaster.

    so, scan the environment, study it and adapt.


  9. Planning is very important in our life. If we do plan we are envisioning our future. We are setting our goals and objectives in life. But if we plan, it should always be accordance to the will of God. We should always put God as the center of our planning in life so that we could go on to the right track. But if we failed in our planning, there is nothing to worry about, just keep moving. Evaluate your plans, DROP the things that made your plans failed, KEEP the things that made your plan succeeded, CHANGE what are to be change.whereas planning predicts what the future should look like for multiple scenarios. Planning combines forecasting with preparation of scenarios and how to react to them.


  10. When planning, we should ask ourselves first if we are really determined of the things we need to do. Once we got some idea of what we need to do and how to do it, we really need to sit down and make an overall plan. We should also consider in our plan what to do in case of different scenarios. The moment when we evaluate the totality of what we are trying to achieve, then, we will create an action plan.
    During the implementation, we should see to it that we implemented as planned and it is effective. So based on our observations, we should decide whether to continue or not, or we need to modify to make it more effective.
    The next thing we do is to think “Why we need to evaluate the program?” Evaluation can help us identify areas for improvement and ultimately help us realize our goals more efficiently.


  11. question mark ? we used to start our plans with how ???? big question ….isn’t it…when we plan , we set goals , vision , mission , and to meet all of these , we need to have a strategy ….strategies comes in many forms … choose the right strategy that will take effect and effective to the plans and goals you wish to comply….when your desire and drive to realize your plans , must be planned .. organize ..and follow your heart and conquer your dreams …


  12. We don’t need to complicate life any further, but taking some time out each week to reassess our plans is a great habit. It will actually simplify life and make life flow more smoothly if we have an idea of what we are going to do with our precious and valuable time each week.


  13. Strategy, Secret Weapon in Life
    By Ana V. Igloria

    Imagine yourself heading for a battle without bringing any weapon. Where would you end up?

    Life is like a battle and the only weapon we can win in this fight is to strategize. But how should we strategize?

    First of all, we have to scan our dreams and know where are we going. The best start in everything we do is to know what is it and to identify where it should be and what would be the ending. That is the first step. Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind”.



    Strategizing is a part and parcel of every endeavor that we want to undertake. Whether in work, home or even in our lives we must strategize to get the optimum result.
    The big question that we must answer is HOW DO WE STRATEGIZE. Like in planning, there are certain things that we must put into consideration in order to come up with the best strategy.
    The first thing that a person must have is a bird’s eye view of every aspect of his plan. He should know the smallest detail of his plan. No aspect should be taken for granted.
    In strategizing, a person must know and understand the needs of his clients that should be addressed by his plan.
    Secondly, he must talk to the people in the ground not just those who are in the position. He should know the people, their needs and what contribution they can give.
    Knowing the people deeply is like being in their shoes, experiencing what they experience and living the way they live.
    Once he addressed the needs of his clients, he will now have an idea of how much budget he should prepare and the time frame he has.
    The outside forces should also be looked into. He must undergo environmental scanning.
    Half of the battle is won once planning is done. It is like you are expecting the worst and doing your best. In this way you will not get disappointed if your plan does not work.


  15. We do planning everyday. Every action we take,it must be planned so that whatever the consequences are, you are ready to face it. We do planning everywhere. Planning must be done with thorough understanding and achievable objectives. We must planned with small objectives and dreams til it will grow and develop. I f you are decided to do the plan now, hands on implementation is needed. We must know the flaws of our plan. Implementation must be done in a proper place. It should be suppported by the whole team. After implementing the plan, evaluation is very necessary to look whether its progressing or not so that you can change plan.


  16. Planning is not only needed when a problem emerges, but it is especially essential when we seek improvements. Having said that, we should always keep in mind to make our vision, mission and objectives clear at all times. Goals should be set before carrying out desired programs/activities/changes. This is because without a concrete plan, we could hardly find our way even on sunny days. It is our specific objectives that lead us to reaching our targets.

    When we are clear on our plans, it is the right time to start implementing because even if things don’t go exactly the manner we have desired, we may still redirect experiences and resources to our advantage.

    Lastly, evaluation is needed. When we evaluate, we do accept that we are accountable to what has/have transpired. Because of this accountability we have towards ourselves, mankind and to the Maker, we should be willing to study ourselves and the situation, discover our strengths, and be brave to admit our flaws. I believe these are the best ways to execute strategic management and development – one that comes from the inside out.


  17. It is very important to know the mechanics of planning. We study how to do planning, how to manage people, and the most important is how to manage ourselves for us to achieve our desire to help others, especially our learners. We should continue in improving our skills in leadership as teacher. However we must accept that we cannot escape failures because of our innate weaknesses and selfishness but we can minimize the fatal consequences from these if we continue improving our skills and guard our selfish attitude and make some improvements in our duty. But to escape totally from failures, it is impossible for this moment because as I had said we are controlled by our selfish desire. That’s why we need a constant reminders that we need the help of God, trust His absolute control and be a learner of his royal wisdom. We must also realised that we are accountable to God. Any wrongdoing has a just consequences. If we are aware that we are accountable to God and we fear Him, we begin living in wisdom. That wisdom is loving God and loving our neighbours. We suffer so much in our education because majority of our leaders and colleague and even us disregard God’s precepts. If we are constantly be reminded of the word of God we can serve our country well through education. No other wisdom can surpass the wisdom of God. It is the Scripture that can teach us to strategised well because it changes us for good and even for glory.


  18. Planning simply defines as you are organizing your own activities considering the time, the effort, the needed budget and other alternatives or options for possible outcome may occur in the the future.

    It is like planning an everyday family meal. A meal planner should consider the age of the family (food for young and adult), number of family (volume of foods need to prepare), family like and dislikes, family health conditions (diabetic, high blood pressure, food allergies) and culture (religion, table appointments, meal schedule). These strategies will benefit all members of the family by minimizing the use of time and effort in the food preparation, saving money for buying ingredients which necessary in the food preparation and most importantly is a satisfying meal and gives more excitement every meal time…. HAPPY MEAL….HAPPY FAMILY….

    As Dr. Trongco’s said last semester that ….”The Culture of the Principal is the Culture of the School”. Meaning…how well planned our home…how planned are we at work….AGREE or DISAGREE…

    Henceforth, our attitude is the main attributed of our own success in achieving our goal.


  19. One of the characteristics of planning is it is future – oriented. Planning decides the plan of action. What is to be done, how is to be done, when is to be done, by who is to be done, all the questions are related to future. As we know, we don’t know what will happen in the future, in that case we should strategize. All processes or actions of the each member of an organization should focus in achieving the objectives.


  20. Planning is essential in life because our future depends on how we make plans today. Let us not have regrets when we take a look back on our pasts, but instead the pride of doing what you did. When we think of our future, we always think of what is best, right? We dream of many good things because we want to have a comfortable and good life. But dreaming is just nothing if we do not put action on it. That’s why we need to carefully plan how to make all of these possible and achievable.


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