Excellence is a Call to Love!

@THE FEAST X-Factor Series, Talk 2. Excel: Develop Your Gift

My Personal Notes, Inspired by Bro Dreus

“Excellence is a call to Love!”

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Sharing with you and for you to GRAB these encouraging lines so as you may keep on sharing The Feast’s X-Factor Tips to Develop the Gift in Us so that we could eventually XCEL!

“God gave us gifts to make our dreams come true!

We can either neglect or nourish it!

BUT God wants us to excell with whatever gifts we have.”

Our gifts, if we dont take care of it, it dies…

Just like an “Ember”… our gifts may consume us!

The fire will die if we dont fan it.

So, we’ve got to “Fan the flame of God’s gifts deep inside us.

Two ways to Noursih our Gifts:

 1.  Employ your gift.

  • It doesn’t need to be perfect as of yet …
  • Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you use it.
  • If you stop failing, you stop growing!
  • Foolish people commit old mistakes everyday.
  • You have to continue doing it…
  • We have to be generous on affirmations!
  • Don’t be shy. Being shy is being selfish.

2.  Expand your gift.

  • If you want to expand your gift, use the 1% principle.
  • Increase yourself 1% everyday
  • 1peter 5:6: “So humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.”
  • The birth place of all growth is humility
  • To nourish your gift, you need to sacrifice your own blood.
  • Successful people do things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.
  • It may look like you’re sacrificing…but you are actually enjoying it.
  • Sometimes we don’t feel like telling ourself how good we are….
  • If we don’t give our gift , the world will be a boring place
  • God does not give us fruits immediately, only seeds!
  • Our talents were not obvious when we were born
  • But every time we experience, the seeds grow….
  • God planted such gifts, he wants us to grow it…
  • And if we have to do it from our heart, we do it for the Lord.
  • We have to excel where we are!

“Excellence is a call to Love!”

If we do things so great but without love, it is arrogance…

God wants us to excell because He loves us.

If we love, we serve God in excellence.

Excellence is a call to love.

God gave us gifts because He wants us to be happy.

Our dreams are aligned with our gifts.

We can still do things amidst our challenges.

And we still keep on giving our best because we still need to love “them” – the very reason why we are still given more chances!

Just like God who have given “His all”, we should also keep on sacrificing: “fanning our ember” so that we won’t really cease life!

“Kung hangang saan ang kaya mo, yon ang ibigay mo!” 

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