God’s Rescues are Aligned!

Time, rescue, life questions, God's messages
God’s timings are awesome!

Cor Dei 21. Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ :Corpus Christi

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Mark 14: 12-16

“Go into the city and a man will meet you …”

 Sometimes, it’s not easy to understand why things are happening.

…’yong mga panahon na nangyayari na lang lahat nang sunod-sunod, di mo na namalayan “how it went” … basta, ‘don sa mga pangyayari na ‘yon, alam mong nandon ka, either ikaw ang bida, kontra-bida, or supporting actress/actor ka: taking the back seat pero ramdam mo sa sarili mo na napapagod ka din sa mga patung-patong na roles na ginagampanan mo.

Sometimes, you’d ask yourself: “how much could I give?” or “how much can I just give”? … kasi minsan, parang naibigay mo na lahat, sobrang na-drain ka na, at parang “all-out” ka na para sa lahat at windang ka na. As in, minsan gusto mo pang magampanan iba pang roles na binigay sa’yo pero kahit na gusto pa ng isip at puso mo, ‘yong katawan mo hihilahin ka sa pAHINGA as if telling you: “kulang pa ba ang 24 hours?”

Sacrifice. Forbearance. Commitment.

As always, we may not understand God’s “sending us off” at certain moments like what He told his disciples to do in today’s gospel:  “Go into the city and a man will meet you …”

— but as always, as long as we “give-in to God” and we fulfill tasks for His glory, true as it has always been, God’s alignment is great!

While we are striving to drive along “life’s city” to fulfill a mission which at times we don’t clearly understand, minsan di natin namamalayan “OVERHEAT” na pala tayo! The opponent could have its way to lead us to series of unfortunate events – but because we are wearing GOD’S ARMOUR, wala tayong magiging bukang-bibig kundi “GRABE, ANG GALING NI GOD!” … kasi God already sent His ADVANCERS kaya again and again, we are protected from further life-accidents. God’s provisions have been prepared even before our misfortune. His “offering of His Body & Blood” even before we say “buti na lang” have long SAVED US kasi even before we cried for help, ni-ready na ni God ‘yong mga “angels” who would come to our rescue. #sunset

published in The Feast Bulletin, Issue #21, 7 June 2015. “Ang galing ni GOD!”. by Gail Montero

ADVANCERS. BIG DAY @ The Feast Binan, Light of Jesus Family


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