Give God that chance!

Responsibility, own actions,
We should be responsible of our own actions!

If people keep on doing bad things to us,

we should be responsible of our reactions.

Yes its ok to get mad all because we justify our vulnerability

— but we should learn to CONTROL our emotion —  for if we get too mad, “sino ba ang talo?”

Sometimes we allow ourSELF to be enslaved by our anger until it makes us “caught unaware” that it has gotten its way into our very being which drains us “to the max” and makes us  “so down and out

We’re not getting any younger for us not to realize that no blemished intentions should ever take control of us.  Not that easy though … but if at such tempting time we would try this strategy:   “Breath things out to God and

God will give you the peace that you need!

— surely, It will lead you to nothing but tears and sobs then it will make you slumber to a good sleep — a chance for God to tell you in your dreams that you just did a great job for Him: for CONTROLing YOUR TEMPER!


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