Run Your Own Business! … no one WILL!

inspiration, mindset, business, INFLUENCE

Sometimes we tend to be so terrified!

Sometimes too, we keep on worrying a lot!

And  there are even times when we feel too cluttered and toxic – to the max!

— and so because of that, we have the tendency to complicate things which even lead us to number of difficulties — and worse, life doesn’t have the choice but allow us to experience series of unfortunate events.

Going through Life is just like encountering tides and thunder amidst the sea. All throughout, God has been with us; but several times, God would ask us:

“Why are you terrified? … Do you not yet have faith?”

True enough, we tend to be demanding because we thought that God and the people whom He sent to love us “doesn’t really care!” We point our fingers to others “for the blame” – yet we hardly realize that we should be the very person “running our own business”!

Good that we still have TODAY: an opportunity to overcome those “toxic & over-to-the-max reactions” which we should STRIVE TO ELIMINATE for IF WE WON’T, God’s original MAJOR BUSINESS PLAN IN us wouldn’t be seriously MANAGED. #sunset


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