We don’t have to be Perfect.

We don’t have to be perfect to know that we deserve to be loved.
Yet, it’s up to us how to feel that love every single day even if the people whom we expect to make us feel it doesn’t — right at the time we need their assurance.
Be hopeful still and keep on doing the right thing
even if you don’t see affirmations as of yet.
For as long as we humble ourselves to God, we would soon realize how God answers our prayers every step of the way — in manners we least expect. #OhmyGinspired


10 thoughts on “We don’t have to be Perfect.”

  1. Love makes the world colorful and meaningful. We don’t have to be perfect in order for us to be love. What matters most is to be true to ourselves. How can we love others if we don’t know how to love ourselves? #GODISLOVE


  2. There is no such thing as “PERFECT” in this world, as long as you show them your love without expecting in return.Always PRAY for them for GOD speaks us in a right time and place…


  3. God is with me today..In my other post, I was like the odd man out but before I was promoted , I asked a question to God…”Do you really trust me with the position?” I know that if He does I’ll be able to get it but if not…so be it…I’ll still make an excellent job of being a classroom teacher. One thing for sure is, God trusts me and I should love Him more the way I love my job in whatever position I am in right now. I am not perfect in all the things that I do but I know that I can deliver in the way that God wants me to be…in His own perfect time…


  4. Absolutely. Oftentimes, it’s our imperfections that lead us to people who can truly and sincerely accept and love us whoever we are, however imperfect we may be. That’s how great love works. And gladly, I am sure I am loved – by God, by my family, my friends and my students beside my flaws. 


  5. “GOD opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble”
    Submit yourselves, then to God .Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you.
    You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfection.
    God will only give you as much as you can handle because he knows how strong you are even if you don’t.


  6. Yes, I do not have to be perfect. At times, I am pressuring myself to always give my hundred percent in everything that I do forgetting the fact that there are really rooms for mistakes and imperfections no matter how hard you try. This oftentimes lead to my frustration. I’ve cried many times because things don’t happen the way I expected them to happen ending up to my misery. When I realized that I am a perfectionist. I pause. Think. And tell myself, ” I need not to be perfect because God is the only one who is perfect. At the moment, I learned how to laugh hard at my mistakes and even others’ mistake. I’ve come to a conclusion that humans are really prone to mistakes and you can’t get away from them. That is part of life and humanity.


  7. LVE is just something we feel, and we cannot label that feeling as either right or wrong. So it’s just a feeling that happens… no perfect timing….not even happening for a perfect person…Thus, there’s no word as perfect. We love because we deserved to be loved. For I know that “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” 1John 4:18.
    And the only perfect thing is the love of God that is wholehearted, fully developed, and embracing all aspects of one’s life.


  8. Perfection is impossible for us. Our imperfections are what make us unique and special in this world. We decide on our own with God’s guidance.

    We embrace our mistakes and learn something new. We should increase our own happiness, and be the kind of person we want…
    to be loved even with our imperfections. Be a servant to others as much you have been blessed. That, can be a perfect way (not a perfect person) to show our love to others by being unique and special.


  9. The Soldier’s Daughter

    She grew up in the family imposing this what others call “batas militar”. Everything should be in place, should be perfect. You can always hear the head of the family who’s a soldier saying “You should do it like this! Not like that, like this!” “You should have high grades. Be on top!” There’s no place for mistakes. As the soldier’s daughter grows, she’s always been very afraid of committing mistakes. But at the back of her mind she’s telling herself that she will never be like her dad. Until the day her dad died because of illness. Her life continued, as she graduated the soldier’s daughter became a professional teacher. As she enters her classroom everything is in place. All the pupils are in their own chairs, nobody’s allowed to talk or even move. One day, a co-teacher approached her “Uy! Ang galing mo naman, tahimik ng klase mo parang mga sundalo makaupo ah!hehe..” Those words hit her. She came to realized, she is doing the same “batas militar” that her dad used to impose.

    Ms. Marijoy Garo Mayormita daughter of Private First Class Johnny D. Garo.

    Being a perfectionist sometimes hurt those people whom you love. It’s like depriving them to enjoy life and be themselves.

    P.S. This is only a part of my life but my dad had been a great father to us! Love u dad!


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