Cor Dei 27. 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Mark 6:30-34

Simplify, The Feast, Gospel Reflection, Treasure, Family, Love, Humility, Reaching out
Can we not just LOVE and REACH OUT?

In our Last week’s Gospel, God told us that He is sending us to a mission but with the instruction to SIMPLIFY: take nothing for the journey but a walking stick!

If one day you’ll be face to face with God and He’ll ask you to report what you’ve done to fulfill such mission, what would you tell Him?

… would you brag that you did it all well, mission-accomplished?

… or would you complain that it was difficult, you’ve given up the mission?

… MINE WOULD BE these lines:

“Lord, IT HASN’T BEEN EASY po making others realize that there are certain things in their lives which they need to CUT OFF & CLEAN UP. Some of us have secured ourselves with position & possessions in life and authority that we find it demeaning to be humble to accept our mistake, not minding the harm that such pride is causing to some relationships. Some of us are not even cautious and reflective of the words that we say, the actuations that we show and the decisions that we abruptly make.

Lord, along the Mission, I did strive to be HAPPY – I always did! Despite some mis-interpretations from those you asked me to “mission-out”, at the end of each day, I would find every reason to write in my “thank you journal” my gratitude that i was able to triumph over the insults that I got because I chose to “lift up to YOU what I have no capacity to control at certain moments”.

Thank you so much Dear Lord for THE WALKING STICK that you allowed me to bring along this journey. Sometimes my eyes may not show some glow because I am struggling TO SIMPLIFY IN THE MIDST OF COMPLICATIONS but YOU KNOW that WITHIN MY HEART is the DEEP JOY because YOUR ASSURANCE of BEING IN MY LIFE is my REAL TREASURE which makes me STRIVE TO FULFILL A MISSION.

P.S. nga po pala Lord, Thank you SO MUCH for TRUSTING me on this opportunity – I CLAIM po that these persons you’ve assigned to me ARE ALREADY A WORK IN PROGRESS!#end of my face-to-face talk with God!

 One day, BECAUSE GOD KNOWS how difficult it has been, He would tell us:

“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”

By then, the LEGACY of our sacrifices will be THE CORE of the persons we lovingly served because at the end of it all, they responded to MISSION-IN positive inner attitudes for themselves. #sunset


*** Published in The Feast Bulletin, Issue #27.19 July 2015. SIMPLIFY Series. Talk 1: Treasure. MISSION-IN! by Gail S. Montero


3 thoughts on “MISSION IN YOUR “CORE”!”

  1. We only have a borrowed life.It is but proper to life life to the fullest without hurting other people.Life is too short and we need to enjoy the most of it,acknowledging God as our source of strength and a good provider.We are only human being to commit mistakes but along the way we will realized that it is but part of us as a human being.LOVE BEGETS LOVE….do not hold any grudges to yourself because it will just make you unhappy.Learn to forgive and forget those people you encounter that in a way inspire you or the other way around hurt you.Live a meaningful life

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  2. Why do we have to complicate things? Life is SIMPLE; life is SHORT. Let’s make the most out of it. Make LOVE the steering wheel. Allow it to lead us and we’ll surely get to somewhere beautiful. Offer service; be sensitive to the needs of others. Say “magandang umaga/hapon/ gabi, “please” when asking favors, “salamat” for favors obtained, “sori”, “komusta ka?, report to work on time, accomplish paper works, teach efficiently and effectively, etc. etc. This is our mission. Simple lang. It doesn’t cost us a cent but gains us the love of God. Pero mahirap but God impels us to do it. Don’t worry. We have His guidance, his support. He will not forsake us. And when we have done all these, let us not forget to “come away by ourselves to a deserted place and rest a while” to PRAY and THANK God for the strength, the courage, the health, the help; to re-charge in order to continue what has been started. Oo, maraming balakid. But let us remember that we all one day be judged according to our LOVE.

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  3. We teachers should be proud of what we are, we cannot be rich financially but we have lots of people believing us, thousands of them and sometimes millions….
    We change the lives of our students, altered it positively and make a difference for the community and for the whole world around us. We are the home of patience, kindness, and understanding that the students feel each day.

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