Sometimes we just need to look somewhere deep within

— for us to see what there is to be thankful for.


” A lot of what we have right now” are not all because of our own effort alone; but many we’ve received because WE ARE LOVED!” — It is only when we realize this truth in all humility that we would eventually start striving to fulfil something for others too!

God have given us that much and He wants us to learn to be able to manage every bit of what we are receiving.  WHY? — because He wants us to LEAVE A LEGACY!

Where your treasure is

God’s love is like the rain — the amount of what we receive depends upon what we’re bringing to “go get some” of God’s blessings — but most importantly, WHAT WE DO WITH WHAT WE’RE GIVEN would matter a lot and would make a lot of difference!

SO, what am i actually insinuating? What are we doing with the little or the many that we are receiving? … GO, SPARK FOR A DREAM — THERE WITHIN YOUR HEART!

We determine the amount of love that we receive! When we start to give some, we will not be content with what we can still give — because WE FEEL that we want to FIND MEANING in LIFE!

We’re never too old not to grab as of yet this opportunity to dream! And so, since we are enrolled in this Course “School Plant and Property Management”, why not FIND MEANING and START BUILDING OUR LEGACY?

whatever you give on earth

Years gone are but preparations which lead us to what we should do at the right time — how we respond now would be AN INSPIRATION IN SHAPING A FUTURE — all because we deep within us is that GRATITUDE that we want to GIVE BACK such LOVE!

Get some inspiration and learn the HOW,  through this LOVELY young lady’s blog: DreamBoard.

We surely would want to leave a legacy when people would eventually tell that God has been at the CORE of “our being” because we’ve responded to a certain God-given mission which is TO AFFECT HUMANITY and to STORE UP OUR WEALTH deep within somebody’s heart!


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Credits to The Light of Jesus Family @ The Feast’s Talk Series: SIMPLIFY. Talk 1: Treasure


19 thoughts on “SPARK A DREAM: PAY FORWARD!”

  1. Work a lot, earn a lot…so that you could give a lot. We need not show the world how much we have given and to whom because HE up there knows. In giving, we don’t just mean the material things that we could give but everything in you that you could give . People around us have different needs that they can’t fulfill ALONE..They need us to help them do these things for them. Starting with our family, our neighbors, our neighbors neighbors, etc,etc.
    When I was new to the service, I would really raise my eyebrows to the kind of school that we had….no decent classrooms, a single comfort room for all the students, no need to describe how dirty it was… not even books for all the students. Everything is….to me….HOPELESS…….GROSS…When it rains…because its a RUNDOWN school…truthfully speaking….the roofs are leaking, the earthworms are crawling….on the broken floors…iwwww….Earthworms for me are the “GROSSIEST” on earth. I never looked at the students the way I should as a teacher and at what God has given me to “better” the lives of my students. For me, they’re “JUST STUDENTS” and I am a TEACHER, not realizing that I was showing my “SELFISH” self.
    I never thought that I could teach them how to clean the surroundings, clean the rundown buildings, take turns in cleaning their toilet. I thought I was the best teacher because I can memorize the world map, know the capitals of the countries around the world, etc, etc, etc….God never got back at me for what I was doing, instead He gave me and my co-teachers another chance and a better place to “GIVE BACK” to our students.
    In short, a new four-storey school building was erected in the former school that we had. Formerly, nobody ever realized that it was a school, they thought it was a pigpen cum chicken house..The 200 students that we had muliplied 10 times and more…Maybe God said, well you didn’t want a few kids to take care of..this time you’ll get a lot more and this time you should do good, we did get a lot….but one thing that was ingrained in my mind was the chance that was given to us by God to give a lot more of ourselves, that we could start anytime in being good guardians of what He gave us, good parents of the children around us and most of all a good example to the ones that were given to us…to the point of even giving them food to eat and clothes to wear. It is a nice feeling to be of help, to always give because the more that you give out, the more that HE will give you something to give….


  2. All of the things that we are doing is not only for our own good but for the people we love which is our family.My family is the most important people in my life and i can do everything for them.And in our profession,we should not only consider the salary that we receive because there is a lot of things we should look into being a teacher. If we think that money is the main reason that makes us happy in our work , our motivation is only extrinsic. We should look into other benefits or advantages that we have in this field.

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    This is the value of the teacher, who looks at a face and says there’s something behind that and I want to reach that person, I want to influence that person, I want to encourage that person, I want to enrich, I want to call out that person who is behind that face, behind that color, behind that language, behind that tradition, behind that culture. I believe you can do it. I know what was done for me.
    —Maya Angelou

    An entire generation is at risk of being lost. If you are feeling like nothing will ever change, do not stop pushing yourselves to the limit because we all know that life is a mission. Lead our pupils to and through. The path to success is hard and challenging but it will give you the skills to shape a better life. Together, we can make a difference to the lives of these pupils only if we are to commit ourselves to those who needs us. Motivating and inspiring them to become SOMEBODY someday is one great endeavor we teachers passioned. So “SPARK A DREAM NOW for tomorrows it is our GAIN…
    Dreams are possible if one day you begin.


  4. The band known for it song “ASIN” – “Masdan mo ang mga bata, ang buhay ay hawak nila – masdan mo ang mga bata ang sagot ay iyong makikita”.
    It is a reality that the innocence has a purer wisdom. You can understand and relate to most people better if you look at them – no matter how impressive they may be – as if they are children. For most of us never really grow up or mature all that much we simply grow taller. Oh to be sure, we laugh less play less and wear uncomfortable disguises like adults, but beneath the costume is the child we always are, , whose needs are simple, and whose daily life is still best described by fairy tales (LR).
    Now – as a teacher I believe that Happy people don’t just accept change, like a child, I embrace it! They are people who say: “Why would I want my next five years to be like my last five”


  5. God gives us the ability to learn and cope with the environment we are in. It is up to us, how can we deal with these blessings. Money is not all that matters. Sharing, giving is not always in a monetary form. As an individual and a believer of the Lord Almighty, we can also help in some other ways. Being a teacher and a student of this course, I would be an instrument in moulding the youth to have values in life. It is not only the intellectual abilities of the pupils that should be moulded but also their outlook in life that is, to be value-oriented. Being value-oriented individual, one would be able to do things in a correct way. That is, thinking of its effects before doing. Also, care for everything and everyone would be instilled in their minds. With this in mind, there would be peace. Thus, we, teachers, are the instruments in building a peaceful and progressive country. We, teachers, are helpers in this mission.


  6. Spark a dream…lucky are we, in our Edm 516 class because we are given so much opportunity to dream…oh, to dream BIG! And through the topics we discussed, it’s as if there’s no room for these – “No”, “I can’t make it”, “I don’t know how” – answers. Yes, I strongly agree with what mam Lorna Vallano said on her comment (on this topic), that we should “work a lot, earn a lot so that we can also give a lot” Because, we have to admit the fact that we can’t give what we don’t have, and if we want to give more, we should have that “more” first. And of course, we shouldn’t expect that “more” to come to us without us working hard for it. We should do our best effort to realize all these. Everything can start with a dream…but don’t forget to wake up and make these BIG dreams come true!  —– And when you’re up there enjoying the fruits of your dreams and success – don’t forget to help others who are just started to have their dreams, just as how the people along your journey helped you through it. LET’S GO! KEEP ON DREAMING FUTURE SCHOOL OWNERS/ADMINISTRATORS!


  7. How to dream?
    Try to sit in a quiet place alone, inhale, exhale and meditate what you want to do.
    Take down notes, express yourself and foresee that it will come true.
    Be positive … negative thoughts will not help.

    How to reach your dreams?
    Can we do it alone? I don’t think so! As saying goes “ No one is an Island… No one comes alone”
    We need others to come along to attain that dreams….
    Dreams with Prayers… with intense prayer and believing….

    Make a checklist of all the things that needed
    One by one grasp it !!!!!! start with simple to complex until you achieve it to the highest and fullest .

    Sharing success is definitely a wonderful things everyone can give.


  8. “Teaching is an act of faith in the promise of the future.”-James Marran. Our discussion on sparking a dream highlighted the epitome of my profession. It reminded me of the adage I have mentioned. Being a public school teacher for months, I have seen the underlying poverty that lies beneath the system. Poverty can be understood in much sense. It does not only mean fiscal terms but rather a wider range of scarcity. Scarcity in a sense of being ‘less’ or ‘none at all’. I was moved to reflect on three things. (1) Poverty on PHYSICAL MATTERS. We cannot deny the fact that many lack monetary fund to sustain our needs; and so with the facilities to accommodate learning. Let’s try to help out, in our own little way, we can make a difference. Giving what you have wholeheartedly can suffice. Let’s help our pupils so they can build their dreams. How can we promise a future for them if we won’t help? (2) Poverty in DREAM. Because of our current state, not all pupils dream big. They become contented with the little they have. As teachers, we should spark the dream within them. Let us open the gate for hope. Our endeavor does not need monetary rewards. It’s simply an act of faith. Lastly, (3) Poverty in SELF-EFFICACY. A teacher must not forget to hone him/herself. We cannot give what we do not have. We must believe in ourselves. Our pupils look up to us. We become their role models. Hence, we must see to it that we do our best so that they can imitate and spread the goodness that we have. All these I have pondered. Thank you Ma’am Gail for the fruitful session that we’ve had.


  9. Being a teacher as a profession is not a matter of chance.I believe that we are Gods chosen ones.We are not just simply a teacher to be remembered because we allow our students to comprehend,understand concepts introduce for the day but the bottom line is did they remember us because we made them special? I may not be the best in my crop but one way or another i inculcate to my students the deep essence of being around in school.They will not simply learn but along their journey in life the application of good deeds is much important.We need always to be a role model for them to emulate.Every actions and words that they see on us really matters.God in heaven then see who really are as a person.He sees the fullness in us and if we will be doing good here on earth for sure He will keep on inspiring us for the rest of our lives.He will acknowledge our deeds by giving us an overflowing blessings.Life is meaningful if we share what we have.


  10. Hi, Mam Gail. Reading your blog made me remember of a story shared to us by our English teacher in High School. I could not anymore recall the title and the whole story. What I poorly remembered was that it was about an old man planting trees in his backyard. When asked by a young man why he cared to plant trees when he could not anymore enjoy them because he was already “almost done in his journey in life”, he simply replied by saying that he was doing it for the next generation.
    Such a noble goal! This made me realize that everything that we are, everything that we have and everything that we are aiming for in life is not for ourselves but for the next generation to come. So let us keep on dreaming to become what we want and hope that those who would come after us would find us faithful .

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  11. We all have dreams, aspirations, unimaginable feats we’re unrealistically trying to achieve.
    BIG or small….it doesn’t matter for as long as we put our dreams into actions. These dreams would make us imaginative and willing to believe and make us all forget who we really are.
    What starts out as something small may generate into something grander and greater. The thing is we shouldn’t underestimate the smaller things in life.
    Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed. Maybe it’s the realities of life that makes us push aside what we really want just to get by. . .Sometimes We’re distracted by things we think we need and when we are unable to grasp it, our world goes awry. Don’t ever give up. Be bold, because God would not get tired of giving us everything we need to live our dreams. For there’s one life we have now it’s everything we have that makes it a great ending.


  12. Dreaming big dreams is the starting point of achieving our own goal.
    We teachers should keep on dreaming and believing that things could be achieve if we work with passion and we put our heart on it. Believing that we can make changes to the lives of our students, needs lots of effort and dedication to make it come true. Just believe and make a difference!


  13. ” For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more”
    -Luke 12:48
    This Biblical passage from the Gospel of Luke clearly captures the essence of my thought as I read this post “spark a dream: pay forward.” This may be a little bit off-the-mark, but honestly I find a certain connection or if I may declare- a great connection between them. The big question is, how “having much” as stipulated in the biblical passage is connected with “sparking a dream”?
    I would like to start on the premise that I am a teacher by profession. In reality, it is not only through my profession that I am a teacher- at home, in the public utility vehicle, in the supermarket and in all aspects of my life. Being a teacher does not end after 8 grueling hours inside the school. It extends all-throughout a teacher’s lifetime until death. From this point of view, may I deduce that much had been given to the teacher. But the most crucial of all is the privileged given to the them- to shape the mind and the future of the students. None in all profession in the world is as vital as this. To shape and hone the minds of the students is to influence the future- to influence the future is the change the nation and to change the nation is to change the world. Thus it is true that a teacher affects eternity.
    If much had been given to teachers, then much is expected of us and that is to “spark a dream and pay it forward” -the essence of being a teacher that is. The nobility of being a teacher lies on the fact on how one was able to inspire and influence. A teacher may either make or break a student. Hence we should deal with them with utmost care just like handling a delicate bird- not too hard, not too soft. The satisfaction of seeing a young bud blossoming into a beautiful flower and living the life dreamed of is indeed the crowning glory of the teacher. I salute all my teachers and by inspiring my students today I am paying forward the influence planted on me. Kudos!


  14. Yes, we are inspired because “we are loved”, we are blessed because “we are happy & healthy”, and we are lucky because “we are less fortunate, forgiven and alive”.

    God created us and everything for a purpose, and I believed, the reason why we’re here because for a certain goal, dream and purpose that he wanted us to achieve.

    God gave us a chance and inspiration to fulfill our dreams and gave us a chance to share it to others, that is why he brought us in a master class.

    I am a graduate of BS-Agriculture major in Agronomy and took Teacher Certificate Program, and the reason why I’m here now taking Masters in Educational Management because of my dreams.

    I do believe that it’s not too late for me to achieve my dreams and ambitions and by taking this subject I can enhance my knowledge, teaching skills and teaching strategy as well.

    Hence, by providing me a good education which I’ll be able to impart to my future, school, teachers and students. With your help Ma’am and guidance from heaven above I’ll be able to make my dream a reality.

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    This topic reignited the burning fire in me to be a SCHOOL OWNER. Before I enter the teaching profession I and my 2 closest friends planned to start and open small school that caters only kindergarten. We actually inquired and got the requirements from DepEd regional office, but since we are all busy with our different jobs, different task we have as family women and we are with different brains that means with different ideas, we ended up for nothing to start. Maybe our Commander in Chief above did not let this happen too early. HE wanted us to be totally ready for the big dream to be reality.  Being in the teaching profession now, I realized that I still have a lot more to learn before I can actually put this dream in reality. Growing professionally is one of the ways to make this dream come true. For the reason that we a have big responsibility to mold young ones to be a better person. Our students were entrusted to us so it is our responsibility to discover their potential to shine. In fact, we are all lucky enough that the future of children are in our hands. We develop future professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, nurses, engineers, architects, accountants etc., who will be in charge for future generation. For me, it is “US” who ignite the discovery of their hidden talents and skills. Whoever they become in the future we are the person who influenced them the most. And seeing them all successful deliver us happiness in our hearts. And in that, we felt we are being rewarded of the sacrifices we have done for them. So, LET US SPARK our and their DREAMS and PAY FORWARD!


  16. Spark a Dream, Pay Forward
    What drives you to achieve your dreams? Is it you, yourself? A family? A friend? A community? Whoever they maybe, every one of us must have a strong will to achieve our dreams. Even though your aim is as bull’s eye as the arrow at the center of your target, if you won’t pull the trigger there’s no way you can get the perfect target. Realizing our dreams starts on us. How do we prepare ourselves, how do we work for it? I still remember when I was a young boy, I dreamed of having a blissful, comfortable life. Glory to God! I survived the mazes and rough roads getting there. Today, I am in the world of noble profession, as educator, I am aiming to be fully equipped in imparting what I have. As I have a lot of chances to inspire and spark the dreams of my students entrusted to me, I’ll take every chances to develop their skills.
    Thank you Mam Gail for all of your inspiring thoughts.

    You really have an amazing, a commendable strategies in teaching. We have learned a lot from you! Kudos to you!


  17. A dream of life is the reason why some of us are pursuing their carrier in life. We are dreaming not only for ourselves but also for the people around us. For the young ones, start dreaming think ahead of time for everything their is always a chance in life. Don’t be contented from what you have as long as you didn’t hurt someone. Build your’e stepping stone in life. Study and learn to have a purpose in life. You can strike by your own. Move forward to lead your dreams in life. Have actions to achieve your goals. Focus so the hindrances that will come will not disturb you. All kinds of hindrances are along the way, don’t have any change for those hindrances. DREAM and DREAM…. at the end you will see the value of life what you can have.


  18. I can summarize my thoughts with this quotation. “There is no music in a rest but there is the making of it.” If you have a dream, don’t just let it be a dream. You have to work hard for it to get it. The very realization that God has a will for you gives life a sense of purpose. Just like in building our own school, you have to work hard and take risk to achieve it. You have to start from scratch as possible and never give up.


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