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Journey Within

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: John 6: 1-15


[1] Have you ever gotten THAT CHANCE “to look in the eyes of your child” when he/she tells you what he/she feels? – or

[2] have you even TRIED TO LISTEN – not to those spoken words but to such yearning HEART?

[3] What about giving those words of approval when your partner has been striving for something he/she loves doing? OR [4] have you ever had the initiative to say sorry when you’ve been weak to be slow in anger?

If your answer is a TRUTHFUL YES, God could surely be SMILING AT YOU right now because you’re SEEING YOURSELF IN OTHERS!

If on the otherhand, you give some “philosophical” EXCUSES which ACTUALLY give a “NO” answer, you might then be needing some BRAVE SOULS “to HELP YOU REALIZE some perpectives – and I am praying po that today’s gospel could be one FEARLESS avenue which I hope you’ll GRAB REFLECTING ON.

God sometimes throw questions to us to see what’s in our heart just as He did to Philip to TEST his generosity and to Andrew for his faith when he doubted how the 5 loaves & 2 fishes from that little boy could feed many?

True as it is, we do not feel other’s yearnings when they are MOST IN NEED because of such an excuse: “we cannot give that much”. Even more, we’re entertaining that fact that they deserve what they’ve got and we’re making it a justification for us not to show affection no matter how difficult things are becoming for them.  Far BITTER, we don’t even spare them any of our glance so that we totally do not see how much CONCERN or even the LEAST CARE they’d even deserve to get from us since they’ve been serving us all the way.  Without us knowing, we’re already being so UNFAIR since despite our unaware INCONSIDERATIONS, GOD STILL ALWAYS PROVIDES even if we’re to that point of believing that we’re not directly asking after all  – which gives us the concept that everything that we have is because of our own effort.

Such concept is creating A LOUDER VOICE within us. Study reveals that if our voice is louder than the normal tone, that is an indication that we do not hear our self well. Not so big deal to worry about though; but being aware at that, yet we do not do anything to overcome, such state could eventually hinder us from hearing some voice of wisdom because we’ve allowed too much noise deep within us.

If we cannot see our “self” in others, we need to spend some TIME to JOURNEY INTO OUR OWN SELF; strive to discover some hidden issues to be settled, “let go” of our own hurts & guilt, pray & realize that the forgiveness that we should give to those persons na sabi natin ay “di natin mapapalagpas ang ginawa sa atin” should be that same forgiveness that we should give to your OWN SELF because several times in our life, we’ve also wanted to receive that forgiveness from those we’ve hurt.

self relationship, self to self
Take time for this!

Dear Friends, “that chance that we never grabbed looking into a child’s eyes”, let’s GRAB IT FOR OUR SELF –for we should always be God’s CHILD each time we ACCEPT some “lessons to be learned”.

Life is short! Our days need not be numbered before we would realize NA DAPAT IWAS EMOTIONAL STRESS kasi even when we sleep, our heart gets tired kasi ayaw tanggapin ng pride natin ‘yong dapat nating matutunan. This doesn’t exempt me po, I’ve been talking to myself when I’m in silence, I’ve asked for forgiveness & been turned down several times because of misinterpretations; but lifting things up to God in humility makes me hope that the people God asked me to mission-out are A WORK IN PROGRESS. At dahil dyan, SMILE NA! Let’s keep life SIMPLE para MORE JOY! #sunset /@ProfGail67[twitter]/@gailmontero.47/


posted in The Feast SM Sta. Rosa Bulletin, “Ego Trip”. Issue#28. 26 July 2015.


3 thoughts on “EGO TRIP”

  1. SELF-REFLECTION…if there’s one thing I am fond of doing – at least on my own – at my “me-time” moment is reflecting. I usually talk to myself, do a lot of affirmations (esp during times when I have done something good – yet, others failed to appreciate it – or noticed it to the very least)…It gives me such relief…And when I have so much questions, sometimes, it made me feel better asking them to myself, which I don’t answer..I just let vanish in the air..It may not be answered, but the feeling that made me better – that’s what matters! 🙂


  2. Human as we are many time we did hurt.I learn to be quick in forgiving a persons who hurt me because i know that it will lighten my emotions.It will just turn into an emotional stress.The proper time will heal heartaches.What then would be the situation if you cannot manage yourself to anger? You will suffer a lot.I just treat situations as there are a lot of blessings to be thank of rather than to complain.I never felt to be love by my biological parents but never i ask them why? I am born with a circumstance but still I am very thankful that God used other people to be what i am now.I used my weaknesses as my strength to become a better person and be different!Really a lot of questions in life sometimes but i realized what for to look back and put that sentiments in my innermost being? What is important is today,moving forward,building dreams together with my family and above all God is alive and hear the very silence of our heart.


  3. “It us in giving that we received
    It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.”
    These few lines from the Prayer of St. Francis lingered in my mind as I read this blog. And reflecting further, I realized that receiving and pardoning only happen when we first “give” and “pardon.” “The true meaning of giving is give until it hurts.” So the saying goes. No one is so poor as to have nothing to give and no one is so rich as to have nothing to receive. And the reward of this painful action is the one that we give, for “what you give is what you get.” “Love begets love; respect begets respect.”. Give and receive love. Forgiveness is also a two-way traffic. Forgiveness you sow; forgiveness you reap. So let us be generous enough to give in order to receive; to forgive in order to be forgiven.
    It is also important to note that this dynamic of giving and forgiving should start in ourselves. Let us make peace with ourselves. Give and forgive ourselves. Ang hindi marunong magbigay at magpatawad sa sarili are those that do not also know how to give forgive.


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