Push for that Sprout

We may be that plant: “here today, gone tomorrow!”  ...

Cor Dei 30. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Big Day: TRUST

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: John 6:44-51

I’ve long waited for that SPROUT to finally come out!

Water, fresh air, sunlight … Just what it needed!

— but not to disregard some occasions when I also cultivate its soil and allowed it to enjoy THE RAIN!

For 9 months that it has been with us, it never showed any sign of growth … until the other day, I saw such HOPE.

Just as it is in life …

During some DIRE times, the more we should learn to look around to find some fragments of God’s “yearning to be understood messages”:

— that speck which would tell us that what we’ve been exerting effort to, will soon shoot up!

— that speck which would assure us that as long as we don’t complain, neither give up over some expectations that we don’t see as of yet, sunrise will always be inevitable!

Without US realizing, we may be that plant who also need TIME to LOOK UP TO GOD, to receive GOD’S long overdue LOVE NOTE: that we need to STRIVE for our OWN GROWTH too – for if we won’t decide for our self, that SPROUT will never come out no matter how much nurturing we receive from those who deeply care for us!

God wants us to be teachable and to believe that there’s so much in heaven

that will give us life so that we may live forever!

We may be that plant: “here today, gone tomorrow!” – but as long as we strive to do the RIGHT THING by allowing those DROPS OF RAIN to wash away our pride and by looking up to heaven & trusting completely God’s loving plans, – we could be rest assured that we’ve taken that “chance to shape the future” – all because we’ve decided to “PUSH for that NEW BEING IN US” – this then, would make us live forever! #sunset



One thought on “Push for that Sprout”

  1. God really shape our being.GOD allow us to experience difficulties in life but along our journey we will realized why things happened?The secret to a happy life is to acknowledge God even the toughest situation of our life.What we need is just seek Gods divine guidance in whatever plans and actions we undertake.He will always set His best plan for us.


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