Stethoscope your Greatness

Cor Dei 35. 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: MK 8:27-35

Stethoscope, Gospel Reflection, Sunday Reflection,
                            Jesus’ “I AM” in SAM!

@SLMH, September 6, 2015.

She’s in that hospital bed – but with DevComTheories handouts, laptop & other “to divert stuff” with her on such bed. She was vomiting, but laughing all the way with Al-Dub’s organic-naturally “kilig-fun” magnetic stream.

And this, I found: “a stethoscope” of her own!  

— an instrument used for listening to sounds produced by the body. It is also used to listen to blood flow in peripheral vessels…

“She’s currently in pain — but she manages to smile; she’s been too brave to capture the procedures she had, and yes, with her own stethoscope, SHE LISTENS to her own blood flow to make herself ON-GUARD against any untoward clotting & misalignments.

“If a man wishes to come after me, he must deny his very self, take up his cross, and follow in my steps.” — Jesus

It’s never easy denying any pain when you’re in the midst of battling for your NOW and for your future — but because our very own Sam Timbreza, one of our Youth Leaders here in The Feast SM Santa Rosa, has been all throughout affirming her personal answer to the question raised by Jesus in today’s gospel: “who do you say that I am?”, SHE IS even STRONGER at her weakest point!

Such greatness! — through the eyes of faith.

With the gifts of family & friendships and because she listens to what’s on the inside, SHE IS DETERMINED to be “that salt” that will fulfill her God-given mission not only until she gets well but even now that she’s still striving to get SAVED by all means with her OWN INITIATIVE TO BE WELL and with the most POSITIVE CLAIM that she will find a KIDNEY DONOR even before that time-framed transplant six months from now.

Hopefully “this makes us PINOY” our dear Brothers & Sisters – may we relate with Sam’s story & inspiration & may we be that instrument that would answer our prayer for Sam & for her family, specifically for a “kidney donor”! Let us share this Identity of love for one another as we ENTER God’s Kingdom down here! ©sunset

 posted in The Feast SM Santa Rosa Weekly Bulletin. Issue #35.13 September 2015.  Inspired by the #LightofJesus September Series T.G.I.F.: Thank God I’m Filipino. Talk 1: No ID, No Entry. / http://47inspired.blogspot.comGail Montero 


One thought on “Stethoscope your Greatness”

  1. A very inspiring story of hope and acclaiming that God is indeed great. There are so much of blessings that we thank the Lord in everyday of our life.May the Lord free you from pain.


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