Moms, @ the end of the day!

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Moms hope to “be there” always!

Not all days will be here forever.

Moms need to maximize loving, maximize giving, maximize “just being there”!

… even if sometimes, what you got’ta give isn’t what they exactly need. 

Last monday, i allotted time with our “budding architect”.  we lunched-out in an “eat all you can” restaurant and ‘glad that she calls it “her term-starter”!

Just the other night, i rushed driving out in the midst of hard pouring rain to be there outside of our village just before our “blooming journalist” goes down from a jeepney without umbrella after attending a worship service in Alabang.

And just this morning, i had to rush to the school of our “bunso” just to hand her the Journal which she had hard-time answering yesterday and her Assignment Notebook which will document her “what has been” in school and the tasks that should keep her ON-TRACK: way to TRAIN HER on Study Devotion, Commitment & Sense of Responsibility.

Some situations are not perfectly cooperative — but because you wanted to be a good Mom, you’ll just have to coarse through — however ways!

Oh, if only kids would realize how much they should understand “what turns their Mom ON or OFF”! — that because you wanted to sustain good moods, Moms may react on certain things at certain times, but they’ll have to be back on-track right away! Bipolarity challenged?! — quite certainly so!  

Hmmmm …. nevertheless, at the end of the day, Moms may be so tired that they may no longer get to watch a bed-time movie with their kids’Dad while he’s waiting to capture a sleep — but because she was able to hurdle all-day-long, the joy is there, deep within her heart! — and she hopes, she was able to give what her kids exactly needed — while she prays, her husband will understand that as his wife lays down beside him, he would turn to her for the caring that she needs to give her the energy to survive another fulfilled day for their family — that night after. 🙂


One thought on “Moms, @ the end of the day!”

  1. Being a mom ,a mother is a blessing from God. Not all wife are blessed with kids.It is really a fulfillment in the part of a mother that kids recognized efforts done for them.I may not be rich in some aspects but i pray to God that i will be a good mother for my kids.That God will guide me to raise my three kids the way I wanted them to be .

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