“What is That ONE THING Lacking in You?”

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                                                        What is that “one thing” you need to stop and start doing?

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: MK 10:17-30 

How much joy would it be for parents to give everything to their kids,

yet, they worry that their children would still be


THE BEST THEY COULD, Parents would even ENRICH THEIR MARRIAGE for the sake of RAISING the FAMILY whom God entrusted them, like these 17 Couples who successfully completed and were blessed by The Feast SM Sta. Rosa’s 1st Lux Couples’ Retreat at Mornese, Center of Spirituality in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna last October 3-4, 2015.

#TheFeastSMStaRosa #Lux1 #CouplesRetreat #Mornese #Spirituality
                    Lux 1. Couples Retreat Participants: Making that Difference for their Families.

“Amen, I say to you, there is no one who has given up house …

for my sake and for the sake of the gospel

who will not receive a hundred times more

now in this present age…” – Jesus

Over the years, despite those “emotional attractions” amidst differences, it is really some sort of sacrifice that Couples learned to GIVE UP protecting their own pride over some “earned pains” caused by their partners & other family members – for the intent of belonging to the remaining 38% men & 43% women [2014 4thQ SWS Survey, Philippines] who are against BROKEN MARRIAGES.

Not only for the DESIRE of “receiving a hundred times more” … but because we, parents — would want “to give more” – even to the point of wanting to be there for our children for the rest of their life because that’s what would give us fulfillment.

But come to think of it, we may also be that man running to Jesus in today’s gospel asking:

“Good teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?”

Sometimes we’re just too emotional about what we have that we can give. But ‘guess what, upon deep reflection, I personally realized:

It’s not really what you can give while you’re still around that should indeed matter.


Minsan kasi, napapagod ka din sa kakabigay ng kung ano ang meron ka.

Without us realizing, yong “tangible things and deeds” na kaya nating ibigay ngayon, mawawala din kapag sinabi na sa atin ni God na “your time is up na”.

What would actually give us eternal life is taking the many chances

that we have right now to make our children see

“that ONE THING that they are LACKING IN”.

There may be times when our kids would hate us if we would push them to opportunities and crossroads where they could be their “own interns” of decision-making and “self-management”. Our heart could only feel so much if we’ll sometimes witness “how things would be difficult for them” – yet, our WILL to train them to be “level-headed” will soon make a lot of difference.

HINDI PURO PUSO at emosyon lang kapag nagmamahal. In life, para tayong bumubuo ng puzzle, iniipon natin bawat bahagi kahit nagkakahiwa-hiwalay at magkakaiba ang mga ito kasi gusto natin itong mabuo katulad ng pagsusumikap ng mga magulang na hind maging “broken family”. We need to be able to find the right piece each time and we’ve got to have the right attitude nang hindi nagmamadali. Katulad ng madalas kong sabihin sa aming 2 Gails [mga ate]: “You shouldn’t RUSH LOVE! You can never manage a relationship unless you learn to manage your SELF”!

‘yon siguro ‘yong eternity of our presence … that one thing lacking: ‘yong kaya na nilang buuhin ang sarili nilang puzzle using God’s strategy kasi ‘yon ‘yong ipinakita natin sa kanila kahit ‘di natin directly itinuro. #sunset

… what about you? what do you thing is ‘THAT ONE THING LACKING in you?

… better yet, what is that ONE THING YOU’VE GOT TO “STOP DOING” for you to inherit eternal joy in relationships?

Published in #TheFeastStaRosa Weekly Bulletin. Cor Dei 39. 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Talk 1. Red Light: You Need to Choose Wisely. How To Avoid Jerks &Jerkettes Series


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