You are More than Enough!

Source: You are More than Enough!

Sometimes we’ve got to pause for a while and give ourselves the benefit of looking “at our SELF” in the mirror!

Have you tried this? Try watching this video … or even if this video is not or no longer available by the time you read this, GO GRAB THAT CHANCE, LOOK AT YOUR SELF IN THE MIRROR!

What can you say about what you see?

How do you feel about what you see?

What then can you tell TO WHAT YOU SEE?

Not everyone will tell US the appreciation that we want to hear from people around us, specially from the ones we love. It would take a lot of “self mending” to still GO ON living a life of good deeds for others; yet, it would take a lot “paying forward” what God have given us if we could tell ourselves “I AM ENOUGH” while we still grab all the chances to get better each day amidst whatever difficulties.

So, GUYZZZ, LADIES & GENTS, let’s grab telling this to ourselves: “I AM ENOUGH!” and KEEP HOLDING ON, NEVER EVER GIVE UP, there’s more to life than that money-problem, there’s more to life than whatever tough times! God has always been backing us up, we only need to feel it deep within our heart.

How we think about ourselves will make us FIND ALL THE REASON TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

self-talk, mirror talk, sunset, gailmontero, best self, self esteem
                                                               Sometimes we’ve got to tell this to our “SELF”!

*.* credits to for this video and captured image. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


One thought on “You are More than Enough!”

  1. I am more than enough. It is hard to believe just to see all my failures, weaknesses and shortcomings. But the way I see myself is not based in my own naked eyes, I look myself the way God looks at me. He has a very big enough reason why He created me. He said that I am wonderfully and fearfully made by Him, so be it. Nobody died for me like Jesus did. Even if I’m the only creature He needs to save, He will do that because He loves me so much more than anyone else here on earth. In heaven’s eyes I am valuable and unique. I am created in His own image, loved by the Son of God and being guided by His Spirit daily. He made me feel special. Thus, I am more than enough. When I was ugly because of sins, He died to make me beautiful and smile each day. When I was sick, He made me whole. When I was hungry of love, He embraced me with the unconditional love. He is more than enough for me, that is why I have so much love to give and overflowing joy to share. With God on my side, I am brighter than the darkest night, I am stronger than the toughest fight, just one touch from His power everything will breakthrough. Then, I will never be the same again, everyday reveals of His marvelous plan for me. His plan is not to harm me but to prosper me, to give me hope and a bright future. Therefore, I am more than enough. God said it so, then I rather believe Him more than what others think of me, much more than what I feel. My faith-filled life will make everything possible. His perfect will be done for me. I am more than enough!!!


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