The Learner, schooling, motivation, looking-into, developmental tasks

How should you Synergize?

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them,    the teacher is the most important. – Bill Gates.

SUCH A GREAT TRUST to us, Teachers … right?

Cooperative Process, Active involvement, Integration, Motivation, Socialization, Understanding, Connectivity, Creativity/innovation & Discovery – just to name some of the Principles that should influence our actions as to what is right and which is wrong every time we think of our “being the most important” mostly in motivating our students.

YET, what could have been wrong if we would consider some simple realities that there are some students who dread going to school or who get bored with the usual classroom routine, the never-ending “any question, do you understand?” lines subject-after-subject, and all the likes?

The Learner, schooling, motivation, looking-into, developmental tasks
When we fail to “look-into” our Learners …

Would you mind taking into consideration that it would take … NOT THE BEST  — rather an “influential teacher” to make THE LEARNER LOVE “LEARNING”?

Good for us to belong to the 21st Century where we no longer just have “chalk & board”, “manila paper & pentel pen” – TECHNOLOGY already have a lot to offer variations after variations – but the thing is, do we really get to SYNERGIZE these TECHs with the Basic Learning Theories, Principles & Practices?

How then should we facilitate SYNERGY in its TOTALITY?

Do you hear what your students need? Do you also listen to your own SELF?

What does your EAR HEAR everytime you’re preparing for a lesson? Everytime you would go to your next class?

REFLECT! For it might be that “such thing which you do not hear deep within yourself would be that same response that your students would have” when you’re there in that class whose lesson you didn’t really hear beforehand.#sunset

#blogpost for UNIT 2. The Synergy of Technology w/Basic Learning Theories, Principles & Practices. Educational Technology.


38 thoughts on “How should you Synergize?”

  1. Technology really motivate, inspire and encourage the students to participate and cooperate in the class discussion. Technology helps the teachers to make their tasks more easier and fun. But teachers are still the best transmitter of information directly to the learner. Teachers can elaborate, develop and impart more information/knowledge to the learners. Teachers are important in classroom set up because teachers are the one who will determine what kind of technologies are suited for the learners. And I am proud to be a teacher. I am important.

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  2. School expectations and difficulties are challenging and could be overwhelming to the children. It can be tough learning that a child is having in school, whether it is social, educational, or behavioral. It may be a bit hard for a teacher to take certain steps to help a child address the underlying issues that are causing those difficulties/dilemma in school. But as an educator, it is our main job to help the kids get past their troubles at school and make it a place for effective learning instead. As an educator, I would try to get the root of the problem by finding the cause of that student’s feelings. Meet the child’s parents and discuss the concerns. Maybe ask a help of a guidance counselor if it is necessary. smile emoticon

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  3. Synergy has something to do with the cooperation of two or more individuals to produce a combined product greater than their separate products. As a leader in the classroom, our goal is not for us to be left autonomous but rather to bring individuals together and make collective responsibility for the learner achievement and learning improvement. We need a quality time to collaborate and synergize as a group to be able to meet the needs of every single child in our school. Only those teachers who synergize and collaborate for the sake of the learners will truly support a learner’s achievement and learning improvement.

    I once read a quotation that if you love teaching you must teach children to love learning. In order to work on that we, teachers, must try to go beyond the classroom, beyond our instruction, and beyond the love of words. We have to make it a point that students knew their importance and that they have something to contribute that only them could do. Let them know that their uniqueness is valued, that their presence is what completes the class, and that they’re not invisible because you notice the things that interest them. Recognize their effort. Show them that there are no small or big contributions but just pure class participation. Sit with them during group activities, chat with them, smile generously, greet them and show them that you are actually pleased that somehow you are starting to be part of their life. We have to model how to treat others.

    We must perceive our students not as problems to be solves but rather as essential resources of our society. Work with them and not for them. Involve them in the class and make sure that when you teach them they are your top priority and not your lesson plans. Even if a particular student doesn’t excel in the class it doesn’t mean that they’re perspectives are pointless. I believe that there is much more to education than a test that doesn’t mean much when they all become an adult. Education is made up of day-to-day events that contribute and change lives. Even how unruly your students may be, we must learn to refuse on viewing it negatively. How we view things could manifest in our action. Thus, we must learn to see the beauty of every individual and start to appreciate them. For it is only when you give a positive outlook and treatment to a person that brings back a positive result in your relationship with your students.

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    1. Alhamdulillah for the wisdom you have. I’m hoping to follow your idea when i become a teacher.You’re correct, every child is good, It just happened that a few of them grow up in a community where people couldn’t satisfy their needs – no proper houses, not enough meals to take. So, many adults tend to behave harshly (although, not all of them) toward their children. With this, the children adapt the same behavior. Remember Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? People wouldn’t be able to reach the top of the hierarchy (self-actualization) unless they fill up the things that are on the bottom of the pyramid. I know that you know these things already. I can’t help but comment because you have written something set my idea about teaching. nicely written

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  4. According to Confucius, choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. These words inspire me to do my best all the time. I have only two tools in teaching, my heart that is full of love and my mind that is full of wisdom. My greatest achievement in life is seeing those students of mine joining the wagon of professionals.I always tell to my students that the only thing we should never get tired of doing is learning.Show to them that you enjoyed learning new things and they will do the same.If we constantly keep on reminding them the essence of education and the main purpose why their parents send them to school synergy is being formed to achieve its goal. Give your best teachings to them and soon they will realize that truly we’re a surrogate parents in school. Appreciate them and they will likewise do the same.

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  5. I should never stop learning and consider every intra and inter personal experience as a great opportunities for self-growth and development and for the betterment of every individual.This is how I synergize myself.

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  6. A teacher is a multi-tasker. Despite of a bundle of responsibilities, I consider teaching as the most important and rewarding job of all since it marks and leaves a legacy to a student’s life that will always be treasured and remembered. As a twenty-first century teacher, technology has a great impact in the students’ lives towards the teaching learning process. It pastes of that learners are more interactive and engaging if you’re creative in integrating technology in the lesson/topic discussed. In the same manner, you must treat every learner’s special in a way that they must feel secured, loved and belonged; their ideas and opinions must be accommodated well. From this point of view, I would obliterate the face of I HATE SCHOOL which he/she feels and thinks. More so, all these learning theories, principles and practices must synthesize through the use of ICT since students of today expect that ICT will enable them to be collaborators, creators, explorers and providers. Hence, students will be able to develop intra and inter personal skills manifesting that you’re a facilitator and motivator of the teaching learning process. Then, this is how I facilitate synergy in its totality in order for the students to love going to school and eager to learn.

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  7. As a teacher,things like “hi, favorite teacher!” and “I love this class!” those are the kinds of things that we absolutely love to hear. “Motivation comes from … loving what you do.” If you do not love what you do, then you cannot create blissful followers. Blissful flowers like your students joining the professional circle. Its a greater feeling seeing them grow than receiving an award in school. Sharing experience and thoughts can serve as a motivation to them to strive more for betterment. We should also emanate passion for them to be feed off energy.Integrating cooperative sharing of experiences and difficulties has a bigger impact on the part of the learner to develop especially their social engagement. This are the tings that makes me synergize.

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  8. In order to maximize results in the application of technology, we must be all be guided by constructivism, cognitism and behaviorism and the best learning theory is determined based on the situation. When preparing for lectures, I see to it that the needs of the students, especially their pace and capacity of acquiring information are being addressed. Based on this knowledge I am able to adjust my teaching style in order for students to optimize learning.

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  9. As teachers, we know challenging student behavior when we see it. It can be the downfall of any of us, and more seriously, signs of despair for the learner. In any situation, we need to read challenging student behavior as a cry for help.
    We all know that there are so many factors why students hate school. We, merely as their teachers is one factor, admit it or not. (Others are more serious matters.) The way we teach, our approaches, boring or strict (or poor) classroom management, have we tried to reflect on these?
    Technology is a great factor in keeping a lively and functioning class. It has a magical power to keep the students active and present in the daily class.
    There should be no more dull teaching methods nowadays, for there is already technology. We should keep up with the fast moving life in this 21st century, in order to sustain the fun out of learning for our students.

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  10. YES!Technology helps a lot in motivating the students in the classroom. But most importantly the best motivation is that you touch the heart of every students.Students look to teachers for approval and positive reinforcement and more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work recognized and valued. As a teacher we must encourage open communication and free thinking with our students to make them feel important.You have to prove that you are a person who is worth listening to. The way we speak is already a technology that motivates our students. We should deliver your presentations with energy and enthusiasm. As a display of our motivation, Your passion in teaching really motivates our students.Pay attention to the strength and limitations of each of our students. Reward their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses.We should be available before class starts,during break and after class to visit our students. We should have an open communication with them.

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  11. Technology has a big help to each one of us and by means of it the teachers should motivate the unmotivated learners. Maybe the big question is HOW? It is a big challenge to a teacher to motivate the unmotivated learners, the teachers should applied the different and unique tools in teaching the 21st century for example the google apps. For education. Instead of using the paper and pen in giving assignment why not use it and also the quipper. Another thing we should let our students feel that we loved and cared for them their achievements is also our achievements. So teachers their future is in our hands. Let them enjoyed while they learned inside our class.

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  12. I got a hammer in teaching.

    People are innately good. This view is observable to the innocence of babies; they would not do bad things. However, as they grow up, children are adapting undesirable traits that make them less innocent. The idea that we are created with positive values are deviated because the actions that we see often are tainted with disapproval in each of our behavior.

    Technology diverts our moral principles into indecent conduct. We can say that the modern gadgets, devices, and equipment are helpful to people but the adversity of this modernity alarms the risks that children would adapt. These risks would instill on children’s behavior until they become adults. For instance, a child who is overly attached to his gadget would make him aloof and too shy to socialize with other children. Another example would be the ease of accessibility of children to nudity. Also, children have the tendency to be violent because of their exposure to violence on the television and in the computer games. In the past few years, cyber bullying damaged the victims’ emotional and social behaviors. Some people have been abusing other people by posting unreal and hurtful statements on the social media. From the time when the Internet was widely used, many children are becoming less responsible because technology made their attention short. The short-attention span of children is due to the reliance of quick browsing of assignments in the Internet and the fast-pacing actions in computer games.

    Many children who are exposed to computers and gadgets are victims of the disadvantages of technology. Per se, we have to re-shape the students by removing their unwanted qualities. The examples I mentioned are the reasons why I brought a hammer from my toolbox. I will implement a pedagogical approach that would hammer in and deconstruct an individual. Using the hammer, we have to go back to the basic principles of education by:
    1. pounding student discipline in learning the subject matter; and
    2. nailing good manners and right conduct

    To conclude, we can reflect about how we used to be free from guilt and unpleasant character with the look in the eyes of a child. We were somehow influenced by the technological advancements that changed our motives and stripped off our righteousness.

    I believe that the “lessons of life” could be learned when we read and socialize. I don’t think that social media would help us to become learned individuals. We wouldn’t learn from other people’s experiences through their posts. We have to experience the learning from ourselves (e.g. learn from your mistakes). We have to read good books and spend our time with good people. Facebook is not a Bible to learn life’s learning, so we have to grab the real one and start reading its stories.
    If I were to hammer myself (or design my future), I will just focus on helping and loving my parents, instead of looking for a potential lover or a high-paying job. I can see that people can make a difference in the world if we will love the people around us unconditionally, especially our parents.

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  13. Synergy in the classroom setting is like a campfire. A good impression of teachers will flicker the motivation of students. The teachers’ guidance in reaching the students’ aspirations will coal their burning desire for learning.

    I always feel how my classmates in masteral are drained because of the considerable tasks they do every day. It is true that teachers have a lot of things to accomplish in school. You can add up the fact that most teachers have to do their household chores when they get home from schools. We cannot avoid the circumstance that teachers carry a barrel of workload on their shoulders. The biggest obstacle that teachers have to overcome is by getting the students motivated in learning. To do such, teachers have to consider the reasons why students don’t feel like going to school.

    A teacher has to recognize the challenge of motivating students by putting herself in their shoes. Many students, nowadays, get bored easily because of the fast-paced technology that makes their attention short. Besides, they just don’t bring pens and papers to school, they also carry with them their behavioral and family issues. Students are not “tamad,” they just lack motivation because of their personal problems that hinder them to stay motivated.
    Students bring a negative perception to their teachers because a number of people around them are trying hard to make them think, make them work, and make them into people the world can be proud of. As a result, students are struggling to find their own identity. They build a wall to protect themselves from anyone, like a teacher, who tries to dictate who they’ll become. One example is that we would hear negative thoughts from others most of the time. Let’s say that a child commits a mistake, the common reaction of people would be “Mali ‘yan!” Students would become unconfident and discouraged if they will hear a lot of errors they have done. Many teachers subconsciously tell disheartening statements. Instead of saying overwhelming words, teachers should only correct the students with a positive expression like, “You did a good job! You know what, it would be better if you do this… yet, you still did something wonderful, keep it up!” As front liners of learning, teachers should construct words that would always inspire students to explore and learn on their own. In teaching the students, educators should not only speak of words that tackle lessons, but they should inculcate values and empathy to their words.

    A teacher must be an effective communicator in order to achieve students’ development. A good communication skill should reach out students’ concerns and it should confidently deliver lectures with mastery. Some teachers address student apprehensions but lack the knowledge about the subject matter that they teach; while others tend to be like “robots” because they hardly listen to students’ opinions and are insensitive to the students’ feelings. With this idea, effective teaching has to have a high level of both EQ and IQ in performing teacher-and-student interactions. Effective teaching is not only attained with catchy and expensive instructional materials, but with the quality of communicating our lessons to the students by means of creating an engaging, thought-provoking interaction with them. For me, this whole idea of being communicative makes an influential, motivating teacher.

    One way to meet this effectiveness is by composing one’s self before stepping inside the classroom. It could be by means of: saying a short prayer to yourself; leaving your stress behind and putting a smile on your face; or frowning as you enter the classroom. A teacher has to radiate her charisma by being professional, knowledgeable, confident, and respectable. I know a Philippine History professor who was highly admired by many students and staff in his university. He never brought any teaching aids in the class, yet he brought with him his charisma, knowledge, and confidence in teaching his lessons. With this assertion toward the profession, I think that teaching is not just about the mastery of the subject matter, it is also about how you deliver your lessons that can capture the students’ attention and will allow them to comprehend the lessons.

    To wrap up, the motivation for students’ learning comes from the teacher’s way of communicating and reaching out to the students. It is not only determined by means of creating and bringing visual aids (effort appreciated), but with the way of how you let the students understand each lesson. A teacher has to synergize or to put up all her values and knowledge together. Synergy is about how a teacher synchronizes her passion and energy in the teaching profession to become more effective in educating people. She has to let her students feel that she is there to guide them.

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  14. Teacher plays a vital role in the educational program of every child. He/She is not only a dispenser of knowledge so to speak. He/She must be a model to the pupils, an inspiration to everyone, a motivator of learning, and a parent to the learners in school. In short, He/She is one who is being looked upon by his pupils as an individual possessing the good qualities, traits, and abilities w/c could inspire the learners. Therefore, if on the onset of school, we observe unmotivated/uninterested students and shows misbehavior which indicate that students “Hate School”. The teacher should first identify the causes of students misbehavior and lack of interest/motivation towards their studies. The teacher should closely monitor prospective students for immediate counseling and guidance. Second, Talk/discuss the issue with parents. And lastly, The learning environment should also be made conducive to teaching-learning of the child to encourage them to stay in school.

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  15. Teachers play vital role in the lives of the students in their classrooms. Teachers are best known for the role of educating the students, set the tone of their classrooms, build a warm environment/harmonious relationship inside the classroom, mentor and nurture students.
    In line with the Gestalt Psychology, which states that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the aggregate parts. If sooner I will be set in the teaching industry, I will synergize my students through cooperative learning process or group activities for them to express and share their learning. Thru cooperation it will promotes to the students a feeling of togetherness and belongingness. And it is in common that there are students who cannot work by themselves and they lack of confidence to show their skills to go on with their work but thru cooperative activities the students can enhanced their courage and will to learn.
    Predominantly, there were students feels and think that “they hate school” it’s apparently because of the following factors: students have been bullied, having a family problems and as well as the teacher itself. The teacher is one of the factors because of the some fact that they were terrorizing and always having a negative reinforcement towards with their students, so it can cause a lower self – esteem that could lead to the quote of “ I HATE SCHOOL “ .
    As a teacher we must be sensitive enough to address the issues that are causing their dilemma of why students don’t feel like going to school. Inspire, motivate, and be a model to your students that you have been enjoyed learning new things. LET US UNITE TO MAKE FEEL THEM FEEL THE LOVE OF LEARNING.

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  16. Education is evolving fast. EAR is somewhat every day, we hear about some new technology that will change the world and the way we learn in it. We teachers are dedicated to improving the way we teach students with our own innovative smart technology. Because these rapid changes offer us the chance to improve education at every level for all people, it is more important now for us to have access to the best new methods, programs, and devices in the field right away. Moreover, we should have not forgotten that we always have EAR to listen to the needs of our students in choosing the best instructional technology utilizing to the fullest. 🙂

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  17. It’s my personal conviction that it should be “me,” the teacher who is well-motivated first to come to school before I can motivate and inspire others. I believe that I cannot give what I don’t have. The first weapon I must possess is the desire and passion to teach. If I face with a student who lacks interest and hates going to school at the onset of class, I will get challenged. I won’t take it negatively. I’ll act as a friend, a friend who is willing to listen and to comfort him. I’ll be a father as well, a father who’ll accept him without condition. Lastly I’ll be a teacher, a teacher who’ll inspire and motivate him to learn everyday without any pressure. I’ll take things lightly and positively for him. I’ll make him realize that coming to school every day is not a punishment or condemnation to survive, but a life to live full of fun and joy. As a teacher, we shouldn’t get tired of teaching with a HEART.

    Franco R. Priol

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  18. The solution for an uninterested and demotivated learner is how we implement technology with teaching. Interests and motivation of students is relative with time. Today, their attention is captured by trends, celebrities, games and many more. These elements can be found in the internet.

    Having said that, we teachers must adapt and integrate technology with our teaching strategies.

    During class, we must not stick to traditional methods but instead, let us put spice in our teaching by using the multimedia technology (Popular Videos and Trending Pictures). In teaching English for example, instead of the conventional method of blackboard approach, why not use the latest video of Lee Min Ho speaking English as your energizer and a video of Subject-Verb Agreement song?

    Make them play Games. What is the sense of learning when you can’t apply them? Make students play games and if available, use the computer lab. GENYO is present in our school, it is an education company that integrates technology in education. Their computer lab is available for our students. They are notable for their computer games like in the English Subject where students get to play a co-op game where they need rearrange jumbled words and the first student to finish wins. There are many other epic and interesting games but whats important is it is an amazing feat. Using games as a medium of application for the student’s learning, this will surely make them love school and more interested in learning.

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  19. In order for the students to stay interested in school and don’t hate school is to make learning fun. In doing so,let the student get involve with the subject by giving hands-on and interactive . It is difficult to get students to be get interested when your only source is a texbook. A need to incorporate technology in teaching is very essential. For example if students love playing on their smart phone and tablet, challenge them to create an applications that can be useful inside the classroom for learning purposes. In this way,we are exposing students to new opportunities. We could even turn this into a friendly, group competition. This opportunity may be just one of the motivator to keep them interested in school. When students see a teacher who is passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, it will resonate to them.

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  20. That is now the mind set of today’s learner. They think that a day in school is just a waste of time. That’s why we need to redesign and use the technology to engage more of the students in learning. We should know first who what and where of our learners, it that way knowing them deeply will make us realize the things that we can do to help them again in learning.


  21. Teacher must understand that children have their individual differences. Aside from using technology for teaching, we should also used our heart to see what really inside of them. We teach and we touch their life.
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  22. Teacher is the controller and molder of every student in the classroom. In order to be effective teacher, We should Consider the learning style of all the students. If one student has “shut down”, it is possible that we, teachers need to adapt the manner in which we deliver information and the manner in which ask that student to respond. Be sure to make our instruction multi sensory, incorporating lots of hands on activities, so that all learning channels are addressed. Be considerate, and give your best in cultivating the mind to your students.


  23. For some student they define that the school for them is like a prison, they don’t like school because their teachers don’t have a full understanding of certain principles and therefore they don’t teach as well as they could. They don’t present materials in ways that appeal best to students mind. What can i do is to bear in their mind that the successful of individual is in their hands. That’s why they need to study and go to school everyday


  24. As a teacher, I should work collaboratively with my colleagues in school to achieve the quality learning that every pupil seeks. In this way, I could synergize. I should get myself involved in meetings, workshops and other school matters in which the concern are the learners. I will make sure that my mind and heart will work together and the goodness of my pupils will be the center of my daily lesson plans.


  25. Synergy in teaching and learning involves the concerted effects of many factors like methodologies and strategies of teaching, principles of teaching and learning, application of appropriate educational technology and evaluative materials which appropriate to the content. The concern therefore of the teacher is how to create synergy among the different factors with educational technology to make the discussion more lively. And you should have also a profiling of each of your students so that you can assess each of them and give time to entertain their problem.

    Louie L. Agliron


  26. Some students at this generations are bored if the teacher stills use chalk and board. They tend to make absences because of this routine. And if one of my students failed to attend classes, I immediately investigate the reason and go to their houses and talk to the parents. There are lots of reasons why students neglect education i.e financial status and family related problems but most is… more on being bored. They are not motivated.

    We are all very lucky that the technology is boost in this era and we teachers can explore and use it for education. By these technology and the capabilities of teachers, we can deliver our instructions in any means because pupils have individual differences. Have the TEACHnology by using the technology in engaging students in learning individually or as a group or team that is giving hands-on activity and interactive.

    We have Quipper School that let them read different updated subject lessons and answer quiz/assignment online. And MathScore that let them answer worksheets and play games by responding to real life word problems – individually and as a team to win the game – all to develop mathematical skills. This ICT intervention will help them to be motivated and acquire different skills as they move forward in education. If problems like most pupils cannot afford to rent computer at Internet Café, we at Rizal Elem. School have solutions. We are given 50 computer tablets and pocket wifi. We can let these less fortunate pupils a chance to engage in this innovative way. It is up to us teachers to put into actions our ambition to provide quality education for our beloved students. Do not have fear in using the technology or paying the fine if the gadget is damage. Make a change, think forward!


  27. The profession on education has undergone many changes in teaching approaches, course assessments, roles of teachers and students, mainly through the integration of technology. Programs of Teacher Preparation, therefore, are being challenged to prepare their teacher candidates to use technology effectively. Research shows that technology has become an integral part of the teaching and learning environment making technology a stable part of the teaching and learning experience. Teacher educators must prepare teacher candidates to teach content and to use technology effectively so that all students will benefit in a world that depends on technology.


  28. Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working and motivating them, the teacher is the most important…. BILL GATES.

    In this profession, it is not enough that we are equipped with the professional preparations like schooling, seminars and training’s that we have had but I believed that going inside the classroom and attending classes with our students must be given more of our considerations. It is in the classroom where the final execution of all our preparations will be delivered. So as teachers, we should be sensitive to their intellectual as well as to their emotional needs. As much as possible we should know their personal and family backgrounds in order for us to understand them better with their actions and behaviors inside the classroom. With these measures, we will be guided on how to handle our students and how to motivate them to get involve in all classroom activities. And also, as teachers we should be careful with our words. We need to use encouraging and inspiring words to our students and we should always let them feel our love and concern for them.


  29. In order to meet quality education,to synergize is one big factor.Without teamwork is such a failure.The first thing I could achieve this is to get involved in the system and processes.Participate actively in all school activities and of course use the technology to get things easier.Use the best practices in the school in school.To cite some instances,create a classroom conducive to learning.Use the TV, laptop ,tablet, to get the child involve in the learning process.Provide family information related to child development and create supportive learning environment and extend learning at home with the use of e-learning.Connect to students and families community resources that would strengthens the learners learning and also well-being citizen.


  30. Our students see the internet and hand held devices as an already integrated piece of their daily lives. If we, teachers, can move beyond current barriers to more effective technology integration, then gaps in student achievement could decrease or even disappear. We should be open to all opportunities tech has to offer. We will not only connect to our students rather we will be serve as their way to connect to the world for a more meaningful purpose.


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