What do you Tend to Forget?

“Man, a Being that Forgets”???

ANTHROPOLOGY, being the study of mankind and all its aspects is one of the Foundations of Education for it looks into the distinct characteristics, way of thinking, feeling & acting of the SEEKER OF KNOWLEDGE.  

Being exposed to various circumstances, Sir Edward Talylor, an Idealist Philosophical Scholar of Plato articulated that a certain “complex whole” is being cultivated until man makes himself “belong” to social practices — thus the so called CULTURE: “cultura”/”cultus” = care – where man is eventually faced with the issues of “freewill” and the relationship between rightness and goodness.

Anthropologists contend that it is “human nature” to “gradually accept shared beliefs and values of group through ENCULTURATION & SOCIALIZATION, both LEARNING PROCESSES which eventually tribe people to a complete package of a certain culture called RACE.

Dealing with the origin, nature, and destiny of human beings,

WHAT IS IT then in ANTHROPOLOGY that we need to regard significant?

What is it then that MAN TENDS TO FORGET?

What do you, as a person then as a teacher tend to disregard?

How will you use Anthropology to affect our generation in the future?

Diff ERAS, Nature & Dev of Nationalism
Week 9 Output

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37 thoughts on “What do you Tend to Forget?”

  1. Most of us has become oblivious of how humanity has came to be and how people in the past great thinkers, humanist, scientist and the likes thrived and passed down to us the fruit of their labor enabling us to enjoy and live way convenient from the life they used to have. The culture and traditions where we belong have taught us values which gives more meaning to who we are, however, some of them has also limits us from exploring more possibilities in life. We, most of the time would not dare or take the risk of becoming different. We may say “why bother, my life is easy and comfortable..doing what is expected. But sometimes the attitude of why bother is not always a sign being complacent but more of a deep down fear. We fear that if we try to be different, people or even those that are dear to us might not accept us. Being different is most of the time equated to being defiant, antagonist which in turn gets negative social impact. Being educators we must continuously make efforts to bring difference and change in our teaching practice. Our influence and advocacy that we impart on our students has great effect on how they are going to face adversaries and become a difference in their own noble ways.

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  2. Many things, and some of it are religion, current culture, our origin, ancient artifacts and with this, it allows people to study how human and other organism react to one another. For me one of the things we tend to forget is affection, we stay on our comfort zone and being hesitant in showing our own feelings. By integrating anthropology it affect the future generation on understanding their selves in relation to others, it may simple to others but I consider it as the first step as we dig deeper.


  3. As an educator ANTHROPOLOGY helps us know the origin of human and their kind of culture.
    Man tends to forget the individualism of everyone. They neglected the differences of mankind that is why it is hard for us to understand one another. We should learn to respect others opinion and beliefs for us to be respected also.
    As a teacher i will let my students have a better and deep understanding about ANTHROPOLOGY. In this way I can contribute to them knowledge on realizing each others differences. And hopefully they will appreciate more other races and continue to transfer what they have learnt to other youths of their generation.

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  4. Culture has big part in our life this are referring to our language, traditions, and beliefs that set each of us apart from other. They say that culture is a powerful human tool for survival but it is a fragile phenomenon. it is constantly changing and easily to lost because the phase of our society today is a fast changing generation. if we don,t preserve our culture it may vanish and forgotten.

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  5. Anthropology is the science having an eminently anthropocentric vision in the terrain of humanism and scientific of all times.For me anthropology that we need to regard significant event is that it gives you understanding of world affairs and word problems,gives skills for construction to human social and environmental problems. What is then man tends to forget,this form the denomination of their marvelous science under the terms “Treaty about Man”. We cannot forget that,whether we like it or not, it is man who has been and is eternal protagonist of the history.The people who are highly educated forget the least,while those with the least education forget the most.At the same time, we also might remember certain aspects of a cover that may be stretched a bit from how they were in reality.As a person and a teacher tend to disregard is that the attitude of everyone people that social discrimination of different races in our culture.As an educator I use anthropology in generation we must continuously love our own culture,the way thinking feeling and acting by Miss Nay B. Loquias

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  6. In order for us have a better understanding of our students behavior, it is really important that we should know their culture, their family background even their environment,this is what we usually tend to forget.As an educator we should realize that every student is unique, so we will not meet some difficulties in dealing with them. As a shaper of our future generation, Anthropology can be used as our basis to motivate them to become a person that we envision them to become in the future.

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  7. Anthropology, a fundamental part of education since anthropology deals all about human being and education educates human being.
    As an educator it is very important for us to know all about these theories and applications to teaching for us to give the best learning to our students. But sometimes we tend to forget our mission, the deeper reason why we teach because of our different personal goals. We forget that we are handling and teaching the young minds; the future generations. Sometimes in the life of a student, the significant experience for them in learning is when they see that their teacher cares for them. They are well motivated to go to school and they are inspired to learn more. If they see that you’re a good example to them, you inspire them and that you were able to instill the good character and personality. The goal or objective of studying anthropology is to educate and give the best learning to improve each individual and be a productive citizen in our society.

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  8. In today’s world all are very significant to us. Our family, friends, career, love life, school, gadgets, etc… We all value the things that we know that will make us happy or things that can satisfy our worldly needs and desires. But most of the time, we tend to overlook on it, misuse it, take advantage on it. Without even thinking that these are all temporary and was just lend to us. We forget that the things that we are using are for purposes that we must know what and why.

    Our origin, culture, characteristic, and race are all with a great purpose. Purpose that we all need to find out. Sometimes our purpose is already in front of us or sometimes we’ve experienced it already, we just overlooked it misused it, or maybe we took advantage on it.

    As a person and a teacher, I honestly disregard the purpose that I have to do before. I took advantage on it and I’m telling you it was not fun. It was horrible! Now, as a teacher and a believer of Jesus, I know now my purpose in life and I know now how to give value on the things that I had before, the things I have at the moment, and the things I will have in the days to come.

    Give right value to everything!
    Know your great purpose!
    DO IT! 🙂
    ♥Thank GOD for the wonderful and amazing purpose in your life.

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  9. Understanding human nature is one of the aspect in teacher’s life because we deal with different kind of people, we tend to see every different personalities and characteristics.
    Handling different students in every year make teachers one of a kind anthropologist. Teachers always understand, mimick, care and give extra attention to the needs of the students.
    Often times, we tend to forget our own needs and manage to take all the apportunities to share knowledge with our children.

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  10. As the definition goes, anthropology is the study of mankind and all aspects that defines his characteristics, values and beliefs. In relation to our profession, teaching, since we are to deal with people, it is important for us to know what factors affects a persons behaviour on a given circumstance.It helps to answer a lot of questions we have about life, cultures, religions, our origins and so much more.
    What is it that man tends to forget?

    Very subjective indeed. Answers will depend on how people understood it.

    To name a few, things that man tend to forget is their responsibilities.. their roles. And most of the time, their limitations.

    Sometimes we fail to consider the consequences of our actions which results to regrets. We are to overwhelmed with the situation that we tend to focus on what’s happening instead of considering the outcome of it. In another point of view, we may also see things coming, but as absurd as it may sound, we still hope for tables to turn. Waiting that at any time, things will go your way and luck is just around the corner.
    How are we to use it to improve our future generations depends on how well we understand its importance. Sharing facts and knowledge about certains cultures, origins and he like may also help other people , i.e students, in realizing the significance of anthropology for us.

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  11. Anthropological Foundation of Education should always be given high significance because it makes us understand the study of mankind, our origin, development, culture, customs and beliefs. Throughout time, it seeks to produce useful generalization about people and their behavior and to arrive at the fullest possible understanding of human diversity.

    What men tend to forget is how significant the study is so as to explain the reason behind all our behaviors and actions. We give justifications about it based on our own reason and advantage, sad to say. But as teachers, we must always let our students learn and understand the story behind our culture, tradition, religion, language and writing. In that manner, they will understand how it helped us become what and who we are now. Otherwise, it will remain just a mere history that most students find boring to read.

    Study of this subject matter will help the future generations appreciate and value how our ancestors were able to come up with intelligent ideas in order to prepare us for a life that we have now. Teaching students is a continuous process that we should never get tired of. In the end, it will be our legacy to them that once in their lives, we made them proud of the people who took courage to help us become who and what we are at present.

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  12. Human Nature is the most significant part of Anthropology as it has a direct relationship with teaching. In the classroom, we must teach with heart, let us see our students as humans not robots. Don’t forget the HUMAN NATURE as students are humans, they get tired, upset, frustrated, angry and depressed. In my opinion, Anthropology gets along with Education.

    For me, man tends to forget being human. We live in a busy world where we forget to attend our human side because we work like robots. Sometimes we forget compassion and we cause wars, violence and crime. As man, we must not forget being human, let us be collaborative and help make the world a better place using technology.

    Anthropology will be used to help the future generations by setting the best foundation for the field. Culture of people changes, it was never constant so we must as much as possible, use the subject to understand human groups and make actions to channel good development and growth to people in a macro level to create the best generation of humanity in the future.

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  13. Culture has a big part of what we are now. It molds us of what we are. As what I observe today, it is very rare that we can see the culture that we have. Some may think that it’s an old way that’s why no need to practice it now. Some are ashamed to show their culture because they don’t like to be criticized by others. The reason why we have the History subject. Not just for us know who are the people behind our freedom today and what they did to our country but for us to value the culture that we have. The traditions that we have.

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  14. Anthropology is an essential part of education. We should remember that individual is unique, unique in many aspects like culture, religion,values and many more. It is then important to understand these differences to be able to deal with them with respect according to their beliefs.

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  15. anthropology is the study of mankind and all its aspects.from here, we can definitely say that we, as humans, have our own roots or beginnings. sometimes, with the fast pace life that we are experiencing, others tend to forget where they came from and just accept the norm in the certain area where they chose to live. then we, as teachers, sometimes tend to forget to dig deeper on the roots of our students. however, we must see to it that we give equal rights and opportunities to each students regardless of where they came from.

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  16. Ana Labutan
    Anthropology has a wide scope and it is the study of humankind, everywhere, throughout time, seeks to produce useful generalization about people and their behavior and to arrive at the fullest possible understanding of human diversity. It also contains culture which is a complex whole that involve knowledge, beliefs, art, law, morals, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. From this they have build up foundation of life and developed by the people themselves. Man tends to forget individual differences for they keep on criticizing and comparing the person with the other people. Each of us have our own thinking to do what is right, having a wise decision in our work and having self identity. As a person and as a teacher I disregard the bad things which can not give help to a person. I will use anthropology to affect our generation in the future by discussing it to the pupils for them to understand their culture, values, beliefs etc. Always keep on reminding young children the good values, culture,tradition and be a model so that when they grow up the teachings you have taught them will linger in their minds.

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  17. It is important that we know the origin of our race. The totality and wholeness of us being a Filipino. Our every actions that lead to our culture and beliefs.
    We are now in a new world, we have to tune our every action to our needs today.
    If changes are necessary, then we have to change our culture that we grown up to if it will not help us now.

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  18. People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

    In our students life, every lesson you teach them will never forget if we made them feel it, if we made them think, if we made them realize, if we made them appreciate. In that way we as a teacher also not forget it. Sometimes in every school year past by we intend to forget certain things, things like name of the students. But we will never forget it if we made them feel the value of learning, the value of studying, the value of listening and the value of sharing in that we will never forget.

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  19. In the pursuit of quality education, the Deped underwent several changes in educational system to address certain related discrepancy particularly in the curriculum-based instruction. Different Deped programs were launched nation-wide such as training, seminars and workshops for teachers. These programs aim to upgrade teachers professionally and be able to adapt readily on the changes made. These strategies done by the DepEd is deemed necessary inasmuch as we are accountable for efficient and effective attainment of the specified learning objectives in pursuance of national development goals within the limits of available school resources. As teacher, i am thankful enough for this abrupt implementation of new curriculum-k to 12 program. Although, the sudden change brought out so much changes for all of us. In a positive point of view, sacrifices we’ve been through to make each student perform better in class is contributory to the overall progress every child is making which lead to increasing achievement and quality education. Furthermore, the past curriculum is otherwise significant on what we’ve right now. Indeed, the pass serves as strong foundation, clues, and basis for such changes towards the betterment of our educational system. In the long run, what we need is to refocus, apply our gained knowledge and skills on our mission as we continue to inspire our students to become 21st century learners. Remember we’ve empowered to make difference in the lives of our students.

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  20. Since diverse of students we’ve catering every day, meaning there’s a lot of factors to be considered handling them fairly and efficiently. Students show various manifestations of behavior, traits and values due to different cultural origin. Social and cultural awareness for all teachers should be the great concern. Knowing students’ academic performances, family background and biological scheme which regard significant in anthropology to promote meaningful teaching learning process. The said concern helps teachers to develop harmonious relationship in class, and avoid social discrimination. Moreover, teachers are capable to address students’ problem effectively and perform his duties and responsibilities in accordance with the philosophy, goals and objectives of the school.

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  21. As a teacher, we really tend to forget the needs of our pupils as we only think that they are in school to learn and we are in front of them to teach them. We are their second parent, we forget to think that they are still kids, they need affection, we have to show them that we care, we should not forget our true mission because we are one of the adults that’s responsible for their learning and success.

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  22. As we adapt now to the fast changing world, there are many changes that are happening in our life now. Changes that sometimes brings out goodness to us but there are changes that brings badness to us.
    For me, the most significant thing in anthropology is culture and religion. Culture defines who we are as a person, how we are brought up and how our surroundings change us. While, religion, makes us aware what is goodness and badness in our surroundings.
    Due to this changes, we now tend to forget who we really are as a person. it is important for us to know what culture we want to acquire or adapt. By doing so we should always be aware of what it will bring us. We should ask our self, “Will this culture that i want to adapt will not affect my beliefs to god or how my parents brought me up?, “will this Culture help me to improve in a good way? and ” will this culture is worth sharing to the next generation?’
    To sum it all we should always be reminded that there’s GOD up there who will watch our every move and how we apply or use that culture that we acquire to others. 🙂

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  23. Understanding human nature is one of the aspect in teacher’s life because we deal with different kind of people, we tend to see every different personalities and characteristics.
    Handling different students in every year make teachers one of a kind anthropologist. Teachers always understand, mimick, care and give extra attention to the needs of the students.
    Often times, we tend to forget our own needs and manage to take all the apportunities to share knowledge with our children.

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  24. It is easy to become discouraged when we realize how much tje pastbeffects the “now”.But we can also look at this truth and realize how much the now effexts the future.This can give rise to much hope if we let it that the future changes the second we change the now.We live in a culture that values being productive over being happy .We live in a culture that values individual achievement over communal harmony.We live in a culture that values thinking over feeling.

    This is Cheery Mae F. Acub po

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  25. Sometimes if we are in other country or place we tend to forget to obey their cultures and traditions as new in other place we need to respect their traditions and culture.
    if you are a teacher you need to disregard gender, age, and race of a child. When teaching you need to respect their culture traditions and values.
    You can teach future generations that they also need to respect others traditions and culture so it will remain and future generation can still remember and use it.

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  26. In anthropology, we study not only what was man’s past but also indulge in what can be his future, his aspirations and his skills that accomplish it. as an educator, what I tend to forget is that my students belong to a different generation, one that (I believe) is more complex and challenging because of the multiple issues they have to face. sometimes I look at them and only see one phase of their multi faceted lives. And I know that I need a constant reminder to always look above and beyond what is seen or what they show. students know matter how unruly they behave, they are souls where goodness is hidden. we just need to water that seed of goodness. I was once that misunderstood student, teachers saw me as one terrible headache and verbally wishes me to just skip class so that they would not be burdened. But there was a teacher who believe that I can change, who believe that I am more than people can see, that I was born to do great things. That teacher became my inspiration to be a teacher myself and even pursue Guidance and Counseling. I want to be that teacher to my students, I want to always look at them and TO NOT SEE WHAT THEY ARE NOW BUT TO SEE WHAT THEY CAN BE–

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  27. Mary Joy Enrile

    In anthropology, we study man’s past–what makes him man. but we tend to forget that we should also see what he can become. As an educator that is also something that we tend to disregard, we saw students as to what they are now–but we fail to acknowledge the person that they can be. Belonging to a different generation, I tend to think that what Ive been through in Highschool is the same as to what they are going through in their lives. But now, being with them and having their trust when it comes to their problems or issues I can say that I believe that they have a more complex reality, their multi faceted lives cannot be taken for granted. They are capable beings that needs the right approach, motivation and support so that they can be great. DO NOT LOOK AND SEE WHAT THEY ARE NOW, FOCUS AND SEE WHAT THEY CAN BE TOMORROW

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  28. The founding process of moral education goes from reflection to criticism, to justice, to personal autonomy; and from action to commitment, to love, to personal relatedness. The manifesting process of moral education goes from personal autonomy to justice, to criticism, to reflection; and from personal relatedness to love, to commitment, to action. The two moments of each stage (reflection and action, criticism and commitment, justice and love, autonomy and relativity) are in structural and dynamic contrast. This logic of contrast penetrates the whole process of the formation of an integral person. Moral education, either as an institutionalized process of teaching and learning, or as the whole process of human formation, must take into consideration both the founding process and the manifesting process schematized above. In thus forming more and more persons in action and reflection who are capable of realizing justice and love through criticism and commitment, and thereby of attaining the fulfillment of their autonomous but relational personality, such a moral education could render possible the mastery of science and technology by mankind.


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