One Day @ A Time!

As i slept last night, i told myself “buti na lang may tulog pa!”As i woke up this morning i delighted “buti na lang may gising pa!”

As i heard the birds chirping while i receive energy from this sunrise, i cannot contain to praise God, “buti na lang may isang araw pa ulit!”


Ang sarap magmahal ni Lord, di ka mawawalan ng pag-asang maniwala! 

This is life AMIDST SURVIVAL if you allow God to be very visible in your heart and in your life lalo na if you humble to enrich your soul listening to God’s silent messages through the people He sent to speak to your heart.
Kaya ikaw friend (you know this is for you), kapit ka lang kay Lord! 
There is no pain that God can’t heal. 

Miracles are possible with Him! 


 #thankyouLord #thankyouTheFeast #thankyoufeastsmstarosa #morningsaregreat


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