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Is your Mom your Leader?

“A parent is a leader. It’s the most important leader in the world.”

Reading this from Bro. Bo Sanchez’ message made my mind ask so many things to myself.

I have not been so “me” lately!  I’ve been physically weak, ‘been wanting to still do a lot of things the usual that I used to, but there is this stinging unexplained pain somewhere that makes me stop just to give my body the chance to recuperate.

Good thing though, every time I stop, I ignite myself to claim for God’s healing. Humbly it would bring me to sobs because no matter how strong I want to remain, God might have been giving me such leeway for me to have that “breathing space” which would also give my kids the chance to affirm now that God is giving them “their turn” to make visible — the things that they’ve learned from their mom.

Parent as I am, I then ask myself: “had I been a good leader to my kids?”; “did I accomplish a task having been sent as a mother to them?”; “would my leadership make our kids whom God wants them to be?”

Too early as of yet to get some answer maybe … but I may just represent all the other parents out there who strive to keep that SPARK the best we could, no matter how much sacrifice we have to overcome each day; yet, just as Jesus said to his disciples, we parents do cry out for this too:

“Whoever loves me will keep my word; Whoever does not love me does not keep my words; yet the word you hear is not mine but that of the Father who sent me.” — JN 14:23-29

So for YOUths out there, as much as your parents strive to kindle their light to lead your way to God’s wisdom, may you also strive to ignite your “heart” not only to hear your parents’ voice but most importantly to “listen” to that “inspiration” coming from their deepest intention to make you a Very Inspired Person who would in turn be regarded as Very Inspiring Persons to others too – because there within your HOME, you’ve met your very first VIPs: Very Inspired & Inspiring Parents!

And to us parents, WE MAY BE WEAK AT TIMES but so long as we never turn “that spark OFF” we will always be God’s follower and our kids’ influencer! #sunset

“Leadership is intentional influence.” — Michael McKinne


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