God wants us to PLAY ON!

I will be STILL, know you are God! …

It rained and it stormed — 45 days within those four corners of such room.

there were pains which couldn’t be identified – that my only relief was to “just cry”.

There were times when I was tempted to request God to just “let me go” to end my agony.

But then God, in His mercy would cuddle me to sleep each time I would silently weep and lift up to Him my every bit of ache. And there, in every short sleep intervals, He has given me visions of haven.

God expects us to be merciful as he is merciful.

As God has been merciful to me, how else should I not see each time I would open my eyes that my husband and our kids are there with me, “hoping that I get healed” despite the truth that I have to battle on. My only choice is TO GIVE THIS ANOTHER GOOD FIGHT – for I can never stand the thought of not being there for my husband & kids when things get rough!

With my family striving to pray with me, our brothers & sisters in The Feast & friends who sincerely pray for me, doctors & nurses who collaborate and pray for me too, my dad & mom & my sibblings who never fail to show their concern & support, my deepest way of expressing gratitude is to keep on holding GOD’S CROSS which never failed to accompany me in my plight.

It may rain on as the battle is still on – but friends, as the song says: be “STILL” in committing yourself to God’s greater mission for you – tell yourself “I AM ALIVE!” and you’ll WIN THIS STAGE.  #sunset


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