Train yourself for Real Life

Normal na buhay estudyante: Commute to school & back home — as to your schedule. Aral & school works — as to professors’ requirements. 

You are like a pencil, you are like being sharpened each time — which means, it’s also normal if nahihirapan ka! But each time you “keep on” despite difficulties without complaining more often, and without becoming bitter of your situation, notice that you are becoming better!


Kapag kasi di mo nakikita ang INSPIRASYON sa ginagawa at mga dapat mong gawin, that is a clear indication na kahit ang DIREKSYON na dapat mong tahakin ay di mo din totoong nakikita kasi sarili mong pagka-akala ang pilit mong sinusunod — without you realizing na ikaw mismo ang nagpapahirap sa sarili mo dahil sa sistema na hindi akma sa REAL WORLD na dapat mong harapin sa totoong buhay. 

Tamang oras ng pagtulog, tamang budget ng oras na walang “on the sides” na paningit, totoong disiplina na kahit walang nakatingin ay ginagawa mo kung ano ang magpapatapos sa gawain mo, organized na environment na malaki ang effect sa pagiging organized ng thoughts & dispositions mo — ito sana ang akma sa totoong buhay at ganito dapat ang ginagawa mo if you are allowing yourself to be held in God’s hands! 

Sa totoong buhay kasi, hindi ka magtatrabaho na ikaw lang ang tao sa mundo kaya di mo dapat gawing excuse na kaya sa gabi ka hindi natutulog ay dahil di ka makapag isip kapag maraming tao. For the truth is, you are actually secluding yourself from listening to God’s DIRECTIONS if you keep on defending your excuses & not DO THE RIGHT THING. 

Buhay Estudyante: you are like a pencil, you become better everytime you are being sharpened kasi “what’s inside of you” which is your “led” cooperates than break. If “what’s inside of you” is grateful of what you have, you will choose “to listen w/your heart”. If you don’t break, then you will become a successful pencil, doing your purpose because you allowed God to be REALLY IN CONTROL — and that is thru your parents who may never know everything about “what you don’t tell ” — but who are just there, striving to guide you to the direction that you should take. 

If afterall things are always difficult for you despite that you have most of what you need than what you still expect to have, maybe you should then strive to look around using your heart that there are persons who do not even have a little of what you do not appreciate. Maybe some do not even get reminders & guidance from their parents — thing that you choose not to consider more often — even if they are already to striving for their life for your sake. 


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