We Should Do Something for Them!

Assessing Behavior of Children
Kids have dreams!

From Early Childhood to Growth …

Amidst Individual Differences which are needed to be addressed and understood, someone out there should say “i care”!

Welcome to this Course: Assessing Behavior of Young Children and find out for yourself “how you can” and “how should” you “care to care”!




One thought on “We Should Do Something for Them!”

  1. By: Regina Mae L. Alog

    Every child is a gift of God; they are different from one another. They may have similarities in some ways but each of them is unique. Children are naturally born with special talents, abilities and skills that needs to improve through proper guidance while they are growing up. Like us adults, they also have strength and weaknesses. For example, a child that is good in music is not interested in sports or even in public speaking or a student which is interested in English is having a hard time solving mathematics problem. As a teacher these are the things and issues we should be concern of, we have to be very sensitive in addressing the needs of our children because of their individual differences. We have to be prepared enough in delivering our lessons every day and make interventions if they didn’t understand it very well.

    We should not take for granted the fact that they still have small minds and limited work can do, but let us teach them to widen their horizon, explore things around them and live the world in reality. Yes, it is not easy to mold a child to become holistically well develop, but it is our main responsibility as a teacher to give the best and quality education for our dear students to make them grow. We have that ability to touch their lives and make their future better or fail. God given us the opportunity to change their lives and make a difference, their future is at risk if we don’t care and do nothing to make them learn. I believe that I am destined and chosen by God to be a good teacher not just to teach and share knowledge but my purpose as a human being is to give love, care, understanding and patience to others especially to young ones who needed my help even in a simple way that is, to make them learn and be a good person. I do agree that being a teacher is the most noble’s profession compared to others, because everything we do, anything we give cannot be measure or price of anything in this world. So I am proud being a teacher!


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