When we almost forfeit what we really “don’t want to lose”! 

Cor Dei: My Gospel Reflections

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Pls Read God’s Silent Message: Luke 11:1-13

photo credits to cross map.com

Sabi nila, kapag ang isang bagay daw ay nasira na, ayusin mo man ito, sigurado kesa sa malamang, kapag nasira pa ito ulit, mag-gi-give up na ito ng tuluyan; hindi na muling mabubuo, “goodbye na lang”!

The last thing na pwede mo na lang sabihin ay: “sayang!”

And in your thoughts, madaming “sana”!

“Sana kasi, di mo ito masyadong inabuso, ‘di mo winalang bahala, — sana kasi iningatan mo!

Restoration. Along life’s journey, madalas ito ‘yong hindi natin nagagawa until such time that we almost forfeit what we don’t really want to lose. Yong pagkasira ng isang bagay, it could also happen to us in different areas of our life: in health, in finances and in everything else.

There are times that we don’t understand why things are happening to us — there may be a lot in life that may make us “wanna give up” and just allow “goodbyes” kasi akala natin hindi na talaga maaayos ‘yong nasira na. But you know what, the truth is: “WE CAN NEVER RUN FROM GOD’S LOVE” no matter how much we’ve neglected His “being near” just to make us feel complete.

For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. – Luke 11:10

Friend, God wants us to FLOURISH in every aspect if only we will PUT GOD FIRST in our life. Despite the many risks and challenges of feeling so down, so low and dead hopeless, He wants us to STRIVE FOR RELEVANCE and enrich everything else in OUR BEING –so that we will have that FULLNESS OF LIFE.

All that it should take is for us to STRIVE TO BE WHOLE: humbly ASK, SEEK, KNOCK and GOD WILL ADD MORE TO OUR LIFE than allow “goodbyes”! 🐬😊 #sunset

Published in The Feast SM Sta Rosa Bulletin. 2016 Series. FSMSRB Issue of 24 July 2016. BELOVED Series. Talk 2: Be Whole






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