What will make you Ready?

In this course, we will be Assessing the Behavior of Young Children who belong to our Early Childhood Education Program.

If you will initially be asked to do your first “Assessment Task” among these Young Children, what “emphasizing truth?” could you observe?  Do the kids really get that “meaningful experience” which should be rendered to them in terms of Assessment?

More often than not, most of us may have that natural tendency to identify factors that should give that “consequential experience” from the outside – such as lack of facilities, number of teachers, inconsistencies, and the likes – such that we may find it an excuse that our actions are limited by the outside “consequences”. But US, being part of Early Childhood Education should be the first customers of our program. Attempting to Assess the Young Children’s Behavior is just like “looking into their eyes” with an “innate skill” which “i feel” is actually not significantly accorded in any Teacher Trainings if there are any.

We can never really see what lies within each child’s eyes if we haven’t exerted effort “looking into our own” – for we can never really deliver that “meaningful experience” if we haven’t even devoted ourselves through it.

“The first years of life are important because what happens in early childhood can matter in a lifetime!” – Harvard, 2009

Assessing Behavior of Children
Kids have dreams! They hope we would care to shape their future!

Our existence as teachers would matter in each child’s lifetime – yet, we can never really give what we don’t have; and we wouldn’t know what to give if we wouldn’t identify what we have. In the same way, we wouldn’t really strive to work for something else if we are not aware of what we don’t have.

To BEST BEGIN, why not strive “to look into your own eyes” – the window of your soul!?

It’s never too late: PEEP-INto your OWN WINDOW! Grab this opportunity now … look within, query around, reflect on feedbacks, find opportunities of your better understanding your “self” so that you may also be able to understand the young children you’re catering to.

Begin filling in your window:

ECE 116. 10-1. Blog Post 1. Johari Window

Photo Credit to: http://www.startofhappiness.com/wp content/uploads/2012/07/johari_window.png

This is a Johari Window, a Model developed by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955, an idea derived as the upshot of the group dynamics in University of California. The name ‘Johari’ came from joining their first two names: Jo-Har-I.

As a Psychological Tool, the ‘Johari’ window model is relevantly used to identify TWO TRUTHS in your life: the “known”  and the “unknown” areas which you and others “see” and “do not see” .

It could aid in improving self-awareness, ‘soft’ skills and in motivating personal development as you go through the journey of discovering “who you are” as a person. – while you enhance your perception on others through social  “trust” as you thrive to achieve the task of understanding and enhancing communication for interpersonal development when you’re already in a group.

Each person is represented by the Johari model through four quadrants or window panes which signify personal information, feelings, motivation and whether that information is known or unknown to oneself or others in four viewpoints:

  1. Open self” or Arena – the “Public” area which you and others see in you: attitudes, behavior, emotions, feelings, skills and views.  You typically do not mind discussing with others this part of you. Most of the time you agree with this view you have and others have of you upon “feedback solicitation”.
  2. Hidden Self” or Façade– the “Private” area which  you see in yourself but others don’t; known to you but is kept unknown from others which you feel reluctant to reveal: feelings, past experiences, fears, secrets, faults, weaknesses, and dysfunctions due to modesty, vulnerability & protection.
  3. Blind self” or blind spot–the area which you do not see in yourself but others see in you: those that others know in a group but you are unaware of it. Others may interpret yourselves differently than you expect; sometimes a mismatch between your talk & walk which you fail to detect.
  4. Unknown Self” area – the “Undiscovered” area of your self that you cannot see nor others around you: your feelings, capabilities, talents; even the traumatic past experiences or events which can be unknown for a lifetime and makes you unaware till you discover your hidden qualities and capabilities through observation of others. You would need to strive for Open Communication to effectively decrease the unknown area and thus to communicate effectively.

So long as you are ever willing to open up those windows, more doors of opportunities will be opened.

Now that you have accomplished such self-discovery and disclosure, how do you think would this self-assessment help you in Assessing the Behavior of Young Children?


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  1. Self Assessment is the First Step to All Assessment —Enhance Dreams

    In this self-assessment “Johari Window” I learned my strength and weakness. I can improve my strength and share it to my students, I can use it to strengthen my weakness.
    Self-assessment help me in assessing the behavior of young children by know how children are learning if making progress and meeting the benchmarks and if they are being taught effectively. To know their capacity, standardized assessments and portfolios

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  2. Self-assessment help me discover what am I good at and improve the things that must be improved. It will be a big help for me in assessinh the behavior of young children in enabling them to also discover what are they good at and help them not just to learn but developed appropriatele. Assessing children must focus on the things that they can do rather than on the things that they cannot do.
    Such positive approach to assessment are thought to be helpful in viewing the child as an individual with unique characteristics and abilities. As a teacher it maintained my positive attitudes about issue/problems related to child development.

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  3. Self-assessment help me discover what am I good at and improve the things that must be improved. It will be a big help for me in assessing the behavior of young children in enabling them to also discover what are they good at and help them not just to learn but developed appropriately. Assessing children must focus on the things that they can do rather than on the things that they cannot do.
    Such positive approach to assessment are thought to be helpful in viewing the child as an individual with unique characteristics and abilities. As a teacher it maintained my positive attitudes about issue/problems related to child development.


  4. Assessing the Behavior of Young Children, is very tough task. First, we need to understand from the beginning or the roots in every children, to come up the best assessment to them. Like, now we are reviewing and studying our Pre-school Education in our country-Philippines, from past to present regarding the New Development and Laws Affecting Early Childhood Education. We analyzed and compared every details in Early Childhood Education, ex. past – only elite people and present – EFA.

    I would like to share, my own assessment in our school based on the question, If the Philippines is ready for the universal Kindergarten Program? Yes and no, No, based in “my own” assessment and category/factors: Facilities: one room for kinder, with 97 pupils, had 2 session only and one teacher-Michael P. Nario. Where the ideal class size is 25 to 30 pupils per one teacher. Yes, we are ready because all the good attitude, and capabilities of a teacher in our school are highly appreciated to impart every knowledge in our pupils. And also all the supports of stakeholders, LGU’s, NGO and other. Every children in our school, receiving all the best in terms of knowledge and skills that they will use for their future. We are advocate in EFA-Education for All.

    To become effective educators in our children, we should assess first our self, as individual and teacher. It is a big help to me/us the Johari Window model, this use relevantly to identify two truths in my life the “known” and the “unknown” areas which you others “see” and “do not see”. With this model, I realized and open my eyes to see me as a person to other people and to my self. My strengths to other people but in my view it is my weakness, good and bad attitudes and weakness in my life. It summarized all the things I know, if see it is very broad. My thoughts and my eye opens to a new beginning and challenges that I will be facing as the days pass by. I will continue my strengths, have open mind and positive attitude to become a better person and teacher for children.

    As a kindergarten teacher, every task in my life and in my profession, I make sure from the very little details there is a BIG HEART AND GOOD ATTITUDE, that will LOOK in every children’s eyes, LISTEN to their needs and rights and LINK them to their uniqueness and dreams in life.

    I f we used our HEARTS to accept all duties and big responsibilities as a teacher, it will become lighter. In order to make a difference in a life of child, let us bear in our minds, we only live once. Let’s make a legacy in every children/pupils a life long learner.

    Looking into the eyes of a child, I’ll be accepting the challenge to make difference in their lives to fulfill their DREAMS.

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  5. What will make me ready to teach? What will prepare me to be an effective teacher in the classroom? There is no definite answer because there is just a lot of answers. As a teacher, I of course have to know the different subject areas such as math, science etc., various teaching strategies and approaches, child development theories, learning styles and strategies of our students, technology, instructional materials, assessment methods and a lot more. Analyzing these factors, I came up with three categories: knowledge about subject areas and pedagogy; knowledge about my students; and knowledge about myself.

    Knowledge on the different subject areas and pedagogy is important because it taps on what we teach and how we teach in the classroom. Preschool students are full of curiosity; they ask too many questions. And therefore, I have to have ample general knowledge to be able to answer their questions. Also, knowledge on different subject areas would help me combine or integrate various topics in one activity. Knowledge on pedagogy, on the other hand, would help me create lesson plans, activities, and environments that are appropriate and meaningful for my students.

    Most of the time, we teachers tend to look at what is missing in our classrooms and in our schools such as lack of facilities, budget, books and other materials, furnitures, etc. that we forget what is constantly present in the classroom – our students. Yes, facilities and materials are indeed important for us to teach better but aren’t our students more important that these things? We focus so much on the inconsistencies we cannot control that we unintentionally forego providing our students meaningful learning experiences. Knowing the strengths, weaknesses, talents, attitude and aptitude, learning styles and strategies, and motivation of our students is more than enough to push us teachers teach better in the classroom. Knowledge about our students, I believe, would help us teachers be creative in finding meaningful experiences for them so they would be able to hone their skills more while meeting the content standards set by DepEd.

    Knowledge on the first two categories is widely discussed in seminars and trainings. Knowledge about our own selves is not. I definitely agree with Ms. Gail that as teachers, we should also reflect and look into our selves. We have to know and be aware of ourselves well in order to teach others well. Using the Johari window has helped me to get to know myself more as a person and as a teacher. I became more aware of the things I know and don’t know about myself. This also changed my perspective in assessing children and that is we have to look beyond observable and measurable behaviors of our students. Not all things we see from our students is the whole picture. We have to dig deep in order for us to get a clearer picture of our students.

    In the classroom, one thing is for sure – change is inevitable, change is constant. Every school year, every day, we experience different things in the classroom because we and our students bring in something different. No matter how prepared we are, we will never be 100% ready. That is why we teachers always have to be open — open to new experiences, open to new challenges, and open to trying different things and approaches. In other words, we teachers also have to change to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of our classrooms. It is only then we accept changes we can provide our students meaningful learning experiences that can help them maximize their potentials.

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  6. Self- assessment is the most powerful to understand in order for us to improve our performance. Assessing the Behavior of Young Children is not easy task to do for there are certain things to consider and guidelines to follow because pupils have individual differences. We must have to motivate and be positive in dealing to the child especially that they are still kindergarten so that they could easily follow. We should also developed their strengths so that as they grow, they will be familiarized and it will instill in their minds the teachings that they learned.

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  7. Assuming the responsibility of being a teacher is such a big role.Why? My chosen profession and line of work is very delicate and sensitive in the sense that I cater young children with limited knowledge on how to conquer in the challenging modern world. Will i be ready to take the challenge in this changing world? Definitely! It is through assessing my “own personality,” by knowing all my weaknesses and strengths and empowering myself. All of this will guide me on how will i assess the behavior of the children that i am with everyday. These young ones that I teach everyday are God’s precious gifts. And looking merely through their eyes l realized that they need something like our tender loving care for them and let’s feed them with the best inspiration that we can instill in their minds. Doing something different that they don’t experience from home will change their lives and make them a better child. By reaching out for them and appreciating their simple achievements or good actions. These children will most likely feel the warmth and the comfort and start to enjoy and experience a happy life that they do not experience at home because of some rejections. It would also help the child build his self-esteem at a young age and will bring it until he grows older having the positive attitude towards life because the influence that you have made as his “teacher” is more important.I believe that it is not the outside forces that matters to a child like the classroom, the materials or toys that they manipulate inside the learning centers and the like. But it is “I” as the teacher who makes a difference in the life of my pupil. By using a big “heart” I think is the best strategy in the teaching and learning process.

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  8. Assessing the child is a tough job. Having 20 up kids with different needs, interest, attitude and economic status will really take us a long period of time to for us (teachers) to comply with those things. To mold and produce holistic kids, all the stake holders of the school should collaborate and help one another to provide the needs of these kids.
    As a teacher, the first thing i do is to win their (pupils) trust and heart. Let them feel to enjoy and love to go to school everyday. Then next is to assess their actions, abilities, talents and differences. I will extend an extra time for those who could hardly cope up. I will also ask the help and cooperation of the parents because i do believe that I can’t do everything for those kids and these kids need time of their family. Before, during my first year of teaching, if my pupils don’t want to listen and learn I don’t force them. I’m telling to myself “If you don’t like to learn, so be it, any way i am paid” As the years pass, my vision/mission is getting to a meaningful way. On my second year of teaching up to present, i see to it that my pupils should bring home something they learned. I am now also rendering extra time to all my pupils especially those who are late bloomers. I treat them and owned them like my own nephew/niece or son/daughter.
    Regarding on the question: Are we ready for the K – 12 Curriculum? For me partly ready and partly not, why? Yes Makati is a very supportive to the education system of our city but still some the schools are lack of rooms facilities and materials for the kids. To give the best and ideal classroom especially for the kinder, our classroom can not provide it because of the narrow space compared to the other school. Classroom should be conducive to the pupils. But our classroom is not. They are not quite comfortable because the can not move freely. We teachers willing to arrange and give the best classroom for them but we can not do it alone. Activity materials, kindergarten pupils need lots of activities individually, we teacher are trying to provide those needs. The truth is, most of the time we are using our own allowance just to provide those materials.
    Memos are not so clear. They don’t stick on the first memo that’s why we are always we can not pursue to the main goal of our mission and vision. Before they should implement memos it should be discussed ahead of time.
    The school heads should also give parenting seminar before, during and after the school year. They should be strict enough on the policies and be transparency on all the things that could benefit the entire pupils.They should render true and honest service.
    Lastly, we should not ask what their previous teacher does, why they did not learn instead we ask ourselves what can we do in order for these kids to be productive and responsible citizen of our country while they are in our hands. Stop blaming and pipping the lack of teachers.
    These are the only words that i can say Mam.
    God bless po and best health always. Thank you for inspiring me and the whole class . (ECE 118)

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  9. Evaluating ourselves is never easy to do, but it’s a critical part of being a teacher or a leader. As times, technology and situations change and as people come and go from your life it is essential to ask yourself if you’re being successful at meeting your objectives or even if you could do them just a little bit better. Honest self-assessment is extremely difficult but is the key to any true personal development. It should come from a place of objectivity as opposed to trying to portray yourself in a positive or negative light.
    And I realized from this activity that theres still things to improve to myself and always be honest specially to ourselves because honest thinking allows you to spend less time on dead ends and more energy towards the right path.
    Lastly, how can you give or share something beautiful and fruitful things to others if you yourself dont know your trueself.

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  10. Preschool Education is the most crucial stage that we have in our basic education. In this stage, children learn to mingle to their peers, learn to be responsible and develop their cognitive skills. In this level, teachers should be careful to what she/ he say. Because they are good in imitating our actions. They are really good in remembering everything; such as dress , shoes and etc. But reality really strikes us teacher.Weather we like it or not, some parents are really irresponsible in taking care of their children. They let their child go to school without anything. Some children are product of broken families that makes the children wonder and ask why. That’s why we need to understand their unfavorable behavior.

    Assessing ourselves is really significant to us. It’s been a great opourtunity to know that somebody know us better and somebody look us differently. Giving their statements also make us proud and wonder. For children, assessing them makes our perception change. If we are going to look with their physical appearance we will never know what’s in their mind. Knowing their background, interest and behavior makes us really understand them. Giving your time and effort makes children feel the assurance that you love them.

    Children can also make us to be young as always. They are really amazing , innocent and spectacular.

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  11. There is a saying that mothers knows best, I agree, the same with us, teachers, we should know our student because we are there second parent. But how can we know them if we do not know ourself. The things should start within us and Johari window help me find out more who I am in the eyes of the other people. It help me discover my strength and weaknesses as a person. I can now improve my negative side and I prove once again that our friends are the one who can tell us who really we are without any reservation just for us to change for the better.
    Knowing myself who I am as a teacher is such amazing thing .It will greatly help me understand my students especially today that there are lots of issues and problems faced by the education department. We cannot deny what is really happening, “the real scenario” we are the most affected by the changes implemented by DepEd.
    What will make me ready? Or should I say “am I ready”? A big question with lots of thoughts coming out of my mind. As a teacher of course I am ready not just because I am A girl Scout that is always prepared but there is no ways to back out or give up. It is our oath to serve and to teach our children despite of factors that makes our job difficult, and student learning uncomfortable.
    In my school, since it is Makati,( I am very proud of!) , they say everything is provided by the city ,our class room has enough size for the kindergarten class size of 25 pupils but since we have a big population it increases my number of pupils to 30 or more. The room is fully airconditioned but because we have a big class size it is no longer cold. We have our television, a rubberized mat although not all the floors were covered. The tables and chairs are enough but the spaces are too little for the kids to move around. Some indoor activities are substituted with other activities and learning center were no longer be put inside the class room. But still we are lucky than those of the other and I should be thankful for this. It serves as inspiration to me not to look for more but I am still hoping to have a better one. It is not the number of the students, the books and the facilities that are insufficient but a passion to love and teach our students. To share what I have and inspired them to be a good citizen and a product of being a good teacher.

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  12. Every child is unique. They have a different needs, attitude and interest. As a parents we also need to know what are the interest of our child, We cannot just insist on what we want to our child. Let them to explore and do what they want to do, but they still need monitoring of their parents. Same as being a Kindergarten teacher, the role of a teacher in kindergarten is like a mother, like they said the teacher is a second parents or mother of each child in school. We should also known the interest or needs of each child in the classroom. Early Childhood known that this is the critical stage of each child because this is the time that we need to develop their young mind. In teaching kindergarten you don’t need to push the child to learn the lesson for today, but let them enjoy learning by the use of play, sing and dance. In assessing them under by the K to 12 curriculum we don’t have a grading system and we are not focus on Academic but we only have an observation for their development this are we called ECCD (Early Childhood Checklist Development). In Kindergarten, Teacher and Parents work together for the good development of their child. This is how in Kindergarten assess the child. If the teacher observe different for their pupils the teacher must be called the parents and talk about it so the teacher can understand the child development, interests and the needs. Assessment is a part of learning cycle that creates a positive learning experience for our pupils. “With clear learning goals, teachers have flexibility in how they teach.”

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  13. For me my existence of being a teacher is a calling. Despite of trials and frustrations I’d experienced from the past made me strong to strive to become a better teacher. And now, successfully fulfilled my dream. But, there are some things always bothering me in my almost 8 years of teaching and dealing with little children, “What makes me ready every day?” Did I met the personal and professional qualities expected from a teacher such as; being approachable, practicing professionalism at all times, competent, mastery of the lessons, encouraging, respectfully…positive qualities of a teacher must possess. Long years of experienced in teaching really helped to guide us and survived. These experiences will lead us on how to become ready to face the day to day task given to us. Because teaching is not only to teach, but to educate individual. And dealing with different children with different personalities really serve as challenge to us on how to become effective one. For me, if you are still in the service, we should not stop searching ways on how to become an effective teacher, the case today could not be the same case in the future just like the educational system, from traditional way of teaching is expecting something new at present and expected of more improvement in the future. To become ready, we should know our strength and weaknesses. And not stop searching of a solution to a problem.

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  14. In this assessment I learned my strength and weaknesses as a teacher. The things I have to improve being a Kindergarten teacher.
    It will be a big help for me in assessing the behavior of young children enable them them to discover what are they good and also to help them just to learn but also to develop appropriately.
    Being a Kindergarten teacher for almost 4 years is a big responsibility.My experiences lead me on how to become ready to face the everyday task and challenges in and out of the classroom.
    For me teaching is not only to give knowledge or not just to teach the pupils, but to educate every individual not only academically but also to train them how to become a good person and shape them in a good future.
    What makes me ready everyday?
    I think being a professional teacher, a good second mother to my pupils, being approachable teacher to them, being a good friend not only for the pupils but also to the parents of my pupils, encouraging., patience and with a BIG HEART for my teaching profession specially to my PUPILS makes me ready for my everyday tasks.
    Difficult challenges everyday becomes easy and lighter if we accept those challenges with an open MIND and open HEART.
    Accept all those challenges and let us make difference to the life of a child. Before we all do that Let us try to LOOK first to every eyes of our PUPILS.
    Let us give our pupils a BETTER FUTURE.


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  15. My personal observation about the real scenario of Pre-School Education in our school is competitive and ready to cater the needs of the children.We are lucky enough because of the financial support of our City Government of Makati that we received in our school. We are blessed to have our own laptop, television and other instructional materials that will motivate the children to learn. As a teacher, I asked myself, Did I provide meaningful experiences to my pupils everyday? As I reflect on myself and look into the eyes of my pupils, I realized that I did not give 100% of my role as a teacher. I admit I am an authoritarian teacher because I know that this is the way my pupils will learn from me but as the days goes by I noticed that my pupils are helpless and did not enjoy our lesson. Their presence are there but I did not feel their hunger to learn. As I accomplished my self-discovery, I realized that as a teacher I should know the needs/wants of my pupils. I should give meaningful experiences that will make them learn and have fun in doing their activities. I learned also that teacher must keep the door of communication open with their students’ parents. Now I realized and I will become a second mother to my pupils. I will treat them as my own children wholeheartedly because a mother desires is to give what is the best for her children, so as a Teacher I will give the best for my pupils. I am thankful also because Mam Gail became my inspiration to become a better teacher and a productive individual.

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  16. Assessing the holistic development of child is a broad thing to do. Just like the JOHARI window, it reminds us teachers that our pupils has their own need,wants strengths and weaknesses.Others may perceive as a in a right way but other do it in other way.
    As we tried to look at our education system especially in preschool education, we can say that it is not as good as we compare to other countries, but as preschool teachers handling and molding young minds we must accept the challenges that comes to our room from time to time.I remember a quote that, A teacher can make or break a child. We can make their dreams come true if we see and believe them that they may become somebody who can be proud of.

    By looking them as unique individuals with innate talents and skills, we can assessed them easily. As teacher of preschool for four years, I always wanted to make them happy and feel that they belong to a class wherein everyone is accepted despite of differences.We always want to give them the best of what we can give for their own sake.

    Let us be a proactive teacher not a reactive teacher, we have the great impact to the holistic development of a child.

    Let us always look back at the JOHARI window when we need to asess a child,because sometimes those child has the same experience as we have.

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  17. Self assessment is difficult but with the help of the people surrounds you and with the guidance of our Great Creator is easy to discover Who I am and what is my purpose in life? Why God give me life and made me as a kindergarten teacher ? Johari window helps me to discover my strengths and weaknesses as a person :). Assessing holistic development of our children is difficult if we as a teacher don’t know how to assess ourself as well. Despite lacks of budget, facilities and other materials in school and whatever the curriculum is , we can still help the child to develop as long as we know our values as a role model for our children. Good character and God fearing young citizen is more important than anything else and style rest will follow. Liberty Abejuela 🙂

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  18. A person’s life is like a river that continuously flow goes on and on.There’s always a beginning but we don’t really know where and when it ends. Its like a falling leaves dancing in the wind that we don’t exactly point out its final destination. This Johari Window is basically a reflection of myself that pertain exactly of my past, present and what will be myself in future. When I tried to look back and reminisce old stories and experiences I feel different emotions, I remember my ups and downs, good and bad times that I never imagine that I can handle it before. I realized that learning to appreciate things around you whether it is good or bad and be optimistic out of it is the best lesson that life can teaches us. Learning is not always about good things but most of it came from bad ones. I also learned that whatever happened today is just a reflection of my past, what I am now is molded and created by my past and today will be the shadow of my future. Its really hard to assess ones personality, behavior, attitude and skills especially younger children, most of the time we adults don’t really know what they wanted and needs, but in spite of those issues and concern let us stop blaming one another, let us try to extend our help to our beloved pupils, extend our patience, love and care as we own them and be their second parent inside and out of the classroom. I always believe in this saying, “You cannot give what you do not have”, it is so meaningful to me, as a teacher I wanted to share what I have and Im trying very hard to work with my flaws to give the best to my students. This Johari Window taught me not just how to assess my pupils but to assess first my own self as human being, as parent and as a teacher. Knowing who am I is one of the meaningful and best thing I can do for myself, for my students and to other persons around me.

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  19. Assessing the behavioral function of young minds inside the classroom is quite a conflict task to obtain but full of patience and stong determination was always there to alleviate my worries. I made lots of learning variation for them not to get bored easily aside from those numerous free instructional materials provided by our local government.
    God gives us children to train in his way to love and teach how to follow and obey. When teachers and children respect each other, new moments of teaching build themselves into a lifetime of love and strong values. Students have different learning styles,abilities, and interests from the information processing activities given by the teacher.
    “Growth Window” is based on the “Johari Window”. Meaning to say that we are willing to SHOW others….HIDE because othes may think less to us…..BLIND SPOT is our habits and behaviors that we don’t know but others know it and in order to discover ur POTENTIAL, to tap into our Creativity, Intuition, and Genius, we need to be more open about ourselves to others, and more open to the feedback we receive from others. As wa expand our awareness through this interaction,we gain deeper insights into who we are.
    Looking back to the eyes of a child…
    We must deal our students or children in a nice way as they are still immature that needs love and guidance from us and that someday whoever they maybe we are always a part of their success.

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  20. Assessing oneself is needed before assessing others. It is important that we should know and understand ourselves so we can know others in a deeper perspective. We will have better understanding on others if we know ourselves- positive or negative, What should we do when things revealed to us. Positve knowledge about us using joharis window will strengthen us to do more and be an influence of good things. We should not overlook on the negative knowledge about us. The purpose of this if for us to improve and grow. Only one should be open minded. Be willing to be corrected. Now in relation to assessing children, with this, we will more compassionate to them. Realizing that we too have weaknesses, we will extend our patience and love to these children. What I like most is that we learn accepting ourselves which these children can learn also from us. Acceptance is a key for a person to move on and hoping what God has set – for He gives what is the best for us.

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  21. What will make me ready? This question is somewhat hard to answer because we really don’t know where to start. But because of the “Jorari’s Window” we are able to understand ourselves. As a teacher we need first to assess ourselves because how can you assess your pupils without assessing yourself first?
    Self-assessment helps you understand your inner and outer self. Helps you find your strength and weaknesses.
    From this self- assessment we are able to understand our pupils feeling towards the topic that you are teaching. As a Math teacher it is really hard for me to teach our lesson because many of them are really not ready with the lesson. Some of my pupils really don’t know how to use the four fundamental operation and it really hurt my feelings because what happen in their previous grade? But then as a teacher I need to do something. I need to use different strategies and techniques in order for them to understand the four fundamental operations. Teachers should be more patient and compassionate to our pupils in order for them to make ready in every lesson. And with the help of our almighty GOD we can make them ready and I will be ready for the challenges that comes.

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  22. According to the philosopher Socrates, “Knowing thyself is the beginning of wisdom”.

    In my own personal reflection, I believed that knowing myself is very important to know my real PURPOSE. Not knowing my purpose in life is a lost and a useless existence. Knowing myself also means being open to my strengths and weaknesses. Embracing these would enable me to keep moving forward and bring the best out of me.

    I can use all of these to help other people especially those whom I will be serving. The process of knowing myself does not end with how I see myself but also how others see me.

    I am ready… ready to face challenges and changes. Changes that will make me a better person and receptive to others. I wanna help change other people’s lives especially in the lives that I will be part of. But it all begins with ME.

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  23. Self-reflection on your values and beliefs reveals that you have a strong awareness of who you are, which is always important when you’re making a life-changing decision about your future. Sometimes an activity is meaningful because it challenges you to adjust your personal values or beliefs. On the other hand, sometimes an experience is meaningful because it challenges you to stick to your values. One way an experience becomes meaningful is when you can show how those skills helped you achieve a goal. For me, all of these skills – better listening, organizing and presenting arguments, and making connections with others – are meaningful because I always knew I wanted to work in a writing profession.

    Again, self-reflection is required to write about who you really are, but identifying your personal qualities and showing how they have become your strengths can make an outstanding story for your meaningful experiences. We can never really see what lies within each child eyes if we haven’t exerted effort into our own, this is true as a teacher we serve as the guidelines for the path of their life.Create your own visual style.. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. Try to look at your weakness and convert it into strength. That’s success.!!!!

    I’am ready to serve my children, ready to face the challenges as what I encounter, A chance to Shape the Future…..

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  24. Assessment is the most essential part of teaching. Because of all the decisions we will make about our young children. A student’s life through the educational system in whatever setting they are in begins and ends with an assessment. Giving of the appropriate procedures in assessing to all young children behavior will provide children learn well.
    Through Johari’s Window Model, journey of self-discovery serves as the big opening windows that bring into a full realization and self-reflection where known and the unknown areas are identified. For as we know the fact in our life that we cannot give what we do not have. What will make me ready?
    With all the power of my genuine love of teaching can surely develop the natural love and bring meaningful learning to all children. I’ll also use and apply authentic assessment effectively that will demonstrate the “unique strengths” and weaknesses of my students. This things will make me ready to assess the readiness of the young child.

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  25. What makes me ready? I really love children, especially those
    cute and smart, but what i touches most is the childen who are needy, children who needs to to love and care. I’m a product of a loving family, i’m so blessed to have this family who shows me how to
    care others. In this “Johari Windows” it’s make me think what I am, What is the weaknesses and strength as a person and in order to become a more realistic and understanding mentor. It help me to clear the goals as a mentor and as an /adviser, friend, sister, and what greater impact do i need to implore to my pupils.

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  26. Being part of my everyday routine is to be “ready” in everything I do, but being really “ready” is something I look forward everyday. Ready in the sense of “touching the heart” of whom? of the people that’s in my first list everyday i go to work…. my pupils…
    I consider my pupils as my own children that what ever i do, I say will sure be a part of their lives.
    What makes me READY???
    Its not what I do or what I say that makes me ready.. Its what my heart feel that makes me ready… As an educator, teaching alone is not the thing that only matter to my pupils, its how I can show and share my love and concern.

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