Not an Ounce of Hope will Perish!

Those moments when you can’t understand where pain is coming from, basta may masakit but you can’t identify kung saan kasi maraming pwedeng panggalingan as to your condition — buti na lang “pwede ka namang umiyak” just to burst out such sting.

Di naman gamot lang ang pwedeng makapagpagaan ng bawat sakit na nararamdaman mo…

You endure  — kasi it’s your choice na lumaban PARA SA MGA TAONG MAHAL MO dahil di mo sila kayang masaktan kapag nakita nilang di ka na lumalaban.

It helps a lot to have that gratitude in your heart!

Amidst suffering, many are praying for you — some would even come to pray over and send notes to delight your heart. Amidst discomforts, you can see that your family has been striving to manage things with you.  Most specially, amidst every single pain, you have God’s Cross which you can hold — to assure you that nothing can separate God’s love from you.

You can give it another good fight because YOU LOVE!

Kaya mong sabihin sa sarili mong “laban lang!” kasi ‘yon yong pwede mong ibalik na gratitude kay God for sending you people who physically, morally & spiritually support you in your plight.

Gods Cross

Recurrence, kahit stage 4 pa yan — you can always choose to embrace God’s cross because that cross will BREAKTHROUGH any pain to again bring you the healing that you need.

There within your HEART, you feel that BIG WHY: “you’ve got to BE STILL” not only because of God’s Jeremiah 29:11 for you — but initially because you don’t want to hurt the ones you love kapag nakita nilang mas pinili mong hindi na lumaban.

Its always worth the sacrifice for the sake of the people you love — much more, it is exciting to experience God’s healing while holding His Cross IN QUIETNESS & IN TRUST, for you have yet a lot of God’s tasks to accomplish.  #sunset


One thought on “Not an Ounce of Hope will Perish!”

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