The Future that we should Take Care Of

“We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back.

It is the present that we are concerned with

and the future that we should take care of.”

– Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte, 1st SONA, 25 July 2016

The response and performance of a TEAM is the REFLECTION of its Manager’s ATTITUDE! – would you believe so?

If “Management” is the judicious use of means/resources to achieve goals; and having commands of the whole range of management skills, what can you say about Pres. Duterte’s statement which gained applause during his 1st SONA — what “manager’s ATTITUDE” is he trying to portray?

Any institution could only have worthwhile accomplishment if the one leading it has a healthy concept of what he should FIRST & FOREMOST DO to eventually meet a successful end!

With every MAN leading for a certain cause, CHANGE is not always easy – BUT it is something that we always seek out in different areas of life: in any group, in any institution, in whatever situation. Hence, one can never really EFFECT CHANGE if he does not INFLUENCE anyone.

What does it take then to be an “effective influencer”?

Making a RECALL of the activity that we did in class: [you can insert a picture of your output] the various dots that you have placed all over the sheet which you preferred to work on, how you’ve plotted/organized your dots, the innate skills that you can share, the responsibilities which you’ve accepted to fulfill, and the four quadrants where unaware as you were you’ve placed those “life elements” – what does it tell about you as a “manager of your own life”? How do you think could it help you AFFECT INFLUENCE?

MANAGEMENT may never be an easy task though; but so long as you would strive to experience it FOREMOST TO YOUR “SELF” even with struggles, you would eventually realize that with the way you ORGANIZE your thoughts and your actions, you can certainly TAKE CARE not only OF YOUR FUTURE – but of your CHILD’S & others’ LIFETIME too.


“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little,

has its stages of drudgery and triumph;

a beginning, a struggle and a victory.”

                          — Mahatma Gandhi


25 thoughts on “The Future that we should Take Care Of”

  1. “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety” – Abraham Maslow.

    Status-quo decisions may be helpful for a moment however if we are resilient then surely the future must be brilliant.

    Manager must have a impeccable managerial skills to be successful in managing organisation, most importantly educational organisation. If there’s love and passion then it is certain success is only a fruit of labour as we are building the legacy in helping others for the future. Challenges must only be a fuel to surpass and achieve quality and respect for educational organisation.

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  2. Razel C. Britan

    The manager’s Attitude is very essential for the success of a Team. As a team you have a goal, but it depend on how the manager motivate the team to perform well.
    Pres. Duterte’s statement shows that he has a strong ambition for the future of all Filipinos, patriotic person and optimistic.
    To be an effective influencer begin it within yourself. Start with the little things that you can do the right thing till others will notice this. It’s true that the word “Change” is not easy. Everyone should, be opened for the change.
    At first I didn’t know where to put my dots in an empty sheet. As the activity went through I placed the dots in scattered manner. I’m the kind of person that is sensitive towards the feelings of others. I am easily affected of what of what is happening to the people who are close to me. Being a mother and daughter are my priorities in life. I have to manage my own life for the good of my love ones. It shows also that my profession as a teacher is not my first choice, but I learned to love it. Managing of my own life is not easy. I have to be strong for all the trials that I may encounter. I need to be flexible for what situations I need to manage. Being an open-minded, ready for the change and willing to adopt the changes, help me to affect influence.
    Management is not an easy task, but if we have a good attitude towards success, then we can organize our thoughts, control our emotions and manage our actions.

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    1. My opinion about the 1st SONA of our President Rodrigo R. Duterte, he is a dominant person, firm and maybe an authoritative manager of his subordinates. He has an attitude in pursuing all his plataforms, because he really wanted that our country will have a long lasting peace. But of course being a President of the Philippines or shall we say a “Manager” is not an easy task to do” as he always say that change is coming, but we should give full support of this, as what we experienced right now there is changes. When we change our behavior, we change our expectation in life. Change is not easy to do also, we need a systematic thinking about ways and means on how we changed it, change outfit, change of personality etc. there is a process in changing, like the organization it involves determination and providing human and non-human resources. If we are planning in changing we should think first a hundred times, we should ask ourselves if the subordinates will really like it in changing or the subordinates can cope up with the changes. Everyday we heard this complaining, murmurings of the people who don’t like changes especially the new administration but we hope, people would fully understand why we need to change.

      Being a teacher I am manager of my classroom,set rules and regulations inside my classroom. Established daily routine and always consistent and managed my classroom well. Telling the duties and responsibilities of my pupils. Exercise the pedagogy inside the classroom and reinforce positive behavior. I should be a good influence to my pupils. To be an efficient and effective teacher, or do my part as a teacher a center of an educative process.

      I believe that management has a lot of things to do and its not an easy task, but if we practice managing our life applying those essential functions of management I think it will work. Positive attitude should be applied,rather than negative. Respect each other and live life to the fullest.

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  3. “The speed of the canoe does not come from its wood,
    but from the pilot’s skills and wind direction.”
    The success or failure of any organization, be it in business, government, school, church, etc. depends on the so-called MANAGEMENT. Though it is very crucial, complex, or critical, the accomplishment of any desired organization’s or personal goal depends on the character or personality of the person leading the group. Let’s take for an example the leadership style of our new elected president. The way he manages or leads our country, his insights, opinions and decision making, it may seems too arrogant for others, it may seems too authoritarian, but that’s the kind of personality he has.
    Management is indeed a very difficult task. But, as written above, with positive attitude, determination and will, one can pass the hurdles and eventually accomplish the set goals.

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  4. For me the success of the TEAM is a collective effort of all the members with the proper guidance and motivation of the LEADER. From my own experiences with my former Principals, I learned that the teachers are motivated to perform their tasks because of the attitude of the Principal towards them by simply using words of encouragement, a tap on the shoulder that we can do it and respect from one another.
    President Duterte has a dominant character. He walk what he talk. This is the character that I like to him. A manager should be a role model to his subordinates. He treat his subordinates fair and just.

    In our dots activity, I planned first the area on which I will place my dots. After the activity, I was surprised because the most number of dots are in the positive quadrant. For me this activity helped me in assessing my strengths and weaknesses. Second, Planning is important because this will be your guide to accomplish your goal. Third, as a result of my self-assessment I learned that you can influence others when they feel that you treated them with courtesy and respect, treat others the way we want to be treated. Lastly, having a positive outlook in life, be happy always , there are many reasons to be happy and grateful.

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  5. My take on Pres. Duterte’s statement during his 1st SONA. Even though he’s a bit hard with his words on how his administration will handle in fighting crimes and illegal drugs I can still see the compassion in those words he uttered. As a leader and the father of the country, he might sound tough with his words, but we can’t deny that his love for our country is unquestionable. He did what needs to be done in order to make his people safe and give a chance to those who are drug offenders to clean their names and have the chance to correct their wrong doings. We should be concerned with the present because it relay the result of the future. Pres. Duterte is showing so much passion to his current role as a President. He has the incredible drive to lead and manage the country, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time someone who can show not only good leadership but give his all (life) in order to serve the Filipino people.

    For me I believe above all those skills and attributes a manager could have, COMPASSION and PASSION are the most important or innate skills that a Leader or a Manager should possess. These two attributes should always come together. As a Manager you should always show COMPASSION to your people in order to have a better understanding of every situation and for a harmonious work environment . As a Leader/Manager it’s your PASSION to help, to inspire others, to motivate, to do what is right and eliminate wrong doings and most of all passion to lead in achieving the success of an organization.

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  6. ” Remember the difference between a boss and a leader’, a boss says “Go” and a leader say’s Let’s go”
    -E. M. Kelly-
    A good manager is able to blend into the background, changing small things here and there to great effect. Being a good manager is about leading by examples. It’s one of the toughest out there- in part because you have to manage other’s people’s expectation- and also because it’s one of the least acknowledged tasks. Despite this, there are several tricks of the trade that will help you successfully manage all your responsibility, in style and with verve.A good and effective manager always think the situation of every member.
    “Change is Coming” President Duterte is a very determined and strong person. He wanted to change everything to make our country become a new one. Being a President of one country is not really an easy task, that’s why I salute to those who have strong fighting spirit to indulged their life to politics.
    “The definition of management is literally “control” but, the definition of true leadership is love”. In our field of teaching, we are the manager in our classroom. We tried our very best to achieved our everyday goal, to touch everyone’s lives, so that they will become a good citizen in the near future.
    In our activity, which we putted dots in our paper, it represent’s our priorities and duties in our life. The things that completed us, In our everyday living, we encounter plenty of challenges and sometimes we felt tired. But we should be brave in facing those consequences. Let’s remember that GOD never forget us. GOD always be there to guide and protect in everything we do. Just PRAY and have FAITH in GOD.

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  7. Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, statement during his, 1st SONA, “We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back. It is the present that we are concerned with and the future that we should take care of”. My opinion with this, very much agree to him, because we cannot go back to the past to change everything to become better, all we need to do is all the negative/bad that made, we take it as learnings to become more knowledgeable, confident and have a positive outlook in everything. Let us all move on to conquer our future in our life and in our country. Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, he is authoritarian, but have a good heart to every Filipino, firm an knowledgeable in his work.
    TEAM is the REFLECTION of its Manager’s ATTITUDE, yes very much agree, because as a manager your reflection is the output/outcome in every subordinates.
    Manager is a very tough job, even in our own self, its hard to drive our own life to become what we want in our life or our dreams. As a manager we need to reflect first in ourselves, like the JOHARI window to know more our personal life and what others know us.
    To become effective influencer, we should possess a best ATTITUDE that will reflect to our audience, have knowledge in different aspects in our life, and everything we do in our life we always put our HEART.
    As a manager in my classroom, I make sure that I make right knowledge, best attitude and a big heart for my children that they more learnings, comfort and safety as their second parent and a teacher. I want to influence them that everything in our life are there is good and bad as they continue growing to face big world in their life.

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  8. I believe that “the response and performance of a team is the reflection of Managers Attitude”. A manager must possess positive attitude, so the team will work together with respect, trust and care for each other. This will help achieve goal and attain great result.

    I agree to what our President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement during his first SONA. “We cannot move forward if we allow the past to full us back it is the present that we are concerned with and the future we should take care of”. What happened in the past will serve as a learning experience. Let’s move forward, let’s face the issues and challenges we have today that hopefully benefit the future.
    Pres. Duterte shows attitude that most Filipinos admire his being dominant, patriotic and optimistic. He is fair and just too.
    To be an effective influencer. We need to possess a positive attitude. It start by knowing yourself. Accept changes although change is not easy to do. Shows compassion and passion in everything you do.
    I planned the area which I will placed my dots.Next I identified my innate skills and roles as an individual. I realized that I have huge responsibility as manager of my own life and it help me to address my strength and weakness too.

    I learned that being manager is not an easy task. We need to possess positive attitude, determination and willingness to learned and accept change. Have faith in God.

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  9. “A Strong Leader with a Soft Heart”
    Our president’s first SONA was a powerful speech that awaken the patriot in every Filipino. I was one of the people who were inspired by his statement. I voted him because I know that he is a catalyst for change.
    Just like what his supporters say that he is a strong leader with a soft heart, he is strong in a sense that he is firm in making decisions, an ordinary man who is brave enough in his war against drugs. He really wants to change this country and he is sincere in his duty as a president. He has a compassion among Filipinos.
    Compared to a manager I can say our president has a good leadership based on the changes that is happening now in our country in his administration.
    According to an article I’ve read leadership/management is a quality hidden in the personality of a human being .It depends on the organic structure of the personality which includes experience, skill, responsibility, intelligence, power of organizing people and social interaction.
    Leadership/Management is an indispensable activity, which every leader/manager has tap perform for directing the people, working under him. It is the ability of the Leader to induce subordinates to work with confidence and zeal.
    In other words “Leadership/Management is the process by which a leader imaginatively directs, guides and influence the work of others in choosing and attaining specified goals by mediating between the individuals and the organization in such as manner, that both will obtain maximum satisfaction.
    As teachers we are also a manager in our classroom, the success in teaching-learning process depends on how we manage our class and our role to develop a holistic child. Our influence on our students will reflect on the way they respond to us. If we succeed in developing our students through careful management and organizing we will be able to create a brighter future for them.

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  10. Influencing others is something we learn very early in life. If you have a children you know this well. But as we grow older many of us don’t realize how powerfully influential we are or have the potential to be.
    On our president Rody Duterte’s statement on his SONA. we need to move forward. let us help and unite for a better country…As a leader he leads his people towards the attainment of the goals of the organization. To be a good leader he must know how to motivate people.True leaders inspire and motivate people to perform activities in line with the objectives of the organization.
    As a manager in class you need to perform your duties well and possess positive attitude.

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    A manager’s attitude is important to influence the subordinate to work smoothly in an organization to achieve the goals that has been set. This will result to an atmosphere where everybody working collaborately because they like what they are doing.
    Change should be welcomed by the manager. He can do nothing about it. He should take it positively.I failed to do correctly the activity on dots. I was not able to follow the directions. I just listened and see the works of our classmates so I can follow and have to realize things in managing my own life. I am a teacher, a mother, a leader, learner, a sister, a daughter, a friend – so many roles and keeping to do the job fairly. But its very hard to balance things. Mostly, this will result to sacrifices to give way to our work. We sacrifice relationships- our health because of work. Inspite of this, I believe God has His special affection for us, teachers. He alone knows our heart. We should be flexible and able to manage our activities. Give time our family and ourself. Schedule activities – this will helpin giving time for everything. I pray for His protection and favor us, teachers and our family.

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    A manager’s attitude is important to influence the subordinate to work smoothly in an organization to achieve the goals that has been set. This will result to an atmosphere where everybody working collaborately because they like what they are doing.
    Change should be welcomed by the manager. He can do nothing about it. He should take it positively.I failed to do correctly the activity on dots. I was not able to follow the directions. I just listened and see the works of our classmates so I can follow and have to realize things in managing my own life. I am a teacher, a mother, a leader, learner, a sister, a daughter, a friend – so many roles and keeping to do the job fairly. But its very hard to balance things. Mostly, this will result to sacrifices to give way to our work. We sacrifice relationships- our health because of work. Inspite of this, I believe God has His special affection for us, teachers. He alone knows our heart. We should be flexible and able to manage our activities. Give time our family and ourself. Schedule activities – this will helpin giving time for everything. I pray for His protection and favor us, teachers and our family.
    – Meianie D. Penaflor

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  13. Much have been said about success in management due to the efficient direction of the one leading; of the sophistication, viability and tangibility of his plans and actions taken, etc, etc. But behind every success is a moving force that is more sophisticated, viable and tangible than the effort poured into to ensure accomplishment. That force is the HOLY SPIRIT. I always believe that no amount of success is possible without the BREATH of the One whose excellence in management surpasses what the mind can fathom.
    We are always reminded that in everything that we do, we should always invoke the help of God – His Wisdom- that we may be guided in whatever that we would undertake. It is true that if we include Him, the hard task becomes easy; the burden becomes light. “Come to me all of you who are burdened and I will give you rest.” Everything that we need –strength, courage, wisdom, skills, will, influence, behavior and attitudes, etc- in accomplishing a task, much more in managing an institution, will be provided to us if we only learn how to ask from the only one who could provide us with all these. The granting of these things may be in ways that are not easily comprehensible such as the love and support of the family and friends, the wisdom of your mentors, the help and assistance provided to you by your colleagues, etc. What is important is the acceptance that everything that we do, when blessed by God, becomes a success; and that the credit is not all yours. Let us just trust God along with our great effort. Let the Holy Spirit work! Because everything that is devoid of Him is not of Him.

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    Giving my personal reaction about Pres.Duterte’s statement during his 1st SONA last July, I would say I was impressed with him.WHY?Simply because the past was not his foremost concern but he wanted to move forward and focus his management within the present and expecting a positive and a progressive government in the future.
    This attitude of a manager portrays of a positive outlook for his countrymen especially to those people who are really hoping and wishing a totally change nation as a whole. Although it is not easy for him to change the country for his sole effort but knowing that all his countrymen supporting him it would be quite possible. Part of his management he was very vocal regarding his priorities in changing this nation. He was brave to show the people who really he is as a president.Maybe in that way it could be an effective move for change and this must be observe by everyone and likewise be influenced by him.
    In my own life, I too become a manager of myself.I know where I have to turn my perspective in life including my family, my profession and my career.I may say that I am not a person who has a lot of achievement in life but simply believing that in everything that I do like giving my 100 percent of my energy and talent that is it.In that way I have achieve so much.Just a matter of appreciation and thankfulness of everything that happens.As a teacher, I make a difference in my pupils future through the effort that I exert everyday, teaching them, reaching out for them, touching their personal lives and sharing my life with the pupils that I encounter every time. One way of inspiring them and making them feel that they were appreciated regardless of who they are.Because that’s what they need a teacher with a Heart to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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  15. A Leader who wants change should have the strong will power.
    President Duterte has his own strategic plan in making our country peaceful and safe to live in…
    He is thinking and preparing not only for the present but for the betterment of the next generation.
    Our president is ready to offer himself just to hit his goal.He did not re opened the past but instead concentrate the present. He gives importance to what is urgent and necessary.
    I admire the leadership style of our President. I see in him that our country someday will be one if not the best managed by a best leader.

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  16. Manager’s attitude really matters in our everyday living. We try to follow and adjust ourselves in a group of people. We experienced change everyday. As a mom, teacher, sister, friend, and as a student I really tried my best to manage well.
    As a teacher, I am concerned about the future of my students. There are moments wherein I imagine them wearing the uniform of their dream job. But, before that we need to focus first what do we need to do in the present. If we manage our teaching properly, we can obtain our target. Prayers and sacrifices are important in shaping good values of our learners. Better future depends on us, teachers.
    Philippines is so blessed to have Pres. Duterte. His strength and courage are extraordinary. His urgent action really captures the heart of every Filipino. He’s a brave manager of the country.
    A good manager should also follow our Great Lord. The strength given to the manager is from Above.
    “God is our refuge and strength.” Psalm 46:1

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  17. Positive attitude is one of the most important quality of a manager. The success of the team will reflect on the attitude of the manager.
    A manager leads a team in an organization. He controls any and all resources in that team. He must provide direction and guidance so each individual – as well as the team as a whole- can accomplish their tasks and achieve goals.
    Change should start within ourselves so that we can influence other people, change will not come if we wait other people for a change.

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  18. President’s Duterte first SONA was a very strong sense of passion to mankind. I was one of the peole who were inspired by his talked. I voted him because I believed that He is the one who can change the economic landscape of the country. I think God allow Pres. Duterte in his position because he exudes an honesty and confidence that none of the other presidential candidates’ exhibit. He seems unfiltered. He appears to be the real deal. He promises to end their sufferings. He doesn’t seem to play by the rules of the political and economic elite that have been stacked against the middle class and the poor. And he seems to be a decisive leader who will not be bullied by powerful interests.
    Teachers are also a managers. This is the teacher’s first and most challenging role. The attitude of the teacher is extremely important in achieving the goal of students becoming independent learners. We must have faith in the student’s ability, promote a trusting relationship, act as a facilitator and resource person, and be willing to take risks and change himself.
    A teachers/manager’s attitude affects team morale and productivity. Therefore, it is important that we teacher / manager has positive leadership qualities that promote a productive work environment. We must also strive to develop and display a positive and proactive attitude to be a successful manager/ teacher.
    “ A positive attitude will lead to a positive outcomes.”


  19. According to Fiedler’s theory, different people can be effective in different situations.
    I agree, on what our present President said “we cannot move forward if we let the past pull as back”. But for me, our president should apply different leadership style because he is now managing the whole country. He should be a directive leader provide specific directions to the authorities like police men, a supportive leader that provide emotional support for those victims of violence, participative leader in international relation by listening to the opinions of other experts…especially on how to talk in front of international media. So that his communication team will not need to explain further on what he have said. But no question of being an achievement-oriented leader because he set goals for his men and encourage them to reach that goals by motivating them and giving them an empowerment to perform their job. I, personally always welcome change, if change is for good and for the welfare of the next generation.


  20. As a teacher we are aspired to be a tranformational leader. A leader who are able to inspire people to bring out the best in them. A leader who can make people become leaders themselves. That even without his presence they would function according to the organization’s goals and aspirations. A kind of followers who have backbone and does not rely only to their leader’s ability to lead them.
    What the President Duterte said about not living on the past but preparing for our future could make sense if it is past is already dragging us to move on and create a better future.


  21. Many of us are familiar with the inspirational phrase, “your attitude determines your altitude.” In the worlds of human resources and management, this phrase holds much truth.
    Classroom management is the least important aspect of teaching but it is the foundation needed to teach. Failure to address classroom management issues leads to frustration, ineffectiveness and failure. Managing people is the most difficult task to toss aside as the teacher drives home to the family. Teachers need to develop techniques to put aside classroom or school issues. When I first enter teaching, the first thing I’ve discover is that sometimes we need to sacrifice our personal needs for the students. As a teacher, I am concerned about my students’ future, so it in our hands as teachers on what our students will become in the future.
    It may be debatable how Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency can change our country. But what is clear is that the nation clamors for true leadership in government. Morality, as our society defines it, is not even be an issue. After all, the great leaders we know, we remember not for their saintly rhetoric most of them are far from having that. They stood out because they are authentic and well-meaning, their ears are on the ground and their heart is in the right place.
    If the leader’s spirit is boundless, if his visions are pioneering and revolutionary, and if his heart can hear his people’s voice, that man will be a great leader. And now that he is in the position of being our President, for me we need to support him all the way, pray for him and for our country. It is time to work together.


  22. Effective manager knows the organization’s overall purpose and goals, and the agreed-upon strategies to achieve these goals; they also know how their team fits into the big picture, and the part they play in helping the organization grow and thrive. Full knowledge of your organization – inside and out – is vital to becoming an effective manager. Becoming an effective leader is not a one-time thing. It takes time to learn and practice leadership skills until they become a part of your life.
    Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte uses a combination of different leadership skills characterized by firmness in decisions, taking responsibility for every actions made, and the ability to accomplish the desired outcomes. He is a transactional leader with charisma to the masses. He actively monitors the work performed by subordinates and executes corrective actions if deviations from expected standards occur.

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  23. Pres. Duterte is the “Captain of the ship”. Whatever transpires within his term as president greatly depends upon him. But, of course, the rise and fall of an organization has something to do with the cooperation and unity of the body…..
    Therefore as a manager, one must be skillfull enough and use stragegies that could somehow encourage each and everyone in the body to take part in achieving their goal.
    Change may not be easy as they say… However, change is a way for us to explore more beyond our limits, making us more resilient and successful.
    A wise manager always have plans to execute his objectives and always be ready for any obstacles that may come his way…
    I may not like how our President delivers his speach, but somehow, i admire him for all his achievements for this country…

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