Cor Dei. 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Pls Read God’s Silent Message: LK 12:32-48

 Dear Child,

I was speaking with you but you didn’t hear me.

I wonder if you ever looked at me while I speak

— but because you didn’t even respond,

maybe you’ve set your earphones on high volume

that you shun your ears to the pleading of my intentions

to tell you how much I care,

with the words that you didn’t want to hear.

But even then, hopefully next time,

even if you have your earphones on,

you wouldn’t shun your heart to my gestures

which are hoping to reach out to make you learn the right things.

Hopefully next time, you will consider my “utmost concern”

even if you opted not to listen by now.

And with any chance,

I hope you would eventually hear me “with your heart”.

Could you relate if God would send you this letter? Would we be humble enough to admit that occasionally, we are “that child” who, at times innovate with gadgets over some “speck of respect” just because we feel that we are being hindered to enjoy whatever we think will bring us happiness?

Could you guess how God feels while composing that letter for us?

earphonesAmidst our MODERNIZED world, we should be reminded: “Don’t confuse Innovation with Morality!” Everything else may change but whatever used to be right as to God’s Commandments should never be altered & regarded “old fashioned”.

We may never be aware that God might have been *in tears* while speaking to us everyday – yet if we will only open up our heart, we would realize that no matter how repeatedly we shun our ears to His commands, He will keep on *embracing us* with His unchangeable LOVE. #sunset

*published in The Feast Bulletin. Series of 2016. 7 August 2016 Issue. PERFECT 10 Series of Light of Jesus Family. Talk 1. Unchangeable.

*photocredits: wallpaperscristaos.com




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