How Should we Transfer what We Should?


What’s up with us now?

Chaos here and there … there has been a lot which we need to unlearn from the archives of our past.  There should be a lot which we need to learn & re-learn from the scenarios of our present.

Adult as we are, we may not identify which is which to learn and unlearn at this point in time — How much more a child would?

Everything now is at stake! – don’t you think so?

If we ever intend to “map-out” a good journey for our children’s future, there are “Windows of opportunity” which we need to look into; yet we vaguely are able to ascertain which and what and how.


Children Learn What They Live; Children Live What They Learn

Children learn what they live

Children live what they learn

Teach them the way to love in their hearts

They will find love in the world.

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn,

If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.

If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.

If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient,

If a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence,

If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate,

If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice.

If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith,

If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself,

If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,

he learns to find love in the world.

taken from Les Crane Desiderata album

How a child learns and develops is very critical!

UNAWARE as we possibly are, children would even learn even those that we do not teach.

This fact makes it even more DANGEROUS — for we are not so sensible of the things and actions that children may capture.

Now the thing is, WHAT is it that WE SHOULD TRANSFER to each child? and HOW should we transfer what we should? [please expound your idea through AN ARTICLE of your own, with your own title.]

In this Millennial Age, if we ever want to make REAL TRANSFORMATION, we have to see children in a new light!  They are not ours to just keep, they are our RESPONSIBILITY TO NURTURE – and most importantly, they could be THE CHANGE that we could be OPTIMISTIC ABOUT!

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22 thoughts on “How Should we Transfer what We Should?”

  1. Raising Children
    As they say, the best way to raise positive children in a negative world is to have positive parents who love them unconditionally and serve as an excellent role models. Parents should inculcate the good moral values like teach them how to pray to our Almighty Father, how to respect people, show kindness to his/ her parents,brothers,sisters, friends etc. to their children while they are still young and parents should do/ show good things to their children because in the eyes of a child parents are their model to look upon so that when they grow up the values that parents inculcated them during childhood will instill in their minds and they can apply it to themselves. With this they know what they are doing and know how to determine the good from bad things. So the child/ children will grow up as a good girl and boy. If parents and teachers do good things to their children they will remember it and they will apply in their real life.

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  2. My Dear Child
    Reading the article, How Should We Transfer What We Should, first thing comes to my mind is my youngest daughter. She is a five year old little princess of mine. Although I find her intelligent and talented, compare to my eldest, she is different in terms of her behavior and language development. My eldest was easy to tame and just follow what we instructed to her. This youngest daughter of mine always insisting what she wants and keep on reasoning. I admit that we became relax on rules we imposed to our eldest and what she should watch on television. I am convinced that these have great effects on my child. And realizing she is growing and acting different from what we are expecting, I have to do something about it. I have to focus and redirect her step by step. In this way she will learn right and good things. Although additional activity, additional time to be spending to my youngest, it doesn’t matter. The important is I will be able to guide her and have her grow according to what God wants her to grow. We know, we are just steward of our children. We should raise her for God’s glory-to be developed a Child of God equipped with trainings and knowledges. A lot of prayers for wisdom to do these things with action.

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  3. Am I Responsible Teacher?
    The seeds of such a dramatic transformation in education are being planted, prompted by massive revolutions in knowledge, information technology and public demand for better learning . Schools nationwide are slowly but surely restructuring themselves.
    The day to day job of a teacher, rather than broadcasting or lecturing content os becoming one of designing and guiding students through engaging learning opportunities. As an educator most important responsibilityis to search out and construct meaningful educational experiences that allows students to solve real world problems and show they have learned the big ideas, powerful skills and habits of mind and heart that meet agreed on educational standards. The result is that the abstract inert knowledge that stidents used to memorize from oldie textbooks comes alive as they participated in the creation and extension of new knowledge.
    Many teachers spend time researching various questions of educational effectiveness that expand the understanding of the dynamics of learning. And most ofvus teachers are spending time mentoring new members of our profession, making sure that education graduates are truly ready for the complex challenges of todays classrooms.
    Knowing the role of teachers inside and outside the classroom can result on significantly better schools and better educated students. But through the roots of such improvement are taking hold in todays schools, they need continued nurturing to grow and truly transform Filipino learning landscape. The rest of us politicians and parents, superintendents and school board members, employers and educational school faculty must also willing to rethink their roles in education to give teachers the support, freesdom and trust they need to do the essential job of educating our children.
    Happy World Teachers Day!

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  4. Teaching A-B-C with L-O-V-E

    Twelve years ago, as a final requirement for a research class in college, I researched about the exemplary qualities of teachers from preschool to college. I used a qualitative triangulation method that consisted of numerous interviews, document reviews and case studies. I found out that the best teachers do not only show mastery of knowledge but show DEDICATION and AFFECTION to their students. This just show that teaching is no easy task. Everybody can be teachers, but not all are exemplary teachers because teaching requires professionalism, responsibility, commitment, passion, good management skills, and compassion.

    We teachers spend a lot of time planning our lessons and arranging the classrooms in order to help our students develop holistically. We also take time to get to know them individually so we cater to their individual needs and strengths. We do a lot of things to ensure that our students learn something from us. But have we asked ourselves, what do they really learn in the classroom and what do they bring with them when leave? Of course, they bring the fun nursery rhymes and stories and other interesting information with them. But are those the things we want to impart with them?

    I believe that the most important thing we can teach and transfer to our students are good values. Good values that can build their character as they grow up and that they can pass onto others like their future children. Children indeed learn what they live and live that they learn. If they learn good values, then they will practice those good values everywhere, every time. If we show them bad values, then they will do the same. Remember the saying “Lahat ay tama sa mata ng bata.” That is why, as second parents to our students, we have to be responsible for our actions because they might pick up negative things that we do not intend to teach them. We have to keep in mind that as teachers, we are not only facilitators of learning but we are also role models.

    To end, I would like to share my alma mater (DLSU)’s motto: teaching mind, touching hearts, transforming lives. We teachers should not only nurture the minds of our students but also their hearts and lives. Whatever we teach even as simple as ABC, we teachers should teach it with a big LOVE.

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    1. Teacher MUST be Responsible on “How Should we Transfer what We Should?”
      We must change what, when, and how we teach to give all children maximum opportunity to thrive in a post-industrial society. But we cannot do this alone’ these changes can occur only with the understanding, trust, permission and active support of the surrounding community. As I have observed is that schools reflect the attitudes, beliefs and health of the communities we serve, and therefore, to improve public education means more than changing our schools, it means changing ourselves into a best person that learners seen in their teacher as a role model. A role model that LOVE herself/himself value every living things especially the young ones.

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  5. How should we transfer what we should?
    As a Kindergarten teacher for almost 3 years, I can say to my self that I’m happy and enjoying it as their big brother, father, friends and teacher. In some points in my daily life in teaching, I felt like distress because of their different behavior and a lot of paper works to be accomplished right away. On the other side of being distress, I make sure to my self that I will not give up to this bad vibes that coming to my life. I stop for while, to inhale the good vibes and exhale the bad vibes, so that, as I face my pupils, I renewed for them to grow and nurture their innocent minds.
    As I read this blog, I recall what Ma’am Gail, show us In the Eyes of Child, as a teacher and their second parent, we have to see our pupils in a new light, new vision where we give them, name, culture and best education. They are not just pieces of clay that we mold, but we have a significant role in shaping them into healthy, confidence, caring and responsible individuals. We as teachers, must take on the journey with them as they find their way for their future. And to do that children need a nurturing environment, for them to learn and grow, they have a whole life to learn with us, by what we teach them.
    I learned a lot for my children, as their guardian in school, I see them a whole person a unique individual, I/we need to know their limitations, needs, strengths and weaknesses, to come up a best strategies/techniques to absorbs all the information and learnings they need in their daily life and as they grow.
    As a teacher, we need to put in our mind and heart the DOROTHY LAW NOLTE.
    And also this one: A child that live with affection learns to love
    A child that live with praise learns to appreciate.
    A child that live with knowledge learns to wisdom.
    A child that live with encouragement learns to confidence.
    A child that live with happiness learns to love and beauty.
    I make sure that every children that come into my life, I make sure that I give 100% or more with affection, praise, encouragement, happiness and love for them to grow, nurture, and develop their minds in positive way. And we will not forget to teach, and share with them our Faith to our Creator GOD.

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    Why I became a teacher? It is the question that always linger in y mind. For some reasons, I became a teacher because my mother is also a teacher. I remembered when I am in my 6 years in teaching in a public school, I am satisfied being a teacher simply doing my job as a teacher ” to teach”. When my eldest child started to study in the school that I am teaching, I learned that a teacher has a great influence to a child’s life. Everyday he had a beautiful stories about her teacher. He love to go to school because he told me that her teacher was kind, energetic, and she always smile. From then on, I told to myself that I will change my motto in teaching not only to teach but to teach with passion and treating my pupils as my own children. I wanted my pupils to come to school because school is fun, a happy place that everybody is welcome and most of all a teacher that will inspire them to improve their skills, talents and potentials. In our situation today, students have different problems in their home and in their family. As a teacher all I can give is my true dedication and passion in teaching. By simply knowing myself, what I can share to my pupils and most of all loving them as my own children..

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    Evidence tell us that a person’s life successes, health and emotional well-being have their roots in early childhood. We know that if we get it right in the early years, we can expect to see children thrive throughout school and their adult lives.
    We live in a society that is very cohesive, and our modern age, each and every individual will find himself tied up in a situation where in anything can be transfer so easily.
    The big question is “How should we transfer what we should? ” We must start within ourselves a teacher, a parent or a simple citizen. One must strive to be a good/better individual. In our society where in wealth is better than health, beauty outshines the smart, power over kindness.
    Where will we stand, where will we go, what should we believe? The rants of hypocrytes or the scream of the innocents?
    This is our world today. Do we want our future to be like these? or even worst? How should we transfer what we should? The answer is within ourselves, be the best of what you can be. Do good deeds, expect nothing in return. Attract positivity. Assess ourselves, love and forgive. Think that our GOD is bigger than our problem.
    We are not just a TEACHER we are molders of young minds….

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  8. Since every child is unique, we teachers have also vital roles in the lives of our pupils.
    Teachers play an important role in fostering the intellectual and social development of children during their formative years.
    The education that teachers impart plays a key role in determining the future prospects of 
      their students. Whether in preschools or high   schools or in private or public schools,   teachers provide the tools and the   environment for their students to develop into   responsible adult.
    I am a proud…….
    Tour guide – one who stays beside his/her pupils to keep them safe.
    Empathetic parent – works hard for her kids and give unconditional love on them. Nurture the growth and development of every child entrusted by God.
    Affectionate communicator – choose the words to say. Walk the talk and always consider others’ feelings before saying something.
    Committed partner – learn and share in the pupils’ experiences. Encourage them to find their own answers, solutions and actions in every problem encountered.
    Hospitable manager – prepare conducive place for your pupils. Treat the equally. Let them be free and comfortable inside your class.
    Excellent counselor – give smart advices. Keep sensitive secrets of your pupils.
    Responsible supporter – provide activities and materials that the pupils are engage with. Prepare and supply activities and materials that are developmentally appropriate, interesting for the environment. Give them enough time to play. Make Learning fun and enjoyable.

    We teachers believe that every child/person is created by God’s on His own image so we they have a kind and pure heart. Let us start rekindle their young minds with Jesus teachings. Fill their heart with unconditional love. Awaken their conscience in order to do right deed and eliminates wrong actions.

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  9. Impact of Teacher’s Words and Actions

    One of my observations today is the decline of good manners or values among kids or school children. The way they talk, the way they behave, the way they deal with adults or even their simple gestures reflect the modern day living which is far different from the behavior of children before. A lot of behavioural problems also rise in school and even at home that focuses on the manners of children. These matters were the great burden of us teachers and parents as well.
    These saddening facts made me realized that I really need to exert great effort in teaching Filipino values to my pupils. This is indeed a big challenge for me since kids nowadays are so addicted to gadgets and social media even at a very young age.
    “ A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”-Henry Adams This quote has ignited my passion for teaching and emphasizing the importance of values to my pupils. Bur it does not end there, because there is no sense of lecturing alone if you do not apply what you preach. I want my pupils to develop values and enliven the Filipino customs and traditions and in order to achieve this goal of mine, I know that I should start with myself first. I believe that I can transfer such to them by acting as one- a teacher with great professionalism and exceptional values.
    As what Henry Adams said, we can never really tell where our influence as teachers stops because many of our learners consider us as their role models. We should be the catalyst of change then. Let us act as teachers that are worthy of emulation and never cease in touching lives!

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  10. We are all living in the same world but each of us has different experiences in life. No person has the same life track but there are some scenarios which is common to others. As I tried to look back and remember one’s more my past experiences I realized that these experiences had never been plan, I don’t even expect how things will work out because I always believe in a saying that ” if it is really meant for me everything will follow according to God’s will”. At young age I learned to trust myself, accept challenges given to me. I also learned to conquer my fears like talking in a crowd of people and be independent individual. I also tried to expound myself beyond my boundary and think that everything is just a part of life that needs to overcome. But as I grow, I figure out that my past experiences really helped me a lot to become what I am right now and what will be in the future. It tries to show me that every moment, day and hour or even seconds of life is so precious we should not waste it, instead give the best effort and work for it.
    The question here is that how should I am going to transfer what I should in my students as a teacher and as a person as well? In spite of the negative things happened around our environment we have to make sure that our mind set as a teacher is to teach our pupils the best they really deserve and not just that, it is also part of our responsibility to mold them to be holistically well-develop individual. Our 100% effort is really hard to give every day, but if you really think of your student’s sake that everything you do will definitely benefited them, you will never feel tired of doing it. Molding them to be holistically well developing person is not an easy task, it is a mission in life that takes time, enough knowledge, effort, patience and more importantly a big heart to transform each of them to be the best that they can be.

    God gave us the power to touch our students’ life and transform them to be a better person; he trusts us teachers to spread good deeds to others. He given us the highest privilege to make change of the world through our teachings and lesson every day, our living testimony are the students that we have and their learning’s from us will manifest in their lives . Let us learn to appreciate things around us, like loving our students whole-heartedly, nurture and cared for them like what God did to every one of us.

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  11. BE IN !!
    We are in this profession that full of responsibility. Yet, are we doing what we are suppose to do? We teachers should build connections to our pupils. We are their super ultimate guardian in school. Let them be IN and EMBRACE everything.
    These are the things that we teachers should do to be in……………….
    First, let’s identify the approaches that are suitable for their skills. Theses allow them to be more innovative and creative when doing their craft. Know their interest, hobbies, likes and dislikes.
    Second, we should encourage them. No matter how hard the situation is, we need to lift them up. Be strong and have a positive thoughts always.
    Third, always wear a good attitude. Attitude always matter. It doesn’t really need to be smart, rich, or beautiful. It is a little thing that makes a big difference. “everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedom-to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
    Lastly, be god-fearing. Aside from their parent we are also responsible to teach the word of god since we are always with them. Teach them to pray, to thank and ask forgiveness.
    We teachers transfer learning in different way. It is either academic or non- academic. It doesn’t matter if is small or big, as long as we show love, respect and discipline to our pupils. They remembered us not by our own achievement but they remember us on how we interact and touch their lives.

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    Being a TEACHER, what is that we transfer for each child?
    I am a kindergarten teacher, and I personally encountered an intelligent person. Not just an extra ordinary intelligent person but, very intelligent one. He is my brother-in-law. Even though, he didn’t finished his studies or course on time because he keeps on changing courses every time he argued with his professors. One day I argued with him regarding on the performance award to be given to my pupils. He said that, “the title of Most behaved is only given to or awarded to a pupil who did nothing but behaved on his chair up to the end of the class!” I directly corrected him, and I said that, being quite in a chair does not mean they are behaving. Some of them are quite because; they don’t know the answer to your question, they didn’t do their assignment, they don’t want to participate in the discussion, or worst is, he gets the money of his seatmate or guilty of bullying. I will give the award for those who always listen to his teacher and parents, does what they told, and showing good manners to all.
    There are some people believed that we achieved the highest form of education if you are; receiving highest grades and awards, graduated from any expensive private or popular school, graduate with honors, or became successful in the profession or job career. But is it enough that we considered or categorized them as educated individual of the society? How about those educated personalities in the senate and even the leader/s of our government involved in some illegal activities? Similarly, not only once have we heard or read of products of our learning institutions – elected men who plundered the nation’s wealth, policemen who asked for bribes, doctors in hospitals who turned poor patients because they could not give down payments, engineers who slashed the budget and came up with weak bridges and buildings, and other respectable people involved in drugs and gambling. Despite the fact that, most of them are honor graduates. What do you think will be the reaction of the people who helped them become professionals? Could we blame the teachers whom developed them? Or, the parents did everything just to achieve their dreams? Who are to be blamed?
    “A good education begins at home. You cannot blame the school for not nurturing values in the child that have not instilled”. However, the teacher could do something to advised and influence them, we teachers must first be the paragons of values. We should become role models by way of exemplifying and living by the values we want to impart. Because true education is training of both head and the heart, it’s not only memorizing but to be truly educated means having achieved literacy, ethical character, and wisdom.

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  13. “Experience of Memory Touch a Heart”

    When we are born our mind is empty, when we are getting older we gain knowledge and love. Just like teaching a child, when they enter a classroom their minds are empty that need to be fill in with knowledge and love. Teaching new knowledge to empty minds should be experience and taught so it will be a memory that will be remembered, that will touch a heart of a child.

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  14. “Experiences of Memory Touch a Heart”

    When we are born our mind is empty, when we are getting older we gain knowledge and love. Just like teaching a child, when they enter a classroom their minds are empty that need to be fill in with knowledge and love. Teaching new knowledge to empty minds should be experience and taught so it will be a memory that will be remembered, that will touch a heart of a child.


  15. Train the Child
    I think we should transfer to each child is their discipline, behavior and to love his/her family especially to Love of God. Yes, being a teacher we have our Lesson Plan that we need to follow everyday for their academically, but the most important thing that we need to transfer or develop to our pupils is to love his/her family and Love of God. If the child has “Love of God” is easy for us being a teacher to discipline the child as a good as well and they grow as a good person.
    Some verses in the bible that focus on me and I won’t forget when I’m in Pre-school, this is “Train up a Child in the way we should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” In this verse tell that we always need to guide the child in the right way like the promises of God include a virtual guarantee to godly parents that “my child will stay with the faith all of his or her life”. Of course, understanding a child’s preferred way of learning can be helpful in order to better teach him or her. “Train” means to dedicate. It has the idea of implies the child’s conduct into the way of wisdom. “In the way he should go”, it may means to his own personality, temperament, responses, or stage in life. This is saying that the parent should “Train up a child in the way of wisdom to live in the fear of God.” As a teacher and a second parent of a child we should train our pupils has fear of God and they know the right and wrong and why he/she need to follow you and let the child learn to make their own decision for his/her life in the future.

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  16. Challenge Accepted!!
    Change Must begin Today!
    According to one of the head of Catholic Church, it is very alarming that we, Filipino’s forgot our values. The good traits we have that the whole world knows, change into bad image. Everyday news is about the leaders fighting to each other, the extra judicial killings, drug addiction ,etc. that ruins the reputation of our country.
    For me those are things that our students needs to re-learn and it is our part as a teacher to remind them to treasure the good values we have. The root of all those scenarios is because we keep our focus on the academic subjects and give less important in developing the good values we have, another factor is the environment and also the social media. We cannot stop them, children nowadays defend on one click away using internet, they imitate what they see without knowing if it is still good for them.
    Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal once said that “youth are the Hope of our fatherland” and those youth are our children, our students that if we failed to teach what they need to learn, we cannot be able to produce authentic Filipino Citizen who will the hope of our country.
    If we will not act today then when will be the right time to move? Who will do? What will we do and how?
    While young children live in their innocent period we teachers together with their parents should mold them to be what they should be. We, the adult one should be the role model to every child, on the other hand we should know what is right and wrong, and the best thing that little ones will imitate. Let them feel that they were love, recognized their small deeds, give them freedom to explore and encourage them to strive for more. Motivate them so that they will grow optimistic and when it happens that would be the Real Change! Change that everybody dreams long time ago. Change must begins with us, not tomorrow but Now! Through us teachers,!

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  17. Molding a CHILD
    We, teachers takes the place of parents in a school, We guide and mold the character and personality of the student.
    We influence the formative years of the students. A good teacher coaches and helps a student to understand his/her abilities and become a better human being.The children look up to their teachers so it is very easy to mold them to divert their attention to things which are constructive.Students are going to be the future citizen of the country- so it is our duty of being a teacher to harness their capabilities in making the future of country bright. We should learn to appreciate studies themselves, then only can they make the students appreciate the importance of education and knowledge in their lives.
    We know that we are in a noble profession and the growth and development of many lives depends on them.So let us remind to our selves that we are here in this kind of profession not just to have money but to mold our pupils in a good way and to give them a good and bright future.

    We have the opportunity to leave an indelible impression on our students’ lives. There is potential in every student, and a teacher’s attitude and actions can leave lasting impressions. We need to be risk takers by being ourselves and by trusting our students. We also need to create independent individuals so learning is more likely to take place. Effective teachers genuinely care, like, accept and value their students. Being a teacher we should demonstrate kindness, share responsibility, accept diversity, foster individual education and encourage creativity..
    Show love, care, and concern to our pupils..

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    Every single child in my classroom has their own nature of upbringing within their family. Although I am not making an argument how does each family raises their children. I could say that most of the learners that we cater in public school especially in our school does not experience “love and care” from their parents. Most of them were raised by a single parent and rather live with the guidance of their grandparents or other relatives. If we merely observe their behavior, they behave differently compared to other children who were raised by their own parents and who worked hard for their children’s future. We could not totally CHANGE it. Most of them are not behaving properly in class or so to speak they do not have the proper habit in schooling. They tend to commit absenteeism, laziness in class and doing the habit of sleeping while the class is going on. These are only few of the problems that I have encountered in my years of stay in the public school. Until such time that I realized to involved myself in their personal life by asking questions about their family background only to find out the reason why such child behaves like that. Once, I discover the lapses or shortcomings of their families I can make a remedies on how am I going to handle the situation. Making each child feel that I am concerned about them, for their future. I will gain their trust and they will feel comfortable with me. From then, I win their heart and confidence because they know that I care for them just like my children.
    There is no barrier between the teacher and learner if you make them they belong and they are not a different person. Realizing the truth that if you give love,they will love you back just the same with caring. Teachers must be passionate to the learners so they will also be passionate children as they grow old as young citizens of the country. The personality of the teacher radiates not only in the classroom but also in the community.

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    It’s not enough to know that we love our school children. They need to see and feel love from us. Teachers bear the ongoing resonsibility of providing the foundation of love that affects a child’s ability not only to mature emotionally, but also to learn. We need to express our love in a language to communicate love… by words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.
    – Recognize what each child is good at,
    wether it’s an academic subject, music
    or art, making friends, politeness, etc.
    This increases sel-esteem.
    – Listen attentively to the stories
    children tell you. Include activities
    that help children talk about what’s
    going on in their daily lives.
    especially sensitive and scary issues.
    – In some situations, physical touch
    is one of love’s strongest voices.
    A light pat on the shoulder can shout
    ” I care about you ! ” Sometimes, just
    a warm, loving smile can send the
    message of affection with much
    more strenght than words.
    – Discipline with love. Give choices
    and set limits. Provide reasonable
    and consistent discipline.
    – Value and understand the
    relationship between you and the
    parents. It is through our open
    communication and mutual
    understanding that consistency
    in expressing love to the school
    children can be attained.

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