Miracles Happen There “Within”.


Some of us may have all the unanswered questions that may shatter us instead of making us whole again.

But why? … maybe because we just tend to stop rising above our weaknesses that tend to pull us down, then we delimit all the opportunities that are given to us to believe that we could actually perform our own miracles with the love and mercy of God.

Sometimes, situations tend to paralyze us in our own comforts — that we are almost blinded to see how we can touch others’ lives. Sometimes some of us are reluctant to use our sensitivity to others’ needs; yet, some of us are persistent and keep on striving for SURVIVAL just to inspire others who are already losing hope.

Friends, we may be at our weakest at this point in time. It may be more comfortable to just give in to whatever difficulty we’ve incurred because of our own lapses; it may even be easier to close our eyes and never fight against any pain – BUT it’s not God’s original design in our life!

When occurrences make us broken, we need to strive to be WHOLE AGAIN. For the times when we’re right there at the edge of giving up, we should have all the humility to seek for an ounce of Miracle — if we want to still be there for the ones we love who would never want to see us just giving up.

Yes friends, MIRACLES ARE JUST THERE IN THE DOORSTEPS OF OUR HEARTwe just need to make it happen there “within” – then declare in our actions that we’re giving our battle a good fight because we want to give hope to those who are also struggling to live for some missions yet to accomplish. “Laban lang!” #sunset

photo credits:http://www.thequotepedia.com/images/102/its-not-about-what-god-gives-to-you-its-about-how-you-handle-what-god-gives-to-you-miracles-quote.jpg



One thought on “Miracles Happen There “Within”.”

  1. God says “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Ma’am Gail….If only you can see what I can see in you. You are a beautiful woman with a big heart. God won’t give us challenges in life that we can’t face because nothing is impossible with God. Sometimes we fail and fall,but instead of letting ourselves breaking into pieces……God wants us to fix ourselves to become whole again. Just always remember that we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. 🙂


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